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UH Photographs Collection


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UH Photographs Collection, 1948-2000 | University of Houston Libraries

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Collection Overview

Title: UH Photographs Collection, 1948-2000

ID: 09/1969-037

Primary Creator: University of Houston

Extent: 103.0 Linear Feet

Subjects: University of Houston

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection contains photographs depicting individuals, groups, locations, activities, events, and organizations at the University of Houston. Many of the photographs in this collection have been removed from other related University Archives collections--such as the President's Office Records--and gathered here to facilitate access.

The processed collection includes 41 linear feet  of photographs. The additional 62 linear feet of unprocessed materials are primarily negatives, slides, or contact sheets.

Subject/Index Terms

University of Houston

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

Use Restrictions: The material in this collection is in the public domain. However, Special Collections owns the physical items in our collections, and all reproduction restrictions apply.

Technical Access Note: Series 8 contains digital archival photographs, which can be accessed in the Special Collections Reading Room by advance request. These materials may require up to one week to access. Contact University Archivist Mary Manning at mmmanning@uh.edu for more information.

Original/Copies Note:

University of Houston Buildings digital collection http://digital.lib.uh.edu/collection/p15195coll3

University of Houston Campus Life digitial collection http://digital.lib.uh.edu/collection/uhtt

University of Houston People digital collection http://digital.lib.uh.edu/collection/p15195coll6

Related Materials:

Preferred Citation: UH Photographs Collection. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: People (Individuals)],
[Series 2: People (Groups)],
[Series 3: Locations],
[Series 4: Activities, Events, and Organizations],
[Series 5: Office of Special Events],
[Series 6: Miscellaneous and Unidentified],
[Series 7: Unprocessed materials and additions],
[Series 8: Unprocessed electronic materials],

Series 1: People (Individuals)
Photographs are arranged alphabetically by last name. Oversize photographs are housed in Box 86.
Box 1
Folder 1: Abramovitz, Mimi
Folder 2: Adams, Duane
Folder 3: Adcock, Betty
Folder 4: Addams (Doering), Gaye
Folder 5: Adler, Gail
Folder 6: Admundson, Dr. Neal R.
Folder 7: Agnes, DeFranco
Folder 8: Ahnert, Ed
Folder 9: Albee, Edward
Folder 10: Albright, Frell
Folder 11: Alcorn, Dorothy
Folder 12: Aldermen, Richard
Folder 13: Aldwin, Wendy
Folder 14: Allred, Dr. John
Folder 15: Anderson
Folder 16: Anderson, Catherine S.
Folder 17: Anderson, Frank
Folder 18: Anderson, Geraldine
Folder 19: Anderson, James E.
Folder 20: Anderson, Col. James
Folder 21: Anderson, John Q.
Folder 22: Anderson, Josephene
Folder 23: Anderson, Wallace L.
Folder 24: Andrus, Alex
Folder 25: Angell, Roger
Folder 26: Apodaca
Folder 27: Aramas, General
President of Guatemala
Folder 28: Arams, Larry
Folder 29: Archer, Carol
Folder 30: Argyros, Judie
Folder 31: Armistead, Davis J.
Folder 32: Armstrong, Anne
Folder 33: Ardnt, Dr. J.O.
Folder 34: Arnold, Isaac
Folder 35: Aslam, Aemad A.
Folder 36: Atkinson, Charlie
Folder 37: Aumann, Dr. Glen
Folder 38: Aull, Sara
Folder 39: Axman, John
Folder 40: Bulderssune, Karen
Folder 41: Baldridge, Beverly
Folder 42: Baldwin, William
Folder 43: Baily, M.E.
Folder 44: Banks, Russell
Folder 45: Bannerot, Richard B.
Folder 46: Bar, Carol
Folder 47: Barajas, Mike
Folder 48: Barrea, Stella
Folder 49: Barnett, Dr. Marguerite
Folder 50: Barnett, Dr.  Marguerite
Folder 51: Barron, Lovelle
Folder 52: Barthelme, Donald
Folder 53: Bartlett, Anita
Folder 54: Bates, Col. W.B.
Folder 55: Bates, Col. W.B.
Folder 56: Bates, Col. W.B.
Folder 57: Batista, Ned E.
Folder 58: Batorska
Folder 59: Baxter, Charles
Folder 60: Bear, John
Folder 61: Bear, John, L.,
Dean of Natural Science and Mathematics
Box 2
Folder 1: Beck, Gayle
Folder 2: Beck, Norman
Folder 3: Becker, Dr.
Folder 4: Becnel, Nia Dorian
Folder 5: Belfer, Rachel
Folder 6: Belicove, Mikal
Folder 7: Bell, Betty Jane
Folder 8: Bell, Griffin
Folder 9: Bellows, Warren S.
Folder 10: Bender, Pearl
Folder 11: Benge Jr., Chester B.
Folder 12: Bennett, G. O.
Folder 13: Bennett, Jennie
Folder 14: Bensten, Sen. Lloyd
Folder 15: Berger, Ian
Folder 16: Berger, Sydney
Folder 17: Bergmanson
Folder 18: Bering, Edgar L.
Folder 19: Bernal, Dr. Ivan
Folder 20: Bernicker, Dr. Richard
Folder 21: Bertelsen, Elmer
Folder 22: Besant, Larry Xon
Folder 23: Bethea, Charlie
Folder 24: Betholson
Folder 25: Beversodorf Jr., Thomas S.
Folder 26: Bill, Fred
Folder 27: Bishop, Charles
Folder 28: Bjoerling, Jussi, February 1, 1949
Folder 29: Blach, Alvin Van
Folder 30: Blake, Sandy
Folder 31: Blau, Robert
Folder 32: Blazek, Bernie
Folder 33: Blount, Lela, 1941
Folder 34: Boates, Scott
Folder 35: Boggs, Robert L.
Folder 36: Bookman, Mark
Folder 37: Booth, Phil
Folder 38: Bore, Frank
Folder 39: Boshier, Derek
Folder 40: Borsuk, Bruce
Folder 41: Bozeman, Pat
Folder 42: Boyd, W.M.
Folder 43: Boyett, Kit, 1950
Folder 44: Boyko, Brenda
Folder 45: Boyles, Noralie, 1950
Folder 46: Boyer, Ernest
Folder 47: Brandes, Julian
Folder 48: Brasheak, Bob
Folder 49: Breitmeyer, Bruno
Folder 50: Briganke, Charles, 1941
Folder 51: Briggs, Helene
Folder 52: Brindley, Stephen
Folder 53: Brinkman, Vivian, 1941
Folder 54: Briscoe, Dolph, 1973
Folder 55: Briscoe, Dolph, 1974
Folder 56: Brooks, Alvin
Folder 57: Brown, ?
Folder 58: Brown, Dr. Barry
Folder 59: Brown, Catherine
Folder 60: Brown, Ora D.
Folder 61: Brown – Gillary, Elizabeth, August 1, 1990
Folder 62: Brown, Dennison
Folder 63: Brown, Dr. J.H.V.
Folder 64: Brown, John R.
Folder 65: Brown, Ken
Folder 66: Brown, Kenneth
Folder 67: Folder not in use
Folder 68: Brown, Rosella
Folder 69: Brown, Simon
Folder 70: Browne, Fredrick
Folder 71: Browning, John
Folder 72: Brownlee
Folder 73: Broyles, Nicole
Folder 74: Bruce, Gen A.D., General
July 15, 1954
Folder 75: Bruce, Gen. A.D., 1956-1957
Folder 76: Bruce, Gen. A.D.
Folder 77: Bruce, A.D.
Folder 78: Bruce, Mrs. A. D.
Folder 79: Brundage, Joe K.
Folder 80: Bryan, W. Thomas
Folder 81: Bryant, Edwin
Folder 82: Bryant, George R.
Folder 83: Bryant, Jennings
Folder 84: Bryant, Kim
Folder 85: Byrannr, E.H.
Folder 86: Buchanan, G. Sydney
Folder 87: Buckley, Joseph P.
Folder 88: Bulderssume, Karen
Folder 89: Bullard, Tony
Folder 90: Bukowski, L.
Folder 91: Burke, Jack
Folder 92: Burney, Zinetta
Folder 93: Bush, George
Folder 94: Butler, Grace
Folder 95: Butler, John C.
Folder 96: Butler, Louise
Folder 97: Buzzanco, Robert
Folder 98: Byrd, Richard D.
Box 3
Folder 1: Caleron, Reynai
Folder 2: Cameron, Guy
Folder 3: Campbell, Grover S.
Folder 4: Campbell, Ray
Folder 5: Campion, James
Folder 6: Cannon, Lois Driggs
Folder 7: Cannon, Thelma
Folder 8: Cano, Lorenzo
Folder 9: Caperton, Senator Kent
Folder 10: Caram Dorothy
Folder 11: Carbonari, Joseph P.
Folder 12: Cardoza, Imelda
Folder 13: Cargill, Jennifer
Folder 14: Carlon, Elizabeth Frew, 1941
Folder 15: Carlson, Cody
Folder 16: Carmen, Clyde
Folder 17: Carmen, Max
Folder 18: Carp, Dr. Robert A.
Folder 19: Carr, Bill
Folder 20: Carrion, Liz
Folder 21: Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
Folder 22: Castro, Americo
Folder 23: Cater, John T.
Folder 24: Cates, Lindely
Folder 25: Cempa, Frank
Folder 26: Champagne, Dr. Joseph E.
Folder 27: Chang, Dr. H – Chia
Folder 28: Chase, Anthony
Folder 29: Chesk
Folder 30: Chen, Edward
Folder 31: Cherwony, Dr. Karen
Folder 32: Childres
Folder 33: Chin, Sunny
Folder 34: Chofety, Janet
Folder 35: Chomel, Luisetta
Folder 36: Chow, Diana
Folder 37: Christian, George
Folder 38: Chu, Dr. Paul
Folder 39: Chu, Wei – Kan
Folder 40: Churchwell, Charles
Folder 41: Ciglar, Dick
Folder 42: Cinseros, Henry
Folder 43: Cipriano. Joseph
Folder 44: Clampitt, Amy
Folder 45: Clark, Lisa
Folder 46: Clark, Roseanne
Folder 47: Clarke Jr., H.O.
Folder 48: Clayton, Estelle
Folder 49: Cleghorn, James
Folder 50: Cleveland, Harlan
Folder 51: Clevenger, Marie
Folder 52: Clifford
Folder 53: Clifford, T. S. “Ron”
Folder 54: Cliff, Dr. Renee
Folder 55: Cochran, J.C.
Folder 56: Coco, Alfred J.
Folder 57: Cole, Criss
Folder 58: Coles, R.
Folder 59: Collie, Marvin K.
Folder 60: Collier, Della Belle
Folder 61: Collier, Herb
Folder 62: Collins, Anthony
Folder 63: Collins, Leon
Folder 64: Collins, Roxanne
Folder 65: Como, Vita
Folder 66: Conn, Nena
Folder 67: Connally, John B.
Folder 68: Connally, Gov. John, 1964
Folder 69: Connally, Gov. John, 1968
Folder 70: Conrad, Dr. Carl
Folder 71: Cook, Bill
Folder 72: Cook, Howard
Folder 73: Copper, Dale S.
Folder 74: Copper, Clara
Folder 75: Cornelsen, Howard
Folder 76: Cougar Mascot
Folder 77: Coulter, Susan
Folder 78: Cousin, Jennifer Hayes
Folder 79: Covin, Lawrence
Folder 80: Covington, James
Folder 81: Cox, Keith
Folder 82: Cozens, Bob
Folder 83: Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood
Folder 84: Craven, Dr. Judith
Folder 85: Crawford, Ruth
Folder 86: Croker, Raymond
Folder 87: Crone, C.P. "Paul"
Folder 88: Cuellar, Lourdes “Lou”
Folder 89: Cullen
Folder 90: Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 91: Cullen Family
Folder 92: Cullen, Ezekiel W.
Box 4
Folder 1: Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 2: Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 3: Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 4: Cullen, Hugh Roy III
Folder 5: Cullen, Mrs Lillie Cranz
Folder 6: Cullinan, Nina
Folder 7: Curry, Dr. Lawrence
Folder 8: Cutrer, Lewis
Folder 9: Daasch, Francis J.
Folder 10: Daigle, Mildred
Folder 11: Dalton, Charles
Folder 12: Dane, William J.
Folder 13: Daniels, Mrs. Balfour
Folder 14: Daniell, David
Folder 15: Daniel, Gov. Price
Folder 16: Davalos, Rudy
Folder 17: Davenport, Christian
Folder 18: Davenport, P.
Folder 19: David, Alice
Folder 20: Davis, Charlie
Folder 21: Davis, Dr. David Brion
Folder 22: DeAngelis, Carl
Folder 23: De Hartog, Jan, 1964
Folder 24: De Hartog, Jan, 1968
Folder 25: Dean, Carolyn
Folder 26: Deans, Dr. Harry
Folder 27: Debakey
Folder 28: Decell, Henry P. Jr
Folder 29: Decker, Eugene
Folder 30: Decker, Hannah S.
Folder 31: Dedcer, Hannah
Folder 32: Dee, Mary
Folder 33: Dee, Ruby
Folder 34: Dee, Sandra
Folder 35: DeFrantz, Anita
Folder 36: DeFranco, Agnes
Folder 37: DeGregori, Thomas
Folder 38: DeGregori, Thomas R.
Folder 39: De, Pat Hoop
Folder 40: De Garmo, Scott
Folder 41: Deily, Mike
Folder 42: Deming, Dr Stanley M.
Folder 43: Devine, Marceline
Folder 44: Dickerson, Joe T.
Folder 45: Dickerson, Joe T.
Folder 46: Dingus, Mike
Folder 47: Chung, Dinh
Folder 48: Do, Kelle
Folder 49: Donaghey, Charles
Folder 50: Donner, Arvin
Folder 51: Dooling, Brian
Folder 52: Dorsey, Bernadette
Folder 53: Douglas, J. J.
Folder 54: Douglas, Mary
Folder 55: Douglas, Sam
Folder 56: Doughtie, E.B
Folder 57: Dowling, Susann
Folder 58: Dozier, Nicky
Folder 59: Drake, Prof Bill
Folder 60: Drake, G.W.
Folder 61: Dressman, Michael
Folder 62: Drexler, Clyde
Folder 63: Driever, Carl W.
Folder 64: Droling, Brian
Folder 65: Dror, Daniel
Folder 66: Duch, Raymond
Folder 67: Dudley, Mrs. Ray
Folder 68: Duffy, Dennis
Folder 69: Dukakis, Olympia
Folder 70: Dukes, Lyz
Folder 71: Dukler, A.
Folder 72: Duncap, Leslie
Folder 73: Dunn, Steve
Folder 74: Dupre, N.K
Folder 75: Dupre, William
Folder 76: Dworkin, Anthony G.
Folder 77: Dwyee, Mrs. Robert H.
Folder 78: Dyke, Shannon
Box 5
Folder 1: Ebaugh, Bessi, 1941
Folder 2: Ebaugh, Helen
Folder 3: Eckols, A.D.
Folder 4: Edwards, George W.
Folder 5: Edwards, Rhonda
Folder 6: Eichberg, Joseph
Folder 7: Eichhorn, Roger
Folder 8: Eikenburg, Doug
Folder 9: Elers, Katherine
Folder 10: Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1949
Folder 11: Elam, Michael A
Folder 12: Elkins, Judge J.A.
Folder 13: Elliott, Mrs. Claude
Folder 14: Elliott, Dorothy
Folder 15: Elsbury, Edith, 1941
Folder 16: English, Tia
Folder 17: English Dr. W.B.
Folder 18: Ervin, Roger James
Folder 19: Estess, Dr. Tea
Folder 20: Etgen, Garret J.
Folder 21: Ettsinger, H.J.
Folder 22: Evans, Judge Frank
Folder 23: Eusan, Lynn
Folder 24: Evans, John E.
Folder 25: Evans, Col.
Folder 26: Evans, Richard
Folder 27: Faber, Hanneeke
Folder 28: Fajtlowicz, Siemon
Folder 29: Farb, Carolyn
Folder 30: Farfel, Aaron
Folder 31: Farish, Stephen P.
Folder 32: Fazekas, G.A.
Folder 33: Felder, Dr. B Dell
Folder 34: Feldman, Dr. Stuart
Folder 35: Ferguson, Kathy
Folder 36: Fielding, Dr. Raymond
Folder 37: Fill, Gerald A.
Folder 38: Film, Dr. Simon
Folder 39: Finch, Dr. Robert
Folder 40: Finett, Dr.
Folder 41: Finely, Robert
Folder 42: Fisher, Robert
Folder 43: Fitzgerald
Folder 44: Fitzgerald, P.
Folder 45: Fitzgibbon, William E.
Folder 46: Fitzsimmons, Dana
Folder 47: Flanagan, Mary
Folder 48: Fleetwood, Charles
Folder 49: Fleming Jr., Lemar
Folder 50: Flom, Merton
Folder 51: Floyd, Carlisle
Folder 52: Forester, Charlotte
Folder 53: Forshaw, Bob
Folder 54: Foster, Charles
Folder 55: Foster, Pat
Folder 56: Fouke, Harry
Folder 57: Fox
Folder 58: Fondal, Blaine
Folder 59: Frady, Mary Ellen
Folder 60: France, Frances
Folder 61: Francia, Arthur J.
Folder 62: Frankiewilz, Ronald
Folder 63: Franklin, Luther
Folder 64: Franz, Erwin
Folder 65: Freeland, Cynthia
Folder 66: Freedman, Dr. Sara M.
Folder 67: Freeney, Archie
Folder 68: Freiberg, H. Jerome
Folder 69: Friedberg, Michael
Folder 70: Friedan, Sandy
Folder 71: Fruit, Susan
Folder 72: Fuller, Jason
Box 6
Folder 1: Gaa. John P.
Folder 2: Gaines, Sanford E.
Folder 3: Galan, Fernando
Folder 4: Galdos, Benito Perez
Folder 5: Garcia, Gerald
Folder 6: Garcia, Margie
Folder 7: Garcia, Toby
Folder 8: Gassaway, Laura
Folder 9: Gay, Will
Folder 10: Gaylor, Delvina
Folder 11: Geanagel, Russell Alan
Folder 12: Geordiades, William
Folder 13: Gerb, Betsy
Folder 14: Ghszzaly, Osman I.
Folder 15: Ghirst, Elizabeth
Folder 16: Gibson, James
Folder 17: Giordano, Frank
Folder 18: Girrigis, Peter
Folder 19: Glashow, Sheldon (Dr.)
Folder 20: Glass, Mrs. Floyd
Folder 21: Glover Jr., John R.
Folder 22: Glowindie, Ronald
Folder 23: Goerke, Glen A, Ph. D
UH President
Folder 24: Goldsmith, Kenneth
UH President
Folder 25: Gomez, Debi
Folder 26: Gonzalez, Laura
Folder 27: Goode, Richard
Folder 28: Goodwin, Gerald
Folder 29: Gore, Mona
Folder 30: Gore, Robert H.
Folder 31: Gottlieb, Dr. David
Folder 32: Govert, Dr. Renny
Folder 33: Gowen, Johnnie
Folder 34: Gramm, Phil
Folder 35: Gratch, Gerald
Folder 36: Graves, John
Folder 37: Graves, Michael
Folder 38: Green, Betty
Folder 39: Green, Bud
Folder 40: Green, Jackie
Folder 41: Green, Louis
Folder 42: Greer, B.J.
Folder 43: Gregory, Dave R.
Folder 44: Gresham, Jackie
Folder 45: Grevlach, Victor A.
Folder 46: Griffin, Robert E.
Folder 47: Griffin, Rozero E.
Folder 48: Grillet-Robbe, Alain
Folder 49: Grinberg-Adler, Dr. Deborah
Folder 50: Grisberg, Mark
Folder 51: Gross, Leah R.
Folder 52: Guenther, Peter
Folder 53: Guilds, Dr. John C.
Folder 54: Guillory, Elizabeth Brown
Folder 55: Guler, K.L.
Folder 56: Gupta, V.D.
Folder 57: Haas, Dr. Karl
Folder 58: Hackerman, 1971
Folder 59: Hall, Jackie, 1949
Folder 60: Hall, M.E., 1949
Folder 61: Hall. Dr. Stuart
Folder 62: Halvorsen, Jesse
Folder 63: Hancock, Richard
Folder 64: Harasim, Paul
Folder 65: Harbachick, Stephen
Folder 66: Harris, Harvey W.
Folder 67: Harris, Marlite
Folder 68: Hart, Dr. John
Folder 69: Harwao, Frances
Folder 70: Harwerth, Dr. Ronald
Folder 71: Hatcher, Johnny
Folder 72: Haun, Dr. Martha
Folder 73: Hausen, Jutta
Folder 74: Hawes, Bill
Folder 75: Hawkins, Robert
Folder 76: Hay, Sam R.
Folder 77: Hayden, Carlos
Folder 78: Hayes, Elvin
Folder 79: Haynes, Edward
Folder 80: Haynes, Dean Karen
Folder 81: Haynes, Robert
Folder 82: Hays, Bettie
Folder 83: Heath, Robert
Folder 84: Hefley
Folder 85: Helling, Dr.
Folder 86: Helton, Kim
Folder 87: Hempel, Amy
Folder 88: Hendrix, Lenore, 1941
Folder 89: Henkel, Joseph A.
Folder 90: Henley, Ernest J.
Folder 91: Henry, Charles
Folder 92: Henry, Edwina
Folder 93: Hensley, Joseph, Professor
Folder 94: Herget, James E.
Folder 95: Hernandez, Liz
Folder 96: Hestir, Byron
Folder 97: Hickman, David
Folder 98: Hicks, Clair
Folder 99: Hildebrandt, Alvin F.
Folder 100: Hill, Susan
Folder 101: Hillard, Roy
Folder 102: Hiller, Dr. Charles
Folder 103: Hillin, Linda
Folder 104: Hilton, Barron
Folder 105: Hilton, Conrad N.
Box 7
Folder 1: Hilton, Leonard
Folder 2: Hinojosa, Yzelda V.
Folder 3: Hippord, James
Folder 4: Hirsch, Edward
Folder 5: Hirselo, Dr. Ed
Folder 6: Hixon, Nancy
Folder 7: Hixson, George
Folder 8: Hoang, Dr. Caroline
Folder 9: Hobart, Harrison C.
Folder 10: Hobby, Bill
Folder 11: Hoffman, Philip G.
Folder 12: Hoffman, Philip G.
Folder 13: Hoffman, Philip G.
Folder 14: Hoffman, Philip G.
Box 7b
Folder 1: Hoffman, Philip G.
Folder 2: Hoffman, William
Folder 3: Hofheinz, Fred, 1970-1980
Folder 4: Hogan, Sterling
Folder 5: Holbrook, Hal
Folder 6: Holcombe, Oscar
Folder 7: Holland, Henry F.
Folder 8: Holley, Edward G.
Folder 9: Hollis, Don
Folder 10: Hollis, Dr. Loye
Folder 11: Hollis, Mickey
Folder 12: Holt, Frank
Folder 13: Hoodina, Alfred Josef
Folder 14: Hooker, Rubye
Folder 15: Horovitz
Folder 16: Horvit, Michael M.
Folder 17: Hough, Andrea Bean
Folder 18: Howsam, Dr. Robert B.
Folder 19: Houston, C.E.
Folder 20: Houston, Mrs. James P.
Folder 21: Houston, Marge
Folder 22: Houston, Martha Gano
Folder 23: Houston, Dr. Robert
Folder 24: Howell, John
Folder 25: Howell, Ray
Folder 26: Howard, Richard
Folder 27: Huang, C.I.
Folder 28: Huck, C.
Folder 29: Hudson, Tom
Folder 30: Huey, Frances
Folder 31: Huggens
Folder 32: Hurias, Dick
Folder 33: Hurst, Michael
Folder 34: Hutchinson, Laveria F.
Folder 35: Hutchens, Sue
Folder 36: Hutchens. Palmer
Folder 37: Ignatiev, Alex
Folder 38: Irvin
Folder 39: Irving, John
Folder 40: Ishizaka, Kazuo
Folder 41: Ivancevich, John
Folder 42: Jacks, Marianne D.
Folder 43: Jackson, Andrew S.
Folder 44: Jackson, C.
Folder 45: Jackson, Chauncey
Folder 46: Jackson, Gene
Folder 47: Jackson, Jean
Folder 48: Jackson, Juantia
Folder 49: Jackson, R.A.
Folder 50: Jacobs, David L.
Folder 51: Jacobsen, Clara
Folder 52: Jacobson, Lloyd
Folder 53: Jaffee, Vicki
Folder 54: James, Harriet
Folder 55: Jandhyala, Dr. Bhagavan
Folder 56: Jares, Howard
Folder 57: Jaworkski, Leon
Folder 58: Jenkins, John
Folder 59: Jenkins, William
Folder 60: Jennings, Dr. Daniel
Folder 61: Jiordano, Frank R.
Folder 62: Johnsen, Bredo C.
Folder 63: Johnson
Folder 64: Johnson, Bill
Folder 65: Johnson, Charles
Folder 66: Johnson, Charles A.
Folder 67: Johnson, Dr. Curtis D.
Box 8
Folder 1: Johnson, Elliot A.
Folder 2: Johnson, Gordon S.
Folder 3: Johnson, J. Dale
Folder 4: Johnson, James
Folder 5: Johnson, Jim
Folder 6: Johnson, Lyndon B.
Folder 7: Johnson, Michael
Folder 8: Johnson, Phillip
Folder 9: Johnson, LT. R.V.
Folder 10: Johnson Jr., T.A.
Folder 11: Johnson, Ted
Folder 12: Johnston
Folder 13: Joner
Folder 14: Jones
Folder 15: Jones
Folder 16: Jones, Becky
Folder 17: Jones, Charles F.
Folder 18: Jones, Daniel
Folder 19: Jones, Howard L.
Folder 20: Jones, Dr. James
Folder 21: Jones. Dr. Jim
Folder 22: Jones, Jolanda
Folder 23: Jones, Marvin
Folder 24: Jones, Dr. Robert
Folder 25: Jones, Tanner
Folder 26: Joplin, James
Folder 27: Jordan, Barbra
Folder 28: Jordan, Barbra, 1970-1980
Folder 29: Jordan, Don
Folder 30: Jowett, Dr. Garth
Folder 31: Joyce, Craig
Folder 32: Joyce, Gregory
Folder 33: Judd, Larry
Folder 34: Judkins, David C.
Folder 35: Jurtshuk, Peter Jr.
Folder 36: Kadish, Karl
Folder 37: Kagen, Norman
Folder 38: Kaiser, Klaus
Folder 39: Kalus, Karl
Folder 40: Kanellos, Nick
Folder 41: Kasschau, Richard
Folder 42: Kasser, John
Folder 43: Keating, Dr. Rahect
Folder 44: Keding. Lee S.
Folder 45: Keeland, Burdette
Folder 46: Kegel-Florm, Penelope
Folder 47: Keller, Robert T.
Folder 48: Kemmerer, Helen
Folder 49: Kemmerer, Walter W.
Folder 50: Kennedy, Robert
Folder 51: Kerbaw, Dr. Alva L.
Folder 52: Kerdow, Alva
Folder 53: Kerley, Robert
Folder 54: Ketelsen, James L.
Folder 55: Keulman, Kenneth
Folder 56: Kevan, Larry
Folder 57: Kiehn
Folder 58: King, Dr. Elbert
Box 9
Folder 1: King, M.L. III
Folder 2: King, Nedia Marie
Folder 3: King, Willis K., 1941
Folder 4: Kirkpatrick, Charles
Dean, Cullen College of Engineering
Folder 5: Kiulighn, Salan
Folder 6: Kleis, Dr. Stanley
Folder 7: Klewer, Edwin D.
Folder 8: Knauss, Robert
Folder 9: Koch, Ed
Folder 10: Kochi, Jay K.
Folder 11: Kohn, Dr. Harold L.
Folder 12: Koi, Karen
Folder 13: Kolb, John E.
Folder 14: Kolenda, Paulene
Folder 15: Koppel, Gustav, 1941
Folder 16: Kotarba, Joseph A.
Folder 17: Kouri, Donald J.
Folder 18: Kouts, Bob
Folder 19: Koyle, Paul
Folder 20: Kretlow, William
Folder 21: Kreuzer, Helmut
Folder 22: Krugen, Bob
Folder 23: Ktonas, Periklis Y.
Folder 24: Kucera, Jean
Folder 25: Kauleman, Jane
Folder 26: Kuldell, Mrs. R. C.
Folder 27: Lang, Norris G.
Folder 28: Langham, Gloria
Folder 29: Lanier, Bob
Folder 30: Lanier, Elyse
Folder 31: Lara, Patrick
Folder 32: Lasher, Alfred William
Folder 33: Law, Dean
Folder 34: Law, F. M.
Folder 35: Lawless, Robert
Folder 36: Lay, Kenneth L.
Folder 37: Lee, Dr. Elwyn
Folder 38: Lee, Franco
Folder 39: Lee, John
Folder 40: Lee, Lap
Folder 41: Lee, Shelia Jackson
Folder 42: Leiber, Justin
Folder 43: Leifeste, James
Folder 44: Leiss, Ernst
Folder 45: Leizk, Val
Folder 46: Leland, Mickey, 1971
Folder 47: Lemon, Helda
Folder 48: Lemon, Hilda, 1944
Folder 49: Lemond, Xavier
Folder 50: Lence, Dr. Ross M.
Folder 51: Leon, Cathy
Folder 52: Lester, Bettie, 1941
Folder 53: Leverick, Al
Folder 54: Levi, Dennis
Folder 55: Levine, Mrs. Max
Folder 56: Levine, Philip
Folder 57: Levitt, Homer
Folder 58: Lewis, Carl
Folder 59: Lewis, Gog
Folder 60: Lewis, Nena R.
Folder 61: Lewis, Shari
Folder 62: Lewis, Sheila
Folder 63: Liberman, David B.
Folder 64: Liebert, Herman W.
Folder 65: Lienhard, Dr. John
Folder 66: Lindsay, David
Folder 67: Lineberry, Dr. Robert L.
Folder 68: Lipps, Dave
Folder 69: Loche, Dene
Folder 70: Lokhandwala, Dr. Mustafa
Folder 71: Long, Jerry
Folder 72: Long, Stuart A.
Folder 73: Lopate, Dr. Phillip
Folder 74: Loshin, Dr. David S.
Folder 75: Lovett, Kim Ramey
Folder 76: Luce, Tom
Folder 77: Luedke
Folder 78: Luna, Dr. Sharon
Folder 79: Luss, Dan
Folder 80: Lutz, Dr. Donald
Folder 81: Lybrand, Dr. Terry
Folder 82: Lynch, Gillian
Folder 83: Lyon, Peter Herbert
Box 10
Folder 2: Macdonald, Cynthia
Folder 3: Macormak, Gary
Folder 4: Maddicks, Michelle
Folder 5: Maddocks, Dr. Rosalie
Folder 6: Maddox, Marilyn
Folder 7: Magner, Dr. George
Folder 8: Maher, John F.
Folder 9: Mailman, David
Folder 10: Manfredini, James
Folder 11: Manuel, Betty
Folder 12: Marlowe, Julie
Folder 13: Marmor, Kevin
Folder 14: Marshall, Mrs. Douglas B., 1973
Folder 15: Martin, Dr. Gary
Folder 16: Martin, James
Folder 17: Martin, Joe
Folder 18: Martinez, Juan
Folder 19: Martinez, Vidal
Folder 20: Martino, Nick
Folder 21: Massad, Nick
Folder 22: Masser, C. L.
Folder 23: Masson, Diego
Folder 24: Matson, Jack
Folder 25: Mattea, Keith
Folder 26: Matteson, Dr. Michael T.
Folder 27: May, Dr. Rollo
Folder 28: May, Tom
Folder 29: Mayo, Marti
Folder 30: Mayor, Thomas
Folder 31: McCammon, Dr. J. Andrew
Folder 32: McCardy, ?
Folder 33: McCarthy, Joe
Folder 34: McCarty, James
Folder 35: McCauley, Joseph
Folder 36: McCormick, William
Folder 37: McCoy, Val Jean
Folder 38: McDaniel, Dr. Clyde
Folder 39: McDaniel, Helen
Folder 40: McElhinney, C. F.
Folder 41: McElrath, Eby
Folder 42: McFarland, James
Folder 43: McGaw, Howard
Folder 44: McGillis, Bill
Folder 45: McGinnis
Folder 46: McHale, Dr. John
Folder 47: McKee, Shirley
Folder 48: McLean, Carol
Folder 49: McLendon, Will
Folder 50: McMahon, John [?]
Folder 51: McMullan, Jan
Folder 52: McMullan, Pearl
Folder 53: McNair, Helen
Folder 54: McNamara, John
Folder 55: McNeer, Elizabeth
Folder 56: McNeese Jr, A. J.
Folder 57: McNeill, Dr., 1960-1970
Folder 58: Meacham, Bethany
Folder 59: Meanly, Carolyn
Folder 60: Medrano, Dr. Enrique
Folder 61: Meier, Wilbur
Folder 62: Melosi, Martin V.
Folder 63: Menem, Carlos Saul
Folder 64: Menil, Dominique De
Folder 65: Menon, Praful
Folder 66: Merritt, Hazel, 1941
Folder 67: Metculfe, Ralph
Folder 68: Metzger, Julie
Folder 69: Meyer, Leopold
Folder 70: Meyers, Judy
Folder 71: Michael, George
Folder 72: Mier, William
Folder 73: Miller, Billy
Folder 74: Mindiola, Tatcho
Folder 75: Minsky, Dr. Marvin
Folder 76: Mitchell, Stan
Box 11
Folder 1: Mitchell, Standlee L.
Folder 2: Moore, Barry
Folder 3: Moore, Buel
Folder 4: Moore, Dorio, 1950
Folder 5: Moore, Heather
Folder 6: Moore, Jerome
Folder 7: Moores, John
Folder 8: Moores, John J.
Folder 9: Morian, Beth
Folder 10: Morrow, June
Folder 11: Morton, Azie Taylor
Folder 12: Mosbacher, Robert A.
Folder 13: Mosier
Folder 14: Moss, Dr. Simon C
Folder 15: Mountain, Lee
Folder 16: Moy, Mamil?
Folder 17: Muldoun, Paul
Folder 18: Mulvey, Eleanor
Folder 19: Munitz, Barry
Folder 20: Murdock, Doris
Folder 21: Murphy, Virginia
Folder 22: Murray, Christopher B.
Folder 23: Murray, Richard Wayne
Folder 24: Murrelle, A. C.
Folder 25: Musburger, Dr. Robert
Folder 26: Musil, Vladmir
Folder 27: Muskie, Edward [?], 1968
Folder 28: Myers, Judy
Folder 29: Mykeil, Ronald A.
Folder 30: Nader, Ralph
Folder 31: Naim, Ashira
Folder 32: Nathan, Marvin
Folder 33: Naylor, Ronald
Folder 34: Neal, Frances
Folder 35: Neal, Jean D.
Folder 36: Neibel, Dean
Folder 37: Nelson, Karen
Folder 38: Nelson, Marion
Folder 39: Nelson, Robert S.
Folder 40: Nelson, William
Folder 41: Ness, Craig E.
Folder 42: Neumann, Dr. Alfred
Folder 43: Newhouse, Thomas C.
Folder 44: Newman
Folder 45: Nguyen, Cuc
Folder 46: Nguyen, Dong
Folder 47: Nguyen, Long
Folder 48: Nguyen, Thomas
Folder 49: Nicholson, Patrick J.
Folder 50: Nix, Richard
Folder 51: Nixon
Folder 52: Norris, Julie
Folder 53: North, H. M.
Folder 54: Norwood, Donna
Folder 55: Nogee, Joseph
Folder 56: Nugent, Jim
Folder 57: Nugent, Kim
Folder 58: NyKiel, Ronald
Box 12
Folder 1: Oberholtzer, E. E.
Folder 2: Obrien, Thomas F.
Folder 3: O’Connor, Sandra Day
Folder 4: Odom, William
Folder 5: O’Donnell, Bob
Folder 6: Oehlerts, Donald
Folder 7: Olajuwon, Hakeem
Folder 8: Olos, D. C.
Folder 9: Olivares, Julian
Folder 10: Olivas, Michael
Folder 11: O’Neill, Michael W.
Folder 12: Ong, Honh Lio
Folder 13: Ong, Poen S.
Folder 14: O’Quinn, John
Folder 15: Orgain, Marian
Folder 16: Oro, Dr. John
Folder 17: Osayande, Kobla
Folder 18: Osborne, Dr. Gerald
Folder 19: Osborne, Zelda
Folder 20: Ostrovsky, Benjamin
Folder 21: Outlaw, Charles
Folder 22: Owens, Janie
Folder 23: Pacheco, Manuel T.
Folder 24: Palmer, Dr. Martha
Folder 25: Papadopoolou, Valentini Brady
Folder 26: Pavarotti, Luciano
Folder 27: Pardee, Jack
Folder 28: Pare, Ronald C.
Folder 29: Hylard, Parkard
Folder 30: Parker, Carl
Folder 31: Parker, John
Folder 32: Parker, L. H.
Folder 33: Parle, Dennis J.
Folder 34: Parmera, Carol
Folder 35: Parr, Dr. Wolfgang
Folder 36: Paskusz, Dr. Gerald
Folder 37: Patterian, N. S.
Folder 38: Patterson, Dr. Robert
Folder 39: Patino, Rachel
Folder 40: Paul, Gordon
Folder 41: Pauling, Linus
Folder 42: Pavarotti, Luciano
Folder 43: Pearson, Demetrius
Folder 44: Pechi, Adrian
Folder 45: Pedersen, Laura
Folder 46: Peng, Tien
Folder 47: Peimbertd, Antonio
Folder 48: Peine, Louis
Folder 49: Perlitz Jr., Charles A.
Folder 50: Peterson, Weed L.
Folder 51: Pheiffer, Chester
Folder 52: Phillips, Dorothy
Folder 53: Phillips, Jayne Ann
Folder 54: Phillips, Robert
Folder 55: Pickering, James H.
Folder 56: Picas, G.
Folder 57: Pickar, Trudy
Folder 58: Pickett, Cecil
Folder 59: Pieratt, Harold
Folder 60: Pierkerins, Dr. James H.
Folder 61: Pinn, Dr. Vivian
Folder 62: Pinsky, Robert
Folder 63: Pipkin, James H.
Folder 64: Pipkin, James W.
Folder 65: Pittman, Patsye
Folder 66: Pitts, Donald
Folder 67: Plain, Marian
Folder 68: Pollard, Dr. Richard
Folder 69: Poole, Linda
Folder 70: Polk, Wanda
Folder 71: Porter, Dr. Wm M.
Folder 72: Powell, Gloria
Folder 73: Powell, Neville “McNamee”, 1941
Folder 74: Powling, Laurie Reese
Folder 75: Pratt, Dr. Jos
Folder 76: Present, Marsha
Folder 77: Price
Folder 78: Price, Randall
Folder 79: Pridgen, Louise, 1941
Folder 80: Prose, Francine
Folder 81: Purdy, Walter E.
Box 13
Folder 1: Quinn, John M.
Folder 2: Quintanilla, Dr. Guadalupe
Folder 3: Rabago, Karl
Folder 4: Rabalais, Dr. Wayne
Folder 5: Rabelas, John Wayne
Folder 6: Rabin, Michael
Folder 7: Rains, Jack M.
Folder 8: Ramirez, Teresa
Folder 9: Rappole, Dr.
Folder 10: Rauch, Leonard
Folder 11: Raymond, Michelle
Folder 12: Razi, Hossein
Folder 13: Redgrave, Lynn
Folder 14: Reed, Dr. Alfred
Folder 15: Reed, Coner
Folder 16: Reed, Dr. Linda
Folder 17: Rees, Warren A.
Folder 18: Reese, Laurie
Folder 19: Regenl, Debbie Hanna
Folder 20: Rehm, Dr. Lynn
Folder 21: Rehm, Paul
Folder 22: Reilly, Mrs.
Folder 23: Reiter, George
Folder 24: Reynolds, Marjorie
Folder 25: Rhodes, Tijuana
Folder 26: Rice, John
Folder 27: Rich, Kathy
Folder 28: Richards, Ann
Folder 29: Richardson, James
Folder 30: Richardson
Folder 31: Richardson, James T.
Folder 32: Richardson, Sharon
Folder 33: Richdale Jr., James C.
Folder 34: Richey, Miss
Folder 35: Rifaat, Shafik
Folder 36: Riley, Elma
Folder 37: Riley, James S.
Folder 38: Rivera, Geraldo
Folder 39: Rivera, Sandy
Folder 40: Rivera, Viola
Folder 41: Robbe-Grillet, Alain
Folder 42: Roberts, Ginger
Folder 43: Robertson, Corbin
Folder 44: Rockwell, Elizabeth
Folder 45: Rockwell, James
Folder 46: Rockwell, Henry
Folder 47: Rodgers, Harrell
Folder 48: Rodriguez, Robert
Folder 49: Rogers, F. I.
Folder 50: Rogers, J.D
Folder 51: Rogers, Kenny
Folder 52: Roller, Clyde
Folder 53: Romelio, Amelia
Folder 54: Roorda, Dr. John
Folder 55: Root, Louise
Folder 56: Rosales, Margareto
Folder 57: Rose, Werner
Folder 58: Rosenberg, Peter
Folder 59: Rosenberg, Yale L.
Folder 60: Rosner, Jerome
Folder 61: Rosner, Dr. Joy
Folder 62: Ross, Alan
Folder 63: Rote, D.W
Folder 64: Roy, Mary La Von
Folder 65: Royster, Christopher
Folder 66: Ruckleshaus, William
Folder 67: Rozelle, Richard M.
Folder 68: Rudat, Wolfgang E.H
Folder 69: Rudnick, Dr. Andrew J.
Folder 70: Rupf, Cathy
Folder 71: Russell, Lillian, 1950-1960
Folder 72: Russell, Lou
Folder 73: Russell, Peter
Folder 74: Russell, Richard
Box 14
Folder 1: Sabrsula, Paula
Folder 2: Sadowsky, Barbara
Folder 3: Sakdwitz, Simon
Folder 4: Salmon, Stephen
Folder 5: Salazak, Sylvia
Folder 6: Salinardo, Teresa
Folder 7: Sanders, Mr. & Ms. Charles
Folder 8: Sanchez, Laura
Folder 9: Saras, Florence
Folder 10: Saunders, Charles
Folder 11: Saunders, Helen
Folder 12: Scales, John
Folder 13: Schilling, Paul
Folder 14: Schilt, Alexander
Folder 15: Schlueter, Carol
Folder 16: Schneider, William P.
Folder 17: Schnitzen, Elizabeth
Folder 18: Schroeder, Joe
Folder 19: Schroen, Dudley
Folder 20: Schuhmann
Folder 21: Scott, Bill
Folder 22: Scott, Deborah
Folder 23: Scott, Dr. L Ridgeway
Folder 24: Scott, Wayne
Folder 25: Seroggins, Sandra Kaye
Folder 26: Seale, Ron
Folder 27: Searcy, C. P.
Folder 28: Sellers, T.
Folder 29: Shalala, Donna
Folder 30: Shange, Ntozake
Folder 31: Shasta
Folder 32: Shasta III
Folder 33: Shasta V
Folder 34: Shattuck, Dr. David P.
Folder 35: Shaw, Gladys
Folder 36: Shearer, Harriet
Folder 37: Sheik, Janibegum
Folder 38: Shen, Hui
Folder 39: Shen, Liang-Chi
Folder 40: Sheppard, Mr.
Folder 41: Sheridan, Jack M.
Folder 42: Sherrod, Jeanne
Folder 43: Shieh, L. San
Folder 44: Short, Dr. Kenneth
Folder 45: Shupe, Jon
Folder 46: Silvers, Ruth
Folder 47: Simon, Abbey
Folder 48: Simon, Bill
Folder 49: Simon, Dr. Herbert A.
Folder 50: Simmons, Ruth
Folder 51: Simpson, A. Dee
Folder 52: Sims, A. Ray
Folder 53: Singleton, V.P.
Folder 54: Sisk, Wanda Lou
Folder 55: Smita, Earl
Folder 56: Smith, Arthur K
Folder 57: Smith, Barbara Callahon
Folder 58: Smith, Barton A.
Folder 59: Smith, Bo
Folder 60: Smith, Curtis M.
Folder 61: Smith, E.
Folder 62: Smith, Eugene L.
Folder 63: Smith, Frank C.
Folder 64: Smith, Lowell M.
Folder 65: Smith, Gov. Preston
Folder 66: Smith, Roland
Folder 67: Smith, Shearn
Folder 68: Smith, Steve
Folder 69: Smith, Rev. Steve
Folder 70: Smith, Tom
Folder 71: Snapp, E. A.
Folder 72: Snider, Philip
Folder 73: Snyder, Charles
Folder 74: Sobhani, Mark
Folder 75: Sondock, Ruby
Folder 76: Sokol, Debbie
Folder 77: Souza, Al
Folder 78: Sparks, Don
Folder 79: Spencer, Terrell
Folder 80: Stafford, Cathy
Folder 81: Standifer, Kelly
Box 15
Folder 1: Starkie, Walter
Folder 2: Stasny, Jeanne Ann
Folder 3: Stauffer, Dr. Thomas M.
Folder 4: Steinfield, Dr. Charles
Folder 5: Steinhort, Mary Lee
Folder 6: Stenismith, Morian
Folder 7: Stepp, James W.
Folder 8: Sterneckept, Holly
Folder 9: Stewart, Donna
Folder 10: Stewart, Ross
Folder 11: Stidham, Ray
Folder 12: Still, J. P.
Folder 13: Stock, Lorraine K.
Folder 14: Stockton, Rachelle
Folder 15: Storey, Rebecca
Folder 16: Stout, Richard
Folder 17: Streng, William P.
Folder 18: Strickland, Dr.
Folder 19: Stutts, Allan
Folder 20: Stutz, Dean
Folder 21: Suinitza, Elizabeth
Folder 22: Suman, John R.
Folder 23: Surls, James
Folder 24: Swiss, Bud
Folder 25: Sykora, Don. D.
Folder 26: Symonds, Gardiner
Folder 27: Symons, Dr. James M.
Folder 28: Szilagyi, Dr. Julie
Folder 29: Taliaferro, John
Folder 30: Talley, Merrie
Folder 31: Talley, Robert
Folder 32: Tanenbaum, Cathy
Folder 33: Tate, Dr. Charlotte
Folder 34: Tatum, Barbara
Folder 35: Taub, Henry
Folder 36: Taylor, Billye Jean
Folder 37: Taylor, E. B.
Folder 38: Taylor, E. E.
Folder 39: Taylor, Dr. James C.
1st Dean of  College of Hotel and Restaurant Mgmnt.
Folder 40: Taylor, Robert H.
Folder 41: Taylor, S. Wayne
Folder 42: Tedin, Kent L.
Folder 43: Tellepsen, Howard
Folder 44: Teller, Edward
Folder 45: Temple, Larry
Folder 46: Thibodeaux, Carl K.
Folder 47: Thomas, Arlene
Folder 48: Thomas, B.
Folder 49: Thomas, Congressman
Folder 50: Thomas, Robert
Folder 51: Thompson, Alfred
Folder 52: Thompson, Sandra Guerra
Folder 53: Thornberry, Don
Folder 54: Thummel, Randolph P.
Folder 55: Tiller, Frank
Folder 56: Timme, Robert
Folder 57: Ting, Dim S.
Folder 58: Todd, Dr. Sybil
Folder 59: Tolba, Dr. Mostafa K.
Folder 60: Tomatz, Dr. David
Folder 61: Tomfohrde, Betty Ruth
Folder 62: Townes, James
Folder 63: Trail, G. Y.
Folder 64: Transier, Dr. Lee
Folder 65: Tremaine, Frances
Folder 66: Trevino, Consuelo
Folder 67: Trevino, Ileana V.
Folder 68: Trombetta, Leonard P.
Folder 69: Trueba, Henry
Folder 70: Truman, Harry S.
Folder 71: Tu, Shiao-Chun
Folder 72: Tucker, Charles Thomas
Folder 73: Tucker, Sheryl
Folder 74: Turnbull, Pender
Box 16
Folder 1: Valdez, Jose
Folder 2: Valenti, Jack
Folder 3: Valkenaar, Lee
Folder 4: Vall, Judy
Folder 5: Van Horn, Dr. Richard L.
Folder 6: Vant-Hull, Lorin L.
Folder 7: Vaughn, Dr. Sally
Folder 8: Udall, Stewart
Folder 9: Vern, Jules
Folder 10: Viardo, Vladimir
Folder 11: Vij, Dr. Deepak
Folder 12: Villarreal, George
Folder 13: Voigt, Ellen
Folder 14: Villarrae, Victor
Folder 15: Villasenor, Victor
Folder 16: Vlaga, Becky
Folder 17: Ulmer, Robert
Folder 18: Wadley, Pattye Jean
Folder 19: Wagner, Edyth
Folder 20: Waldman, Ken
Folder 21: Walker, Mary
Folder 22: Walker, R. Hugh
Folder 23: Walsh, Harry H.
Folder 24: Walters, James W.
Folder 25: Walter, Reuben
Folder 26: Ward, Barbara Mann
Folder 27: Ware, Andre
Folder 28: Ware, Doris
Folder 29: Warner, Allen R.
Folder 30: Wasicek, Frances
Folder 31: Waterman, Don
Folder 32: Watkins
Folder 33: Weaver, Jackie
Folder 34: Webb, Bruce
Folder 35: Webb, Sandra
Folder 36: Weber, Hans H.
Folder 37: Weems, Nancy
Folder 38: Weiher, Greg
Folder 39: Weinstein, Roy
Folder 40: Weiss, Dr. Ira
Folder 41: Welch, Louie
Folder 42: Wells, Laura
Folder 43: Wentworth, Dr. Wayne E.
Folder 44: Wentworth, Wayne
Folder 45: Werlin, Joseph
Folder 46: Werlin, Ewing
Folder 47: Westerhout, Dr. David
Folder 48: Whalen, Dr. Edward L.
Folder 49: Whataker, Don
Folder 50: Wheeler, Lewis
Folder 51: Wheeler, Dr. Mary
Folder 52: White, A. A.
Folder 53: White, David
Folder 54: White, E. W.
Folder 55: White, Robert A.
Folder 56: Whitehill, Walter Muir
Folder 57: Whitehouse, Ruth
Folder 58: Whitehurst, Troy
Folder 59: Whitmire, Kathy
Folder 60: Whitte, Larry
Folder 61: Wickman, Billie
Folder 62: Wiesel, Elie
Folder 63: Wikoff, Ruth
Folder 64: Wilkins, Dan
Folder 65: Wilkins
Folder 66: Wilkins, Randy
Folder 67: Williams Jr., A. L.
Folder 68: Williams, Bill
Folder 69: Williams, Dr. Clanton
Folder 70: Williams, Dave
Folder 71: Willems, Edwin P.
Folder 72: Williams, C. E.
Folder 73: Williams, Jeffrey
Folder 74: Williams, Sgt. Jon
Folder 75: Williams, Louis
Folder 76: Williams, Michael
Folder 77: Williams, Robert E.
Folder 78: Williams, Tennessee
Folder 79: Williamson, Dr. J. E.
Folder 80: Wilson, Henry
Folder 81: Wilson, H. C.
Folder 82: Wilson, D. C.
Folder 83: Wilson, George
Folder 84: Wilson, Jack
Folder 85: Wilson, W. W.
Folder 86: Wilson, Welcome
Folder 87: Wimpress, G. Duncan
Folder 88: Wingfield, Garett
Folder 89: Witte, Larry C.
Folder 90: Witte, Larry
Folder 91: Wixon, Hal
Folder 92: Wolinsky, Ira
Folder 93: Wollison, Anita
Folder 94: Wong, Susannah
Folder 95: Wood, Barry
Folder 96: Wood, B. J.
Folder 97: Wood, Peter
Folder 98: Woods, Marion
Folder 99: Woodson, Charlie “Rock”
Folder 100: Woodward, Dr.
Folder 101: Woodward, Billie
Folder 102: Woodard, Norma
Folder 103: Worley, Frank L.
Folder 104: Wray, A. J.
Folder 105: Wren, Dr. Robert M.
Folder 106: Wyschograd, Michael
Folder 107: Wyss, Nikalaus
Box 17
Folder 1: Yaden, Dr. David
Folder 2: Yegge, Dr. John F.
Folder 3: Yeoman, Bill
Folder 4: Yerxa, Tom
Folder 5: Yoes, M. G.
Folder 6: Yongue, Dr. Patricia
Folder 7: Young, Ethyl
Folder 8: Young, Janice Mary
Folder 9: Young, Michael
Folder 10: Zamora, Lois
Folder 11: Zamora, Stephen
Folder 12: Zaphires, Dr. Alexander
Folder 13: Zatopek, Shara
Folder 14: Zehner, June
Folder 15: Zedner, Lisa
Folder 16: Zemanek, John
Folder 17: Zindler, Marvin
Folder 18: Zinley, Sherry Ann
Folder 19: Zlatkis, Dr. Albert
Folder 20: Zon, Yali
Box 86
Folder 1: A “gag” shot on “Woodman Spare that Tree” Students on Campus, 1938
Folder 2: Childers, Karen (or Finkdiner, Silvia)
Folder 3: Crawford, Joan
Folder 4: Cummings
Folder 5: “Highlights In the Day of a Two Year Old”
Folder 6: Hudson, Hank ; Montague, Linda; Brand, Barbra
Folder 7: “Looking Ahead” by Goldberg, Robert H.
Folder 8: Oberholtzer, E. E.
Folder 9: Oberholtzer, E. E.
Folder 10: Rusmah, Joe
Folder 11: Rutherford, Jane
Folder 12: “Sand” by Darby, L. P.
Folder 13: “Songs by Sones” by Keim
Folder 14: Spiers, Chuck
Folder 15: “Uh Oh, Dropped it” by Susser
Folder 16: 19 unidentified photos
Folder 17: President Philip G. Hoffman shaking hands with Lyndon B. Johnson
Series 2: People (Groups)
Photographs are arranged alphabetically by last name. Oversize Board of Regents photographs are housed in Box 80-83.
Box 38
Folder 1: Group
Adams, Dr. Martin, Brown, Dr. Denise P,Hall, James H. Jr., Withrow, Karen D.
Folder 2: Group
Adler, Gail, Pipkin, Jim
Folder 3: Group
Albright, Frell , Bates, W.B., Holley, Edward G.
Folder 4: 16th Annual Law Alumni Benefit Auction & Gala
Alderman, Richard, Kurtz, Marcy ’81, Walzel, Cherryll, Pittsford, Bob ‘78
Folder 5: Exxon
Alexander, B.W., Pickering, James H.
Folder 6: Group
Alexander, Elenora; Horlock Jr., Frank,Churchwell, Dr. Charles
Folder 7: Group
Alexander, Wayne,Shannon, Julie,Flim, Dennis,Crockett, Mrs. Lewis,Weston, Perry,Teague, M.H.,Crockett, Lewis Jr.,Pickering, James,Fraga, ,Felix
Folder 8: Group
Allee, Dr. W. Arthur,Crawford, Dr. Louise-Nugent,Graff, Dr. W.M.,Graves, Dr. Leon,Haynes, Dr. Robert V.,Smith, Dr. Carolyn,Allenday, Pat
Folder 9: Group
Allenday, Pat;Witovec, Carol
Folder 10: Group
Amer, M Middleditch, Brian S.
Folder 11: Group
Anderson, Josephine, Goan, Nina, House-Broomfield, Marilyn, Swanson, Jeanetta, Gaylor, Dalvenia; Troeger, Dr. Carolyn; Davis-Howard, Sheila; Brines, Nicolas;Watkins, Janice;Jones, Miriam;;Watts, Debbie
Folder 12: Group
Anderson, Shirley
Folder 13: Student Election
Andis, Lee; Leeson, Amanda; Adam, Dynisha
Folder 14: Group
Anello, Claude; Cockburn, Christina;Hughes, Judge Lynn
Folder 15: Group
Anzivino, Kathy; Schwehr, Bill
Folder 16: Group
Archer, Mary; Peterson, Travis L; Davis, Kathryn
Folder 17: Group
Argyros, George; Riley, Tom
Folder 18: Bicentennial Birthday Party, September 17, 1987
Argyos, Judie;Driggs –Cannon, Lois
Folder 19: Group
Argyros, Judie;Riley, Tom ;Argyros, George
Folder 20: Group
Armstrong, Bob; Stewart, Marie M.; Bishop, Charles E.
Folder 21: Group, April 1995
Armsworth, Mary; Pickering, Dr. James
Folder 22: Group
Arp, John;Dean, Greg
Folder 23: Group
Bacaresse, Dr. Chas; Tiller, Mrs. Frank; Saunders, Charles
Folder 24: Honorary Degree
Baldwin, Dr. William R.; Smith, Dr. F. Dow; Holmes, Dr. G. Burtt
Folder 25: Group
Bannor, Marcy; Savoy, Suzanne; Bailey, Malinda
Folder 26: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.;Angel, Rafael
Folder 27: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.;Bernard, John
Folder 28: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.; Cullen, Roy
Folder 29: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.; Li, Dr. Ki Ti
Folder 30: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R. ; Lay, Kenneth
Folder 31: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.; Marchuk, Dr. G. I.
Folder 32: 1st Presidential Report to the community
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 33: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R. ; Schilt, Alexander
Folder 34: Students Affairs VP
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R.; Smith, Roland
Folder 35: Group
Barnett, Dr. Marguerite R. ; Turner, Sylvester; Goggins, Dr. Malcolm; Rodgers, Itarrell
Folder 36: Group
Bakk, Betty; Carpenter, Rellaj; Gaunther, Sue; Franklin, Dr. Luther E.
Folder 37: Group, April 1988
Barrera, Christopher; Franklin, Derek
Folder 38: Group
Bates, Colonel W. B.; Armas, Carlos Castillo; Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 39: Group
Bates, Colonel W. B.; Oberholtzer, Edison E.; Cullen, Hugh Roy; Kemmer, W. W.
Folder 40: Group
Bear, John; Trivelpeice, Al
Folder 41: Group, May 1988
Bedell, Howard; Bernard, John; Nelson, Richard; Wagner, David; Jones, James; Poust, Jordan; ;Jansen, Ben; Stone, Barley; Parks, Michael; Fry, Clifford; Golubitsky, Martin; Herget, James; Loshin, David
Folder 42: Group
Beken, Melba; Sams, Claire; Bennett, Jeff; Alford, Brent
Folder 43: Group
Bennet, Sharon (Back); Le, Richard (Front) (University of Houston Department Eye Exam)
Folder 44: University of Houston Department Eye Exam
Bennet, Sharon (Back); Le, Richard (Front)
Folder 45: Group
Bentch, Lee; Chambers, Charles
Folder 46: Esther Farfel Award
Berger, Sidney; Pickering, Dr. James H. (Esther Farfel Award)
Folder 47: Group, October 1985
Bering, Edgar; Benbrook, James
Folder 48: Horizons, December 1987
Bernard, Dr. John; Bashinski, Denna; Leclir, Michael; Vermillion, Rachel; Lee, David (Horizons)
Folder 49: Pacific Symphony Singles Group
Betts, Susan; Reynolds, John; Spisto, Lou (Pacific Symphony Singles Group)
Folder 50: Group
Bishop, Dr. Charles E.; Bishop, Mrs. Charles E.; Bishop Shannon; Ronbinson, Chalandra; Jacobson, Lloyd
Folder 51: Group
Bishop Shannon; Robinson, Chalandra; Jacobson, Lloyd
Folder 52: CBA, October 15, 1993
Blakeney, Dr. Roger; Curie, Daniel (CBA 10/15/1993)
Folder 53: Group
Board of Regents
Folder 54: Houston 100
Bogle, Tom; Gatewood, Betsy
Box 39
Folder 1: Library Awards
Booth, Phil; Schroeder, Joe
Folder 2: Horizons, May 1987
Bozman, Patricia, Mistree, Dr. Farrokh; Goggin, Mary Margaret
Folder 3: Hispanic Heritage
Bozman, Patricia, Fernandez, Roberta
Folder 4: Library Booksale
Bozman, Patricia; Phillips, Robert
Folder 5: Spirit of Texas Quality Award
Branch, Charles; Mercer, Ted
Folder 6: Group, November 1986
Brener, Alfredo; Brener, Celine; Cullen, Mary; Cullen, Roy
Folder 7: Group
Brooks, Daniel; Cempa, Frank; Harris, Edward
Folder 8: Group, February 1988
Brown, Renette; Corley, Martita; Kelsav, Tanya; Young, Henry
Folder 9: Group
Brown, Rosella; Krause, George
Folder 10: Group
Broyles, Nicole; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 11: Group
Bruce, General A. D.; Cullen, Hugh Roy
Folder 12: Group
Bruce, General A. D.; Cullen, Hugh Roy; Williams, Clanton
Folder 13: Glass Luncheon, 1970
Bryant, Vaughn; Oregin, Miriam; Johnston, Ralph; Dudley, Mrs. Ray
Folder 14: Group
Bulekov, P.; Chen, C. F.
Folder 15: Group
Burke, D’Ann; Burke, Jack
Folder 16: Group
Burney, Zinetta; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 17: Group
Burris, Mary Ann; Humphreys, Brandon; Andrews, Michelle; Sukup, Carolyn; Hines, Joyce
Folder 18: Group
Bush, Barbara; Bush, Pres. George; Quayle, Marilyn; Quayle, Dan; Lindsey, John; Burton, Scot; Hyman, Dr. Michael; Shermohammed, Ali
Folder 19: Horizons, January 1985
Burton, Scot, Hyman, Dr. Michael, Shermohammed, Ali
Folder 20: Group
Cabler, Mrs. Ruth (daughter); Hoffman, Pres. Philip G.; Hoffman, Mrs.
Folder 21: Group
Campa, Frank; Hess, George; Vaugh, Richard
Folder 22: Cannata Research Computation Center, Horizons, November 1985
Cannata, Jack; Cannata, Betty; Weinstein, Dr. Roy; Van Horn, Dr. Richard
Folder 23: Party for Consular corps at Voegelin home
Cannon, Lois Driggs; Aldrin, Buzz
Folder 24: Group
Carcano, Linda; Gresham, Jackie
Folder 25: Group
Carn, Bill; Lee, Elwyn; Brown, Alex
Folder 26: Conference USA
Carr, Bill; Pickering, Pres. James
Folder 27: Group
Carrizal, Virginia; Hudson, Gail
Folder 28: Group, February 1988
Carter, Clay; Jacobson, Dr. Harry; Williams, Victor
Folder 29: CPC - Passport to Discover
Chance, Rebecca; Foss, Delaine; Ferguson, Shana; Huynh, P.K.; Easterling, Don; Morian, Beth; Smith, Byron; Pickering James
Folder 30: Group, April 1995
Chandler, Seth; Pickering, James
Folder 31: Group
Charest, Rudy; Charest, DeAnn
Folder 32: Group
Chiappetta, Eugene; Palmer, Alexis
Folder 33: Group, December 1987
Choice, Lloyd; Beltran, Ana
Folder 34: Group
Chu, Paul; DeGarmo, Scott
Folder 35: Group
Chu, Paul; Krause, Kurt
Folder 36: Group
Chu, Paul; Lienhard, John
Folder 37: Group
Chu, Paul (second left); MacIngvale, Jim “Mattress Mac”; Chow, Shern-Min
Folder 38: Group
Chu, Paul; Nicandros, ?; Siegel, Jeff; Tse, Steven; Lin, Eric
Folder 39: Group
Cisneros, Delia; Boulavsky, Jacqui; Nichols, Renita
Folder 40: Group
Clevelan, Dr. Harlan; Nicholson, Dr. Patrick (V.P.)
Folder 41: Group
Colb, (Regent) John; Conally, (Gov.) John
Folder 42: Group
Colbert, Conrad; Wilson, Tom; Davalos, Rudy
Folder 43: Horizons, April 1989
Colbert, Tom; James, Dennis; Boulet, Jacquis
Folder 44: Group
Collier, Della Belle; Suhr, Norma Jean Schwecke
Folder 45: Group
Collier, Herb; Rodgers, Dr. Harrel
Folder 46: Group
Collier, Herb; Rodgers, Dr. Harrel; Rose, Howard
Folder 47: Employee of the Year
Collier, Herb; Smithers, Willie; Boyd, Dennis
Folder 48: Group
Commander, Allen; Schultz, Alexander; Munitz, Barry
Folder 49: Group
Conally, Gov. John; Bishop, Charles E.
Folder 50: Group
Conley, Myra; Logan, John; Trevino, Consuelo; Sterncekert, Richard; Sterncekert, Holly; Morgan, Kelly; Anzivino, Kathy; Hunt, Ray
Folder 51: Group, April 1988
Corcoran, Myra; Reynolds, Phyllis; Scarscella, Neeka
Folder 52: Group
Crane, Mr. Sherwood; Saunders, Mr. Charles
Folder 53: Group
Crump, Joseph; Kirkpatrick, C.V.; Tiller, Frank M.
Folder 54: Group
Cullen, Mary; Moores, John; Moores, Rebecca; Schilt, Alexander; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 55: Group
Cullen, Roy; Goerke, Glenn; Morian, Beth
Folder 56: Group
Cullen, Roy; Kurtz, Efrem
Folder 57: Group
Cullen, Roy; Rodgers, Dr. Harrell; Lilie, Glenn
Folder 58: Group, April 1995
Czekmusezewicz, Romen; Pickering, James
Folder 59: Group
Jeannie, ?; Cunningham, Gary
Folder 60: Group
Daniel, Patrick; Lee, Elwyn; Osborne, Dr. Gerald;
Folder 61: Group
Dean, Edward; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 62: Group
DeGarmo, Scott; Chu, Paul
Folder 63: Group
DeGregori, Thomas; Oppenheimer, Bruce; Kasser, John; Dorsett, Randall; Curtis, Russel; Fitzgerald, Peter; Johnson, Michael; Rogers, Jerry; Hazelwood, Bob
Folder 64: Group
De La Rosa, Mary; Spotsville, Betty
Folder 65: Mexican-American Symposium
De Leon, Arnold; Mindiola, Tatcho
Folder 66: Group
Dermain, John; Gockley, David
Folder 67: Excellence Award
Devine, Marceleine; Cisneros, Delia; Ashley, Bill; Brown, Barry; Rowky, Bill
Folder 68: Group
D'Haiti, Nativita, Campbell, David
Folder 69: Group
Dorsey, Bob; Kolb, John
Folder 70: Group
Douglass, Thelma; Boudreaux- Graves, Diana
Folder 71: Group
Douglass, Thelma; Boudreaux- Graves, Diana; Munson, William
Folder 72: Group
Dudley, Mrs. Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.; Hailey, Mrs.
Folder 73: Grand Opera World Premiere Production of The Passion of Jonathan Wade
Duesing, Dale; Woods, Sheryl
Folder 74: Group
Dunham, Steohen; Myers, Renee
Folder 75: Group
Dunlap, Mr. & Mrs.; Halley, Mr. & Mrs.
Folder 76: Group
Dunn, Judith; McLauchin, Lon; Gatewood; Barnett, Marguerite-Ross
Folder 77: Group, October 1987
Duvall, Clive; Waskey, Dr. Ted
Folder 78: Group
Easterling, Don; Chance, Rebecca; Hogan, Lee
Folder 79: Group
Economon, Andy; Sheridan, Tom
Folder 80: Group, April 1995
Economon, Demetre; Pickering, James
Folder 81: Group
Eichberg, Joseph; Pickering, James
Folder 82: Group
Eichorn, Roger; Como, Vita; Pickering, Dr. James H.; Walsh, John; Coulter, Susan
Folder 83: Group
Elfin, Mel; Whitmire, John; Atlas, Nancy
Folder 84: College of Pharmacy
Eskowitz, Maurice; Marcello, Sal; Sheffield, Kenneth; Miller, Irwin; Moore, Vernon; Coulter, Joe
Folder 85: UH Student Foundation
Estess, Ted; Coulter, Susan (Center Right)
Folder 86: Honors
Estess, Ted; Sehepler, Kristin
Folder 87: Group
Eichorn, Roger; Dunbar, Bonnie
Folder 88: Pres. Of Providence Speech and Hearing
Fabray, Nanette; House, Dr. Howard; Karcher, Carl (Pres. Of Providence Speech and Hearing)
Folder 89: Faculty
Mitchell, L.S.; Talley, Bob; Greulach, Victor; Pennybacker, Ruth; Warren, Lilian; Small, Addie; Manfredini, James; Bender, Pearl; Oberholtzer, Mrs. E. E.; Baldwin, Ray; White, Robert; McCoy, Val Jean; Carlton, Edith Lord; Kestenberg, Louis; McMullen, Pearl; Henderson, S. W.; Kerbow, Alva; Vern, Jules; McElrath, Eby; Fields, L.B.; Miller, Murray; Harris, Harvey; Hooker, Lyle; Daniels, R. Balfour; Rote, Orville; Hunsaker, James; Wikoff, Ruth; Osborne, Zelda; Donner, Arvin; French, Archie W., Halden, Leon; Meek, Charles; Johnston, C. B.; Crouch, Roy; Werlin, Joe; Reese, Warren; Hutchinson, Jim; Drake, George; Schuhman, E. W.; Soule, Floy; Lewis, Nina Kate; Lemon, Hilda; Miner, Edna; Smith, Freedy; Stanbaugh, Glenn
Folder 90: Scholarships and Community Conference, November 1995
Faculty Senate
Folder 91: Group
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs.
Folder 92: Group
Feliciano, Col. Jose; Feliciano, Marisa
Box 40
Folder 1: Group
Ferguson, Dean; Ferguson, Mrs. Nail; Wikoff, Mrs.; Wikoff, Mr.
Folder 2: Group, June 1967
Ferguson, Mrs. Nail; Nabor, Mrs.; Ferguson, Dean
Folder 3: Group
Ferrell, Cynthia; Parker, Deloyd
Folder 4: Group
Fields, Dr. Emmett B.; Quintanilla, Guadalupe; Ramirez, Juam M.; Guitierrez, Wm
Folder 5: Group, May 1987
Flaharden, Kate; Speary, Bill
Folder 6: Group
Floyd, Carlisle; Reynolds, Sally
Folder 7: Group
Fotherergham, Bryant; Jameson, Conerg
Folder 8: Opening Frankel Rare Book Room – Law Library, 1970
Frankel, Mr. Leonard; Frankel, Mr. Robert; Frankel, Mr. J. R.
Folder 9: Group
Frazier, Santel; Ziolkonski, Rachel; Walker, Hugh
Folder 10: $1,000 Urban Experience
Freedman, Glenn; Murillo, Laura; Moyo, James
Folder 11: Group
Freeland, Dr. Cynthia; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 12: Group
Freudenheim, Leslie; Saslav, Ann
Folder 13: Group, January 1988
Fry, Dr. Clifford; Fry, Mrs. Judy; Fry, Kristin; Fry, Ashley
Folder 14: Group
Fulbright, J. William; Switzer, Les
Folder 15: Group, May 1989
Garson, James; Chow, Diane; Rudat, Wolfgang; Southwell, Samuel;McWhorter, Archer; Wellington, Jerry; Hughes, Larry; Auchmuty, Giles; Middleditch, Brian; Huang, Stephen;
Folder 16: Rio Party at Ritz, October 4, 1987
Garner, Jack; Garner, Marianne; Ramsey, Barbara; Ramsey, Paul
Folder 17: Group
Garza, Robert; Garcia, Leo; Eichorn, Roger; Pechacek, Linda
Folder 18: Group
Gayton, Paul; Carroll, Diane; Irvington, Judith; Berry, Sean
Folder 19: George R. Brown Convention Center
George, Celcia; Thompson, Leanne; Berry, Tricia; Dopson, Lea A.; Chase, Lisa; Monteagudo, Gene M
Folder 20: Group, April 1989
Giryiss, Dr. Peter; Weldon, Roberta; Westervelt, Linda; Pickering, Dr. James;  H.; Rothman, Irving; Guillory, Elizabeth Brown; Dachslager, Earl; Pipkin, James
Folder 21: Group
Glabman, Barbara; Ewing, Sandy
Folder 22: Group
Glashaw, Dr. Sheldon; Chu, Paul
Folder 23: Group
Golubitsky, Dr. Martin; Carter, Ben
Folder 24: Bayou City Bilingual Theater
Gomez, Edward; Solis, Marc Anthony
Folder 25: Group
Gonzales, Cindy; Minick, Carmen; Seatous, Dorothy J.; Roebuck, Tresa
Folder 26: In Mexico
Gorman, Mike; Ignatieu, Alex
Folder 27: Group
Goss, Sylvia; Felix, Jackie; Walker, Larnita
Folder 28: St. John Fashion Show
Gray, Kelly; Gray, Marie
Folder 29: Group
Guenther, Professor Peter; Smith, Mrs. Frank C.; Dudley, Mrs. Ray L.; Hoffman, Dr. Philip
Folder 30: Exotic at Westin South Coast Plaza
Guggenheim, Shirley; Van Den Noort, Stan; Guggenheim, Bob
Folder 31: Group
Gussow, Mel; Albee, Edward
Folder 32: Group
Harberson, Marinelle; Harberson, Wayne
Folder 33: Group
Hall, Allen; Pickering, Dr. James H.; Hall, Annette
Folder 34: Group
Hall, Allen; Shemkopf, Rob; Hall, Annette
Folder 35: CPP Tax Reform Symposium
Hamilton, Billy; Hine, Steve (KUHF); Crew, Robi
Folder 36: Group
Hannah, Mack; Woodall, Burt
Folder 37: Horizons, January 1987
Hardy III, George W.; Gambrell, James B.; White, (Dean) Emeritus A. A.;  Knauss, (Dean) Robert L.; Rosenburg, Leonard B.
Folder 38: Houston Shakespeare Festival, 1978
Harper, James; Moseley, Robin
Folder 39: C.F. McElhinney Distinguished Service Award
Harris, Diane;  Magner, George
Folder 40: Group
Harris, Dwight; Modad, Chad; Harris, Raghida; Milligan, Bob; Chargois, Tramaine
Folder 41: Group
Hawn, George S.; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 42: Group
Haynes, (Dean) Karen; O’Connor, Maconda Brown; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 43: Group
Haynes, Karen; Pickering, Dr. James H.; Moe, Eileen
Folder 44: Group
Haynes, Karen; Risenger, Ellen; Patton, Pat
Folder 45: Group
Haynes, Richard “Racehorse”; Harorow, Steve
Folder 46: Group
Haynes, Robert; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 47: Group, May 15, 1992
Hayre, Harbhajan; Menchu, Rigoberta
Folder 48: Group, May 1986
Heath, Dr. Robert; Nelson, Dr. Richard
Folder 49: Group
Heggen, Nelson; Carroll, Lisa Hart
Folder 50: Wilson Whitley Inducted into SW Conference Hall of Honor
Helton, Kim; Blackwell, Alois; Lanier, Bob; Kelly, John;Yeoman, Bill
Folder 51: Group, July 1995
Hertenberger, Caren; Powell, Phyllis
Folder 52: Group
Herrera, David; Patrick, Ouida Flowers; Carini, John; Howard, Sheila Davis; Hubbard, Barbara; Asif, Naeem; Aycock, Mark; Sparks, Sharon; Davis, Ivey; Martin, Theresa; Blackmon, Betty
Folder 53: Group, March 1988
Hess, George; Adams, Larry; Koepen, Barbara Bogle; Campa, Frank
Folder 54: Group
Hess, George; Vaughn, Richard
Folder 55: Employee of the Year, 1993
Hess, George; Williams, Sgt. Jon
Folder 56: Group
Hightower, Maggie; Parkin, Derral
Folder 57: Group
Hill, Ed; Bloom, Suzanne
Folder 58: Group, March 5, 2003
Hill, Dr. Joshua; Brooks, Sylvia; Johnson, Reverend Manson B.; Davis, Algenita Scott; Attwell, Ernie; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 59: Group
Hilton, Eric; Villalpando, Catalina; Bybee, Faith; Barnett, Marguerite Elizabeth; Barnett, R. J.; Gatlin, Larry; Escbenbach, Christopher
Folder 60: Horizons, February 1988
Hirsch, Edward; Boshier, Derek
Folder 61: Group
Hobby, Bill; Briscoe, Dolph
Folder 62: Group
Hobby, Bill; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 63: Group
Hoff, Sandra; Hoff, Mr.; Berger, Sydney; Berger, Sandra; Pipkin, James
Folder 64: Group
Hoffman, David; Allen, Dale
Folder 65: Group
Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Harding; Neibel, Dean
Folder 66: Group
Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Harding; Neibel, Dean; Smith, Miss; Nabor, Mrs.
Folder 67: Group
Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Harding; Neibel, Dean; Smith, Miss; Wikoff, Mrs.; Holley, Dr.
Box 41
Folder 1: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Briscoe, Dolph
Folder 2: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Bush, George
Folder 3: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Cole, Criss; Connally, John; Miller, Wallace; Nicholson, Patrick J.
Folder 4: Commencement Ceremony
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Commander, Allen
Folder 5: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Commander, Allen,Hobby Jr., Bill, Briscoe, Dolph
Folder 6: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.Connally, Govenor John
Folder 7: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G,Hoffman, Dr. Philip G,Dunn, Dr.McCutcheon, Dr.Johnson, Dr.Adams, Dr.
Folder 8: Group, 1969
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Holley, Dr. E. G. Ulmur, Mr. Robert
Folder 9: Clear Lake Graduate Center Dedication
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.Jones, Dr. Charles F.Gilruth, Dr. Robert, Rauch, Leonard
Folder 10: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Morian, Beth
Folder 11: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Munitz, Barry
Folder 12: Group
Hoffman, Mrs. Philip G.Munitz, Barry, Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 13: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Newman, Alfred, Commander, Allen
Folder 14: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.Nicholson, Dr. Patrick J.
Folder 15: Group, June 1967
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.Nicholson, Dr. Patrick J.,Wright, Mr., Nabor, Mrs.
Folder 16: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Saunders, Charles
Folder 17: Group
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.Vierrig, Dick, Deckerman, Harley,Nicholson, Dr. Patrick J. Salmon, Stephen
Folder 18: Group, December 11, 1992
Hoffman, Dr. Philip G. Wilson, Derby, Hogan, Lee,Mayo, Marti, Bear, John, Batler, John, Wong, Susannah
Folder 19: Group
Hogan, Lee, Whitmire, Kathryn
Folder 20: Group
Hogan, Lee, Whitmire, Kathryn, Coulter, Susan
Folder 21: Group
Holmes, Frank, Jenkins, John
Folder 22: Group, October 1995
Holt, Professor Frank Lee, Burnstein, Professor
Folder 23: Group
Hong, Jack, Tse, Daniel, Slawson, Susan, Long, Dr. Stuart
Folder 24: Group
Honly, Brian, Rose, Werner, Lomatz, David
Folder 25: Group, February 1987
Hood, Barbara, Yongue, Dr. Patricia, Dearbone, Moselle
Folder 26: Horizons, September 1988
Houseman, S., Rexer, Jennifer
Folder 27: Group
Hubber, Stephen L., Patry, Roland A., Hudson, Harold D.
Folder 28: group
Hudson, Gail, Welch, Matthew
Folder 29: Solar Researchers
Hull, Dr. Vant, Hildebrandt, Dr.
Folder 30: Group
Hurst, Michael, Cioch, Joseph
Folder 31: Group
Janicke, Paul M., Joyce, Craig
Folder 32: Group
Jares, Howard (Sihing), Nixon, Howell, Bakk, Carol, Frazier, Debra
Folder 33: Group
Johnson, Jeff, Johnson, Beryl, Johnson, Dr. Paul, Neuberger, Dr. Joan, Chafetz, Dr. Janet
Folder 34: Group
Johnson, Philip, Douglas, John Jay
Folder 35: Group
Jones, Brenda, Brantley, Mary
Folder 36: Group, February 1988
Jordan, Don, Snokhaus, Ray, Meier Jr., Nilbur, Lindsay, Jon
Folder 37: Group
Kainer, Derrell, Huff, Lew, Fernandez, Don
Folder 38: Group, October 1987
Kanellos, Dr. Nicolas, Olivares, Dr. Julian
Folder 39: Group
Keith, Dave, Carr, Bill, Pickering, Dr. James H., Lilie, Glenn
Folder 40: Group, December 1987
Keith, Robert, Perenes, Alain
Folder 41: Rauch Club Meeting, June 1951
Kemmer, W.W., Bates, Colonel W. B.
Folder 42: Group
Kenlaw, Jessica, Krenshaw, Coach James
Folder 43: Group
Kimche, G., Kimche, Dr. David, Ferguson, Veronica
Folder 44: Group
King, John O., Miller, Amos C., Tinsley, James A.
Folder 45: Group
King,Walter, Greenwood, Jim, Eubank, Virginia
Folder 46: Group
King, Walter, Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 47: Group
Kingaard, Jan, Voegelin, Wini, Kingaard, Amber, Green, MaryAnne, Voegelin, Pete, Martin, Carol, Martin, Jon
Folder 48: Group, April 1995
Kinghorn, Debrah, Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 49: Group
Knauss, Robert, Day O’Conner, Sandra Day,
Folder 50: Group
Knauss, (Dean)Robert,Rother (?), Laura F. (Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs), Shepard, Ira B. (Assoc. Dean of Scademic Affairs)
Folder 51: Group
Kobayshi, Yotaro, Schugart, Gary,
Folder 52: Group
Kohn, Dr. Harold, Pickering, James H.
Folder 53: Group
Kulbieda, Ted, Meanly, Carolyn
Folder 54: Group
Kravehuk, Leonid; Vojack, Greg
Box 42
Folder 1: Group
Kravehuk, Leonid, Vojack, Greg
Folder 2: Royal Danish Consulate General
Kristiansen, Bingul, Kristiansen, Henning
Folder 3: Group
Langston, Dr. Andy; Shandley, Brian
Folder 4: Group
Lawrence, James; Horvitz, Mrs. Leo
Folder 5: Group
Lawson Jr., William A.; Petteway, Theola; Reiter, George F.
Folder 6: Group
Lay, Kenneth; Barnett, Marguerite R.
Folder 7: Group
Lee, Elwyn; Barnett, Marguerite R.; Moy, Mamie W.
Folder 8: Horizons
Lee, Elwyn; Evans, Jim
Folder 9: Group
Lee, Elwyn; Hall, Helen
Folder 10: Group
Lee, Elwyn; Aumanns, Dr. Glenn; Gordon, Ronique; Hamlyn, Kathryn; Hamman, Jerald
Folder 11: Group
Lee, Elywn; Penett, Tom
Folder 12: Group
Lee, Franco; Castillo, Lionel
Folder 13: Group
Leiss, Ernst; Reiter, George; Cook, Bill; Leinhardt, John; Myers, Judy; Paskusz, Jerry; DeFranco, Agnes; Kadishi, Karl; Papelli, David
Folder 14: Group
Lemke, Dr. T. L.; Cates, Dr. L. A.
Folder 15: Group
Leung, Dr. Patrick; Haynes, Karen
Folder 16: Group
Levine, Max; Hoffman, Mary Harding; Neibel, Doris
Folder 17: Soviet Lawyers
Libans, Aris; Knauss, Robert
Folder 18: Horizons, March 1988
Lienhard, Prof. John; Ham, Donald
Folder 19: Group
Lienhard, Dr. John; Russak, Ron
Folder 20: Group
Lin, Yang-Kang; Pickering, James
Folder 21: Group
Lindberg, Craig; Woodwin, Patrick
Folder 22: Group, November 1985
Linley, Marilyn; Falk, John Henry
Folder 23: Group
Lions, Jacques-Louis; Marchuk, Gurij Ivanovich
Folder 24: Group
Lock, Fredell; Katums, Melton; Abbot, A.
Folder 25: Group
Lokhandwala, Dr. Mustafa; Parsley, Janis; Owen, Dian; Pickering, James
Folder 26: Pharmacy- Casa de Amigos Clinic
Longoria, Blanca; Salinas, Hernan
Folder 27: Pharmacy Juniors
Longoria, Blanca; Martinez, Imelda
Folder 28: Egghunt News
Lu, Peter; Wu, Donna; Li, Joy
Folder 29: Group
Magner, Dr. George; Chu, Paul; Traclite, Wendy
Folder 30: Scholarship
Magner, George; Sharp, John
Folder 31: Group, March 1988
Maier, Anne; Hart, Lianne
Folder 32: Group
Marcello, Salvador; Moore, Vernon
Folder 33: Education, MArch 1995
Marlowe, Julie; Pickering, James
Folder 34: Group
Matsaert, Consul Herman; Matsaert, Mrs.; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.
Folder 35: Group
Mattea, Keith; Lokhandwala, (Dean) Mustafa; Pieratt, Harold
Folder 36: Group, 9/23/?
Matthess, Layne; Matthess, Jack H.
Folder 37: Group
Mayo, Marti; Ybarra-Frausto, Dr. Tomas
Folder 38: Group
McCarty, Jim; Miller, Irwin
Folder 39: Group
McCarver, Barbara; Fuller, Joanne
Folder 40: Group
McCormick, Dr. Williams; Vonderlieth, Ulrike; Horne, Dr. Bob
Folder 41: Group
McElhinney, C.F.; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.
Folder 42: Group
McElhinney, C.F.; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.; Connelly, Gov. John
Folder 43: With Portrait o Vern, Jules
McGaw, Dr. Howard; Daniels, Dr. Balford
Folder 44: Receiving Key to City of Houston
McHale, Dr. John; McHale, Magda; Peccei, Dr. Auerlio (Founder and Pres. Of Club Rome)
Folder 45: Group
McMains, Russel; Bremer, Julianne; Seger, Kim; Herman, Harold; Harmon ( Valentino), Derek; Koehn, Julie
Folder 46: Group
McNamara, Dr. John (Chairman of Eng. Dept.); Wood, Dr. Barry
Folder 47: Horizons, December 1987
Mejer, Wilbur; Meier, Judy; VanNess, John; Neale, Terrilyn
Folder 48: Group
Melcher, Lucille; Melcher, Leroy
Folder 49: Group
Meyr, Mr. Dick; Kallish, Miss Julia
Folder 50: Service Staff Award, 1990
Miller, Ron; Brookove, Carol; Barnes, Reba "Louise"; Solis, Ofilia; Garrett, Bernadine; Nuckols, Beverly
Folder 51: Group
Mintz, Steven; Kellogg, Susan
Box 43
Folder 1: Group
Missioureva, Svetlana; Borsuk, Bruce
Folder 2: Group
Mitchell, Mr; Smith, Miss; Holley, Dr; Coco, Alfred
Folder 3: Sound of Music Guild of Performing Arts Center
Mix, JoAnne; Reaume, Joyce; Pange, Ann
Folder 4: Optometry
Molina, Dr. Pedro; Mendoza, Dr. Carlos; Pickering, Dr. James H.; Strickland, Dr Jerald W.; Humberto, Luis
Folder 5: Group, November 1985
Moores, John J.; Carr, Bill
Folder 6: Group
Moores, John J.; Stan; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 7: Group
Morian, B; Campbell, G.
Folder 8: Legislative Briefing, October 1994
Morian, B.; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 9: Group
Morian, Beth; Smith, Steve
Folder 10: Group
Morgan, Richard; Bruce, Diann; Woods Mitchell, Cynthia; Seax, Linda; Hearn, Thelma; Reynolds, Sally
Folder 11: Deans Award, April 1991
Munson, Williams; Valle, Mary Pilar
Folder 12: Honors Program
Murphy, Colleen; Kennedy, Robert
Folder 13: Group
Murphy, Mary Kay; Roberts, Ted; Parr, JoeAnn
Folder 14: Group
Musberger, Robert; Lim, Ruby
Folder 15: Group
Myers, Renee.; Terry, Drue Elizabeth; Laubach, Dawn Marie; Phelps, Joe
Folder 16: Group
Naim, Ashira; Brown, Leonard; Kelly, Imamu
Folder 17: National College of District Attorneys, May 30, 1971
Folder 18: National College of District Attorneys, July 25, 1971
Folder 19: Group, April 1988
Nealy, Angela; Lee, Dr. Wesley; Pivarnik, Dr. Jim
Folder 20: Group
Neumann, Alfred R.; Briscoe, Dolph; Commander, Allen
Folder 21: Group
Neumann, Alfred R.; Daniels, Dr. R. Balford
Folder 22: Home Economics Bldg. Groundbreaking, January 1969
Neumann, Alfred R.; Gore, Mrs. Blanche; Anthis, Dr. Fay; Mitchell, Dr.; Barbara; Fleetwood, Mr.
Folder 23: Group
Nich, H.; Diuned, HRM; Stutz, Alvin
Folder 24: Group
Neibel, Dean; Smith, Miss; Neibel, Mrs.
Folder 25: Group
Norris, Julie; Cole, Sharon; Stafford, Rhonda; Sierra, Edward
Folder 26: Group
Norwood, Donna; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 27: Group
Olivares, Julian; Kanellos, Nicolas
Folder 28: Group
Olshan, Helen; Guidry, David; Guidry, Jackie
Folder 29: Original Administraters
Folder 30: Group, 1950
Osmend, Sally; Mitchell, L. Standlee; Swabb, James
Folder 31: Regents, November 1, 1993
O' Quinn, John M.; Walker, Kay Kerr
Folder 32: Architecture
Paisley, Linda; Griffith, Jesse
Folder 33: Group
Palmer, Tanya; Schardt, Christi; Chau, LoAnn; Flowers, Mel; Tran, Kim
Folder 34: Group
Papell, David; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 35: Group
Parker, George; Parker Brothers
Folder 36: Group
Patino, Rachel; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 37: Group
Pauling, Linus; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 38: Research Excel Winners, May 1988
Paulsen; Mccannon; Szilsgyi
Folder 39: Smith-Nabor Reception, June 1967
Peregoy, Marjorie; Smith, Mabel; Britton, Raymond
Folder 40: Mr. and Miss UH
Perry, Jim; Ferguson, Katy
Folder 41: Group
Peterson, Lea; Baker, Bob; Baker, Bonnit
Folder 42: UH Friends of the Library Booksale, March 1994
Phillips, Robert; Bozeman, Pat
Folder 43: Group
Piand, Dr. John; Vincent, Cynthia
Folder 44: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Alexander, Bob
Folder 45: Physical Plant
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Aspelin, Lee
Folder 46: Retirees
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Burgess, Michael
Folder 47: TCSUH, March 1995
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Butler, Sue
Folder 48: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Carson, Jan
Folder 49: Group

Pickering, Dr. James H.; Collins, Luddie

Law Center

Box 44
Folder 1: University Center
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Cuellar, William
Folder 2: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Devine, Marceline
Folder 3: Sigma XI Faculty Award
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Eichberg, Joseph
Folder 4: Group
Pickering, Dr. James; Eick, Christopher
Folder 5: Group, April 1995
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Farrera, Ferrica; Lee, Elwin
Folder 6: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Glashow, Dr. Sheldon
Folder 7: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Guerrero, Enrique
Folder 8: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Hogan, Lee W.
Folder 9: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Kelley, Frank
Folder 10: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; McLane, Drayton
Folder 11: Astros
Pickering, Dr. James H.; McLane, Drayton
Folder 12: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Moores, Becky; Moores, John
Folder 13: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Moores, Becky; Pickering, pat; M., John
Folder 14: Legislative Briefing, October 1994
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Morian, B; Campbell, G
Folder 15: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Novack, Ed
Folder 16: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Olivia, L. Jay; Ryan, Janice E.
Folder 17: Group
Pickering, Dr. James h.; Olshan, Immanuel; Olshan, Helen
Folder 18: Lecture
Pickering, Dr. James h.; Prothrow-Stith, Deborah
Folder 19: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Rockwell, Elizabeth
Folder 20: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Schilt, Alexander (Chancellor)
Folder 21: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Schilt, Alexander; Hogan, Lee W.
Folder 22: 15th Annual Staff Recognition Program
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Schroeder, Joe
Folder 23: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Sticksel Jr.; Hugh A.; Strickland, Jerald; Schilt, Alexander
Folder 24: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Wasicek, Leonard R.
Folder 25: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Wasicek, Leonard R.; Wasicek, Frances; Bear, John
Folder 26: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Wong, Dr. Martha; Quan, Gordon; Lee, Rick; Lee, Judy
Folder 27: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Xinzhen, Jiang; Xi, Hou
Folder 28: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Yamin, Steve; pipkin, James; Yamin, Lisa; Yamin, Mary Ann; Yamin, Gina
Folder 29: Group
Pickering, Dr. James H.; Zweig, Peter
Folder 30: Proclamation from Mayors Office
Pieratt, Harold ('61); Lokhandwala, Dean Mustafa
Folder 31: Group
Pipkin, Jim-Dean; Estess, Ted-Dean
Folder 32: Group
Pipkin, Dr. james; Wright, Tom; Link, Val
Folder 33: Group
Planck, Robert; Walker, Hugh
Folder 34: Group
PoimBrauf; Bell, kathy
Folder 35: Group
Pratt, Joseph A.; Lipartito, Kenneth J.
Folder 36: Group
Profitt, John; Clarke, Jeff
Folder 37: Jack Yates H.S., October 1994
Prothrow-Stith; Trevino, Victor
Folder 38: Group
Rauch, Leonard; Melcher, LeRoy
Folder 39: Group
Reibenstein, Cynthia; Haynes, Karen; pickering, Dr. James H.; Holmes, Karen
Folder 40: Group
Reiter, George; Leiss, Ernst
Folder 41: Group
Richards, Ann; Barnett, Maurgerite R.
Folder 42: Group
Richardson, Jack; Hayden, Kathi
Folder 43: Physical Plant
Roberts, Arlis; Valchar, Anthony; Blanks, Faye; Scott, Robert; Brungahdt, Penny; Tran, Thanh; Richmond, Mosie
Folder 44: Group
Rock, Mrs.Patricia; Spurzem, Richard
Folder 45: Group
Rockwell, Elizabeth; Freedman, Sara
Folder 46: UW Winner, 1988
Rooks, Dana; Kobus, Karl
Folder 47: Pharmacy
Rodriguez, Joel; Hoang, Vu
Folder 48: Group
Rondo, Maurico; Zuber, Jennifer
Folder 49: Christmas Fantasy Performance, December 23, 1991
Ronstadt, Linda; Rodriguea, Paul; Ward, Kirk; Kinan, Valdez
Folder 50: Cover Girls of Center Dance, October 7, 1987
Roosevelt, Mary; Clarke, Athalie; Miz, JoAnne
Folder 51: Group
Roseborough, Tim; Davis, JoAnne; Walker de Felix, Judith; Fraga, Felix; Rose, Shirley; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 52: Group
Ross, Alice; Griggs, Harriet; Sudbrook, Barbara; Price, Darmell; Schnitzen, Elizabeth; Nix, Charlene; Deeves, Pat; McKinney, Bernadette
Box 45
Folder 1: Group, December 1, 1987
Ryan, Nolan; Evans, Dr. Richard
Folder 2: Law Christmas
Saenz, Graciela; Knauss, Robert
Folder 3: UH Homecoming, November 1, 1993
Salinas; Bradshaw
Folder 4: Group
Salmon, Stephen R.; Saunders, Charles; Goyen, Johnny
Folder 5: Houston Shakespear Festival, 1978
Samuels, John; Marich, Allison
Folder 6: Aldus, 1975
Saunders, Charles; Goyen, Johnny
Folder 7: Sound of Music Guild of Performing Arts Center
Schnapp, Candice; Schnapp, Rogu
Folder 8: Group
Schroaden, Joe; pickering, Dr. James
Folder 9: Group
Seline, Ross; Pickering James
Folder 10: Group
Sharples, Mike; Jadkins, David
Folder 11: Haircut
Sheehan, Joseph; Springer, Bill
Folder 12: Group, November 1995
Sheriff, Robert; Sheriff, Margaret
Folder 13: ASCE Concrete Canoe Race, April 3, 1976
Sherrington, John; Walcott, Mark
Folder 14: Group
Shipman, Fred; Dean, Greg; Marich, Michael
Folder 15: Group
Silva, Janek; Davila, Manuel; Quintanilla, Dr. Guadalupe; Ladin, Max P; Davila, Sylvia I.
Folder 16: Business School Boosters
Smith, Bo; Beloff, Beth; Huffington, Terry; Pickering, James; Abbott, Rob; Owen, Richard; Anderson, Arthur; Berry, Charles
Folder 17: Group
Smith, Miss; Hoffman, Mrs. Mary H'; nabor, Mrs.
Folder 18: Group
Smith, Miss; Wikoff, Mrs.; Nabor, Miss; Hoffman, Mrs. Mary H.
Folder 19: Group
Soballe, Karen; Babb, Jim; Gylling, Donna
Folder 20: Hispanic Forum, May 1994
Soliz, Olga; Pickering, Dr. James
Folder 21: Group, November 1988
Sonnenfeldt, Helmut; Schmidt, Helmut
Folder 22: Group
Sosa, Dr. Manuel; Shami, Dr. Jamil; Dimmick, Dr. Ray; De Breuer, Dr. Senta Essenfeld; Georgiades, Dr. W. M.
Folder 23: Bowling
Spears, Barbara; Savant, Donald
Folder 24: Staff Council, 1988-1989
Garner, Holly; Dale, Raymond; Johnson, Dalene; Fernandez, Don; Warren, Debra; Ness, Craig; Rodriguez, Lucy; Kline, Patricia; Finnigan, Peggy; Hillin, Linda
Folder 25: Group
Stegman, Charles; Ball, G. carl; Ball, George J.; Pickering, James H.
Folder 26: ROTC
Stemmermann Jr., Arthur T.; Shaffer, Robert
Folder 27: Tour of Argyos home
Stern, Ann; Felsot, Bobbi; Chami, Olivia; Argyros, Judie
Folder 28: Group
Stern, Daniel; Lack, Fredell
Folder 29: Valco Instruments Co. Award Winning Gas Detector
Stern, Stans; Wentworth, Professor Wayne
Folder 30: Group
Stith prothrow, Deborah; Pioekwell, Elizabeth
Folder 31: Group
Storm, Gale; Masterson, Paul
Folder 32: J. Davis Armistead BLDG
Srtickland, Cora; Strickland, Dr. Jerald; Hopping, Pat
Folder 33: Group
Stulb, Victoria Anne; Fredricksen, Audrey M.; Baughman, Sheri Nichols; Hutto, Ellen Grace
Folder 34: Group
Stutts, Alan; Parks, Fred
Folder 35: Summer Scholars
Pickering, Dr. James; Grote, Ryan; Lee, Dr. Elwyn
Folder 36: Group
Swanson, Jeanetta; Gaylor, Dalvenia; Goan, Nina; brookover, Carol; Johnson-Agson, Cheryl; Reinig, Ann; Jones, Miriam; Troeger, Carolyn; Anderson, Josie
Folder 37: Tenneco Stewardship Luncheon
Moritz, Gloria; Swinney, JoAnn; Ketelson, Jim; Pickering, James
Folder 38: Group
Tate, Dr. Willis; Tate, Mrs.; Hoffman, Mrs.; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.
Folder 39: Group
Tate, Dr. Charlotte; McBride, Perley
Folder 40: Group
Tatum, Nancy; Howell, Peggy
Folder 41: Group
Taylor, Dr. James C.; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.; Hilton, Mr. Barron
Box 46
Folder 1: Group
Thierry, Edwin; Carr, Carol B.; Hayes, Celeste
Folder 2: Group
Thompson, Joyce; Hensley, Jewel
Folder 3: Group
Thompson, Ruby; Low, Dan; Ress, Robert
Folder 4: Group
Thompson, Ruby; Peters,Ttina
Folder 5: Group
Thorton, Don; Simonds, Jan; Horvit, Mr.; Zarek, Mr.
Folder 6: Texas Music Festival
Tomatz, David; Jackson-Lee Shelia
Folder 7: Group
Tough, Coulson; Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G.
Folder 8: Group
Truong, Danny; Schroeder, Joe
Folder 9: Group, May 1989
Tu, Dr. Shiao-Chu; Vanhorn, Richard L.; Whitmire, Kathy; Chu, Paul; Delay, Tom; Hogan, Lee; Eichhorn, Roger
Folder 10: Group
Tucker, Anne; Krause, George
Folder 11: Group
Turner, Martha; Bauguss, Glenn
Folder 12: Group
Uzzell, Richard; Bailey, Norman
Folder 13: Arte Publico, May 1989
Valdes, Joyce; Brown-Guillory, Elizabeth
Folder 14: Group, September 20, 1991
Fernandez, Roberta; Ludwig, Cecilia; Ruiz, Pedro; Marcias, Linda; Feyden; Pinon, Mark; Tristan, Marina; Olivares, Julian
Folder 15: Group, May 1989
Van Horn, Richard; Delay, Tom; Chu, Paul
Folder 16: Group, October 1985
Van Horn, Dr. Richard; Hunt, Donald; Gallagher, Jack
Folder 17: Group, September 1987
Van Horn, President Richard L.; Woods, Marion; Georgiades, DR. (Dean) William
Folder 18: Collegium Psychology 1300, 1998
Vincent, Dr. John; Duckworth, Dr. Melanie; Babcock, Dr. Juliz; Jouriles, Dr. Ernest
Folder 19: Creative Artist Program Competition Winners
Vorda, Allan; Newman, Bonnie; Swanner, Lin; Ulmer, James; Broker, Karin; Glazier, Karen; Gay, Dixie F.; Stuart, James; Nguyen Vorda, Le-My; Salvata, Chad; Bodnar-Balahutrak, Lydia; Kubricht, Charles Mary
Folder 20: Group
Vranitzky, Dr. Franz; Pickering, Dr. James
Folder 21: Group
Walker, Hugh; Fink, Maureen
Folder 22: Group
Ward, Dave; Fryer, Shara
Folder 23: Group, January 1987
Washington, Ron; Deeves, Pat
Folder 24: Learning to Dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe
Wayne, Alissa; Berndt, Tom
Folder 25: Group
Wayon, Joyce; Bradley, Phylis
Folder 26: Group
Weems, Nancy; Pickering, James
Folder 27: Group
Werlin, Dr. Herbert Holland; Werlin, Mrs.
Folder 28: Group
White, David Ashley; Bozeman, Pat
Folder 29: Bicentennial B-Day Party @ Governors Ball
Whitney, Claude; Whitney, CeCe
Folder 30: Group
Wieder, Harriet; H.R.H. Crown Prince Henri of Luxemberg; Cox, John C.;  Goebbels, Robert
Folder 31: Group, June 1967
Wikoff, Mrs. Russell; Wikoff, Mr. Russell; McElhinney, Mrs. C.F.;  McElhinney, Mr. C.F.
Folder 32: Group
Williams, Clanton W.; Johnson, Lyndon B.
Folder 33: UH Drama Dept. “The Comedy of Errors”
Witte, Paige; Belcher, James; Byrd, Dee
Folder 34: Grey’s Order
Woodall, Burt; Hannah, Mack
Folder 35: Blood Testing Procedures, January 1985
Zapata, Alicia; Martinez, Imelda
Folder 36: Group
Zepeda, Solomon; Zepeda, Olivia
Folder 37: Group
Zweig, Dr. Peter; Wood, Peter
Box 80
Folder 1: Board of Regents
Folder 2: Board of Regents
Folder 3: Board of Regents
Mrs. Arnold
Folder 4: Board of Regents
Folder 5: Board of Regents
Folder 6: Board of Regents
Folder 7: Board of Regents
Folder 8: Board of Regents
Folder 9: Board of Regents
Folder 10: Board of Regents
Folder 11: Board of Regents
Folder 12: Board of Regents
Folder 13: Board of Regents
Folder 14: Board of Regents
Folder 15: Board of Regents
Folder 16: Board of Regents
H.R. Cullen
Folder 17: Board of Regents
R.H. Cullen
Folder 18: Board of Regents
Box 81
Folder 1: Board of Regents
De Menil
Folder 2: Board of Regents
Folder 3: Board of Regents
Folder 4: Board of Regents
Folder 5: Board of Regents
Elkins Jr.
Folder 6: Board of Regents
Elkins Sr.
Folder 7: Board of Regents
Folder 8: Board of Regents
Folder 9: Board of Regents
Folder 10: Board of Regents
Folder 11: Board of Regents
Folder 12: Board of Regents
Folder 13: Board of Regents
Folder 14: Board of Regents
Folder 15: Board of Regents
Folder 16: Board of Regents
Folder 17: Board of Regents
Box 82
Folder 1: Board of Regents
Folder 2: Board of Regents
Folder 3: Board of Regents
Folder 4: Board of Regents
Folder 5: Board of Regents
Folder 6: Board of Regents
Folder 7: Board of Regents
Folder 8: Board of Regents
Folder 9: Board of Regents
Folder 10: Board of Regents
Folder 11: Board of Regents
Folder 12: Board of Regents
Folder 13: Board of Regents
Folder 14: Board of Regents
Folder 15: Board of Regents
Folder 16: Board of Regents
Box 83
Folder 1: Board of Regents
Folder 2: Board of Regents
Folder 3: Board of Regents
Folder 4: Board of Regents
Folder 5: Board of Regents
Folder 6: Board of Regents
C.M. Smith
Folder 7: Board of Regents
F.C. Smith
Folder 8: Board of Regents
R.E. Smith
Folder 9: Board of Regents
Folder 10: Board of Regents
Folder 11: Board of Regents
Folder 12: Board of Regents
Folder 13: Board of Regents
Folder 14: Board of Regents
Jack Valenti
Folder 15: Board of Regents
Folder 16: Board of Regents
Folder 17: Board of Regents
Folder 20-24: Board of Regents
Folder 18-24: Board of Regents Group Photos
Series 3: Locations
Photographs are arranged alphabetically. Oversize photographs are housed in Box 84.
Box 18
Folder 1: Affirmative Action Building - Housed in the Student Life Building
Folder 2: Alumni Federation, The, Exterior
Folder 3: Anderson, M. D. - Library Archives, May 1, 1995
Folder 5: Anderson, M. D. - Library Archives – 04/19/1996
Folder 6: Anderson, M. D. - Library, M.D. Anderson Library (Exterior)
Folder 7: Anderson, M. D. - Library Construction, 1968
Folder 8: Anderson, M. D. - Library Construction, 1976
Folder 9: Anderson, M. D. - Library (Auditorium), Interior, 1950
Folder 10: Anderson, M. D.- Library (Reference Area 104), Interior, 1954
Folder 11: Anderson, M. D. - Library, 1952
Folder 12: Anderson, M. D. - Library,Interior, March 1, 1954
Folder 13: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior, 1957
Folder 14: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior, 1959
Folder 15: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior, 1967
Folder 16: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior, 1968
Folder 17: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior, 1972
Folder 18: Anderson, M. D. - Library 1974
Folder 19: Anderson, M. D. - Library Fall 1976
Folder 20: Anderson, M. D. - Library, Interior
Folder 21: Anderson, M.D. – Library
Folder 22: Anderson, M. D. – Library, Card Catalog
Folder 23: Anderson, M.D. – Library, Card Catalog, 1968
Folder 24: Anderson, M. D. – Library, Architect’s Drawings
Folder 25: Anderson, M. D. – Library, 1940-1950
Folder 26: Architecture Building, Exterior
Folder 27: Architecture Building, Interior
Folder 28: Architecture Building, Original, 1955-1965
Folder 29: Architecture Building, Plans
Folder 30: Architectural Library (Franzheim)
Folder 31: Arnold, Agnes Hall - Exterior
Folder 32: Arnold, Agnes Hall - Interior
Folder 33: Arnold, Agnes Hall - Plans
Box 19
Folder 1: Astrodome
Folder 2: Athletic Office - Exterior
Folder 3: Athletic Office - Plans
Folder 4: Austin, Stephen F. - Senior High School
Folder 5: Baptist Student Union
Folder 6: Bates College of Law
Folder 7: Bates College of Law - Aerials
Folder 8: Bates College of Law - Models
Folder 9: Blaffer Gallery Interior
Folder 10: Boiler & Machinery Plant - Plans
Folder 11: Bookstore Interior
Folder 12: Brown, George R. Room (Cruiser Exhibit)
Folder 13: Bruce, A. D. Religious Center - Exterior
Folder 14: Bruce, A. D. Religious Center - Interior
Folder 15: Bruce, A. D. Religious Center - Plans
Folder 16: Cafeteria Building - Exterior
Folder 17: Cafeteria Building - Interior, 1950-1960
Folder 18: Cameron Building - Exterior
Folder 19: Campus Aerial View
Folder 20: Campus Aerial View, 1937
Folder 21: Campus Aerial View, 1939
Folder 22: Campus Aerial View, 1950
Folder 23: Campus Construction (Unknown Buildings)
Folder 24-25: Campus - Exterior
Folder 26: Campus - Interiors
Folder 27: Campus - Plans
Folder 28: Campus - Proposed Buildings
Box 20
Folder 1: Catholic Newman Association
Folder 2: Computing Center, Exterior
Folder 3: Computing Center, Interior
Folder 4: Computing Center, Plans
Folder 5: Child Care Center
Folder 6: Communication Building, Wortham Theatre
Folder 7: Concept Drawings
Folder 8: Cougar Cage
Folder 9: Cougar Den, Exterior
Folder 10: Cougar Den, Interior
Folder 11: Cougar Field
Folder 12: Cullen College of Engineering, Exterior
Folder 13: Cullen College of Engineering, Interior
Folder 14: Cullen College of Engineering, Original Building
Folder 15: Cullen College of Engineering, Plans
Folder 16-17: Cullen, Ezekiel Building - Exterior
Folder 18: Cullen, Ezekiel – Building, Interior
Folder 19: Cullen, Ezekiel – Building, Plans
Folder 20-22: Cullen, Roy G. Memorial Building - Exterior
Folder 23: Cullen, Roy G. Memorial Building - Interior
Folder 24: Cullen, Roy G. Memorial Building - Interior - Library
Folder 25: Cullen, Roy G. Memorial Building - Plans
Folder 26: Cullen Family Plaza
Box 21
Folder 1: Dormatories – Cambridge Oaks Apts
Folder 2: Dormitories – Cougar Place
Folder 3: Dormatorie – Interior
Folder 4: Dormitories – Moody Towers, Exterior
Folder 5: Dormitories – Moody Towers, Interior
Folder 6: Dormitories – Moody Towers, Plans
Folder 7: Dormitories – Quadrangle
Folder 8: Dormitories – Quadrangle, Plans
Folder 9: Eussen, Lynn – Park, Lynn Eussen Park
Folder 10: Farish, Stephen P. – Hall, Exterior
Folder 11: Farish, Stephen P. – Hall, Interior
Folder 12: Farish, Stephen P. – Hall, Plans
Folder 13: Field House
Folder 14: Fine Arts Building, Exterior
Folder 15: Fine Arts Building, Interior
Folder 16: Fleming, Jr. Lamar – Building
Folder 17: Fraternity Housing
Folder 18: Garrison Gym
Folder 19: Gate House – Information Kiosk, Plan
Folder 20: General Services Building, Physical Plant
Folder 21: Geology Building
Folder 22: George R. Brown Convention Center
Folder 23: Graduate School of Social Work
Folder 24: Health Center
Folder 25: Heyne, Fred J. Building
Folder 26: Hilton, Conrad N.  – College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Folder 27: Hoffman, Phillip G. – Hall (Social Sciences Bldg.), Phillip G. Hoffman Hall
Folder 28: Hofheinz Pavilion, Exterior
Folder 29: Hofheinz Pavilion, Interior
Folder 30: Hofheinz Pavilion, Plans
Folder 31: Home Management House
Folder 32: Home Management House, Plans
Folder 33: Houston Church
Folder 34: Houston College for Negros, Plans
Folder 35: Houston Junior College
Folder 36: Houston, Texas, Downtown
Folder 37: Houston Post Building
Folder 38: Humanities Building and Lyndall Wortham Theater, Model
Folder 39: Instructional Television Classroom
Box 22
Folder 1: Journalism Building
Folder 2: KUHT
Folder 3: Land Analysis, U of H Area
Folder 4: McElhinney, Charles F. – Hall, Charles F. McElhinney Hall
Folder 5: McElhinney, Charles F. – Hall, Models
Folder 6: Melcher, Leroy & Lucile – Hall, Exterior-Leroy & Lucile Melcher Hall
Folder 7: Melcher, Leroy & Lucile – Hall, Interior
Folder 8: Melcher, Leroy & Lucile – Hall, Architect’s Drawings
Folder 9: Metropolitan Theater, Downtown, Houston, 1930-40
Folder 10: MISC
Folder 11: Museum of Fine Arts
Folder 12: Music Building
Folder 13: Music Building, Plans
Folder 14: New York
Folder 15: North Houston Institute
Folder 16: Oberholtzer, Edison E. – Residence Hall, E. E. Oberholtzer Residence Hall
Folder 17: Off Campus
Folder 18: Optometry Building, 1976
Folder 19: Optometry Building
Box 23
Folder 1: Police Building
Folder 2: Power Plant
Folder 3: Power Plant, Plans
Folder 4: President’s House
Folder 5: Psychology Building
Folder 6: Recreation Building
Folder 7: Reflection Pool,1943
Folder 8: Reflection Pool, 1949
Folder 9: Rice Hotel, 1930-40
Folder 10: Robertson Stadium
Folder 11: Rodeo Grounds
Folder 12: San Jacinto High School, Houston Junior College, later became UH
Folder 13: Science Building, Exterior
Folder 14: Science Center
Folder 15: Science and Research Building I., Exterior
Folder 16: Science and Research Building I.,Plans
Folder 17: Science and Research Building II., Exterior
Folder 18: Science and Research Building II., Plans
Folder 19: Sculptures
Folder 20: South Main Baptist Church, First Day-School, 1935-36
Folder 21: Student Center, Interior
Folder 22: Student Life Building/Plaza, Plans
Folder 23: Student Services Center, Housed in the Student Life Bldg.
Folder 24: Student Union Building, 1950
Folder 25: The Summit
Folder 26: Swimming Pool
Box 24
Folder 1: Technology Annex (Industrial Building, Vocational Building), Exterior
Folder 2: Technology Building, Exterior
Folder 3: Technology Building, Interior
Folder 4: Texas Medical Center – College of Pharmacy
Folder 5: Texas State Capitol Building, Downtown, Austin
Folder 6: University Center, Exterior
Folder 7: University Center, Interior
Folder 8: University Center Satellite, Exterior
Folder 9: University of Alabama –Tuscaloosa,
Folder 10: University of Houston – Clear Lake
Folder 11: University of Houston – Clear Lake, Bayou Building
Folder 12: University of Houston – Clear Lake, Plans
Folder 13: University of Houston – Downtown
Folder 14: University of Houston – Woodlands
Folder 15: Veterans Office
Folder 16: Veterans Village
Folder 17: Veterans Trailer Park, 1946
Folder 18: Women’s Physical Education Building
Box 84
Folder 1: Anderson, M.D. Library Exterior
Folder 2: Anderson, M.D. Library Exterior (2 photos on board)
Folder 3: Anderson, M.D. Library Exterior
Folder 4: Anderson, M.D. Library Floor Plan
Folder 5: Anderson, M.D. Library Interior
Folder 6-13: Campus Aerial View
Folder 14: Campus Aerial View, 1950
Folder 15-31: Locations
Series 4: Activities, Events, and Organizations
Box 25
Folder 1: AAS Symposium, 1994
Folder 2: Administration
Kemmerer, Walter W.; Bates, Col. W. B.; Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Roy; Oberholtzer, E. E.
Folder 3: African American Studies 0810
Folder 4: Department of Agriculture, 1951
Folder 5: AIDS Awareness Week
Folder 6: Alley Theatre Exhibit, Feb. 1, 1972
Ringold, Robert (Publicity Director); Orgain, Prof. Marian
Folder 7: Alpha Delta Psi, Dec. 6, 1952
Folder 8: Alumni, 1941
Morgan, Ursula; Walser, Charlotte Marie; Baldwin, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond; Shebay, Arielle; O’Brien, Patricia
Folder 9: American Cryogenics
Folder 10: Anderson, M.D. Library
Martel, Erik; RVH
Folder 11: Anderson, M.D. Library – Classes
McNamara, Dr.
Folder 12: Anderson, M.D. Library – Classes, April-71
Orgain, Marian
Folder 13: Anderson, M.D. Library – Classes, February-73
Dillon, Kathleen; Shackel, George
Folder 14: Anderson, M.D. Library – Classes, October-74
Folder 15: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event
Folder 16: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event
Folder 17: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event, 1966
Folder 18: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Dr. Churchwell’s Reception), August, 1969
Holley, Edward; Rogers, Kay; Churchwell, Charles
Folder 19: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Dr. Robert Haynes’ Reception)
Holley, Dr. Edward G.; Haynes, Dr. & Mrs. Robert U.; Osbourne, Miss.; Eudy, Mr. John; Burrow, Mrs. Hallie; Rodriguez, Mr. Robert S.; Oehlerts, Mr. Don
Folder 20: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Henry Rockwell’s Reception)
Dr. Henry Rockwell, Mr. Stephen Salmon, Mrs. Marian Orgain, Mr. Joe Green, Dr. Martin Day, Dr. Robert Lynn
Folder 21: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Holley Farewell Reception), December-1971
Dr. E. G. Holley, Ms. Frell Albright, Mr. Tom Moy, Miss Sara Aull, Mrs. Mary Shiffick, Mr. Richard O’ Keife, Audrey Taylor, Margaret Anderson, Marva Snell, Virginia Davis, Judy Myers, Carolyn Dean, Jean Schmidt, Hallie Borrow,  Mr. Mothershed, Mrs. Mary lee Barosa, Jennifer Cargill, Harry Rockwell, Col & Mrs. W.B. Bates, Dr. Peter G., Mrs. Orgain, Dr. John Allred, Dr. E.G. Holley’s Family, Larry Fultz, Richard Weeker,
Folder 22: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (John Cotton Dana Award), 1970
Prof. Marian M. Orgain, Miss Elizabeth McNeer, Dr. E. G. Holley, James Humphrey,
Folder 23: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (John Cotton Dana Award), 1972
James Humphrey, Kathleen Dillon, Stephen Salmon,
Folder 24: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Kirksey Memorial Collection)
Mr. Sherwood Crane, Stephen Salmon, Morris Frank, Fentress Bracewell, John Murphy, Richard Pebbles, Clark Nealon, Fred Hartmon, Marian Orgain,
Folder 25: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Millionth Volume Ceremony)
Aaron Tobek, Dr. Charles Gates, Abe Merfish, Irving Caplan, Leon Samet, Ben Fredman, Dr. Stanley Siegel, Dr. Edward Holley, Saul Horowitz, Carl Seetzer,
Folder 26: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Mr. Horowitz Reception), November, 1969
Aarpn Topek, Dr. Charles Gates, Abe Merfish, Ivirving Caplan, Leon Samet, Ben Dredman, Dr. Stanley Siegel, Dr. Ed Holley,Saul Horowitz, Carl Seetzer,
Folder 27: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Mrs. Floyd Glass Reception)
Mrs. Floyd Glass, Marian Orgain, Frell Alrbright, Charles Saunders, Dr. Edward Holley, Mrs. Holley, Ralph Johnston, Robert F. Doll Jr., Hester Pratt
Folder 28: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Miss Osborne’s Birthday), May21, 1971
Ms, Osborne, Dr. Edward Holley, Mrs. Brand, Mr. Ochlets, David Graheim, Mrs. Lemmoro, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Luella Banclay, Mrs. Mier, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Barrow,
Folder 29: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event ( Mrs. Osborne’s Reception)
Zelda Osborne, Charles Churchwell, Mary- Lousie Vance, Brandels, Larry Besant
Folder 30: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (O’Connor Papers), 1970
Dr. Dawson Phelps, Dr. Edward G. Holley, Lawarence O’Connor, Dr. Phillip Hoffman
Folder 31: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Port of Houston), Sept, 1971
Robert Aigle, Thomas Moy, Diamond Jordan, Dr. Edward G. Holley, Marian Orgain, Frank Waugh, Vaughan Bryant, Walter L. Farnsworth Jr.
Folder 32: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Presentation of Private Donation of Books), October-1966
Edward Holley, Light Bailey, Phillip G. Hoffman, Clay Bailey
Folder 33: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Reception), 1968
Frankslin Gilliam, Ray L. Dudley, Fletcher Pratt, Dr. Pat Nichloson, Pender Turnbull
Folder 34: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Reception for Sara Aull, Luella Barclay, & Virginia Murphy), 1973
Folder 35: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Rockwell Fund)
Dr. Martin Day, Dr. Samuel Southwell
Folder 36: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Sanders Reception), October, 1962
Ruth Wikoff, Strevell, Alexander, O’keefe
Folder 37: Anderson, M.D. Library – Event (Tour for Guenther Middle School)
Folder 38: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives, 1968-1969?
Folder 39: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives, 1969-1970?
Folder 40: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives, 1986
Folder 41: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1967
Folder 42: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1968
Folder 43: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1969
Folder 44: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1970
Folder 45: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1971
Folder 46: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1972
Folder 47: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1973
Folder 48: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives (Aldus), 1974
Box 26
Folder 1: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Aldus), 1975
Folder 2: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Aldus), 1976
Folder 3: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Aldus?)
Folder 4: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Aldus Misc.)
Folder 5: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Bates Catalog)
Folder 6: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Battle of San Jacinto)
Folder 7: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Belgian Art Books), 1972
Mr. Don Dehlerts, Herman Matsaert, Leulla Banclay, Don, Olhlerts, Marian M. Orgain,
Folder 8: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Ben Zevin Collection)
Folder 9: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Benjamin Franklin Saving & Loan Assoc.)
Folder 10: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Bible)
Folder 11: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Bible Catalog), 1970
Folder 12: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Dickens Caricature)
Folder 13: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Dr. Henry Withers Collection)
Folder 14: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (E.M. Edwards-Books on Loan)
Folder 15: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits
Folder 16: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits, 1968
Folder 17: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Bible)
Jane Whitehill, Henry Rockwell, Stephen Salmon, Dr. Marin Day, Dr. Helen Thomas, Dr. Joe Thomas, Kathleen Dillon, Chris Weimes, Dr. Hal, Richman, Dr. Henry Rockwell, Buire Roberston Dr. Edward Holley,  William  Bates, Lawerance O’Connor, Dr. Henry Rockwell, Dr. Phillip  Hoffman, Peggy Shiffilc, Charles Saunders, Marian Orgain, Frell Albright, Dr. Peter Cuenther, Kenneth Dale Owen, Elizabeth Sparks,  Pender Turnbull, Marcia Powell, Homer Jackson, Stephen Salmon, Homer Jackson,  Edward Hayman, Ray Dudley, Robert Lynn, Ron Kerbow, Dixie Shipp, Robert Lynn, Larry Honnerling, Lavanna Grimwood, Beverly Johnston, Ken Raduotsky, Alois Piskor, Dr. Edward HAYNES, Dr. Micheal Williams, Margaret Hall, Nancy Hennessy, Mary Schiffert, Mary Hoffman
Folder 18: Anderson, M. D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Black Authors), February, 1988
Folder 19: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Caricatures), 1973
Folder 20: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Early 20th Century Photograpghs Exhibit), 1986
Folder 21: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Faberge), 1972
Marian Orgain, Dr. B.S. Bell, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. C.F. McWlhinney, Larry Fultz, Peter Gunther, Dick Vierring, Mrs.Camilla Blaffer, Harley A Dickerman, Frank C. Smith, Ray L. Dudley,  Patrick Nicholson, Gus Wortham
Folder 22: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Franzheim)
Folder 23: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Franzheim/Floyd Glass)
Folder 24: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Gibran), 1970
Annie Salem Otto, Beth McNeer
Folder 25: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections &Archives – Exhibits (Governors of Texas)
Folder 26: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Growth and Expansion), 1997
Folder 27: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collections & Archives – Exhibits (John Groth), July 14, 1972
Giles Tippette, Dr. John Q. Anderson, Stephen Salmon, Dr. Peter Guenthr Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lieberman, Mrs. Fred Brison, Mrs. Thoman Trautwien, John W. Morriss, Dr. Walter, P. Allen, Dr. David Judkins
Folder 28: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Texana)
Richard O’Keefe, Stephen Salmon, Gene, Slaaughter, Marjorie Glass, Charles Saunders, Don Roberts, Lorene Pouney, Gayle Mitchell, Greg Tusrer, Robert Fazaerely, Marian Orgain, Mary Moody, Northam, Catherine Salmon, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dillon, Henry Rockwell, Kathleen Dillon, William Bauchanan, Esther Ely, Gene Slaughter, Frell Albright, Sara Prull, Pender Turnbull, Mary Moody, Ron Naylor, Steve Salmon
Folder 29: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives – Exhibits (Traveller)
Folder 30: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (George Washington Signatures)
Folder 31: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (G.T.T. Fall), 1968
Box 27
Folder 1: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (James Allred Collection)
Governor Allred, President Franklin Roosevelt, Mayor W. J. Hammond, Elliot Roosevelt
Folder 2: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Lykes Drama Collection)
Dr. William Lee Peyon, Marian Orgain
Folder 3: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Misc.)
Folder 4: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Romansky Collection)
Folder 5: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (OLA Albright Memorial Collection)
Folder 6: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (Texas Maps & Guidebooks), July 1969
Folder 7: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (W.B. Collections)
Folder 8: Anderson, M.D. Library – Special Collection & Archives (William B. Shrimplin Collection)
Folder 9: Anderson, M.D. Library – Staff, Tina Williams (Salmon), Betty Whitehead, T. Bruner, Donuis, Sorcas Smith,
Folder 10: Anderson, M.D. Library – Staff, 1963
Loierne Paurey, Virgina Murphy
Folder 11: Anderson, M.D. Library – Staff, 1965
Dr. Edward Holley, Marcelino, Dr Josphine Sabrino
Folder 12: Anderson, M.D. Library – Staff, November1976
Dr. Edward Holley, Col Baker, E.B. Taylor
Folder 13: Anderson, M.D. Library – Staff – Library Donor (E.B. Taylor)
Folder 14: Anniversary Celebration, 50th, 1977
Folder 15: Anthropology
Bullard, Tony
Folder 16: ARA Food Fair, 1994
Folder 17: Archery, 1930-1940
Folder 18: Architecture
Folder 19: Architecture Event
Folder 20: Architecture Student Project
Folder 21: Architecture Student Project, 1975
Folder 22: Art
Folder 23: Art Annex Fire
Folder 24: Art department
Fred Moksche, Carolyn Richter, Arthur Cochran, Billie Lou Morrow, Douglas Harrison, Enrique Paredez, Bill Tadlock
Folder 25: Art Exhibit
Folder 26: Arte Publico Press
Nicolas Kanellos
Folder 27: Departments, programs & College – Athletics
Sonya Asham, Toni Rae Mensing, Marvin Knighton, Scott Paukonin
Folder 28: Aviation
Box 28
Folder 1: Badminton
Jean Chilicki, Noralea Traratte
Folder 2: Band
Folder 3: Band, November 1946
Folder 4: Band, 1950-1960
Folder 5: Band Day
Folder 6: Band Day, September 1956
Folder 7: Band Day, 1957
Folder 8: Band Day, 1958
Folder 9: Band Day, 1959
Folder 10: Band Day, 1960
Folder 11: Band Day, 1962
Folder 12: Band Day  – 8th Annual, September 21, 1963
Folder 13: Band Day  – 11th Annual, October 14, 1972
Folder 14: Band Day, 1968
Folder 15: Band Day, 1969
Folder 16: Band Day, 1970
Folder 17: Band Day, 1971
Folder 18: Band Day, 1972
Folder 19: Band Day, 1975
Folder 20: Band Day  – 21st Annual, October14, 1972
Folder 21: Band Night  – 17th Annual, October 14, 1972
Folder 22: Band Night  – 18th Annual, December 1, 1973
Folder 23: Band Night  – 19th Annual, October 19, 1974
Folder 24: Band Night, November 8, 1975
Folder 25: Barber Shop
Folder 26: Baseball
Folder 27: Basketball
Elvin Hayes, Lew Alcindor, Gary Orsak, Renold Thomas
Folder 28: Basketball, 1950-1960
Folder 29: Basketball – Handicapped Students Basketball team
Folder 30: Basketball – Women
Folder 31: Baton Twirlers
Tommy Mercer, Gracie Sullivan, Willard Shepherd
Folder 32: Bike Race
Folder 33: Biochemistry Dept.
Folder 34: Biology
Folder 35: Biophysical Sciences
Folder 36: BLN Reception
Folder 37: Bonfire
Folder 38: Book Sale
Folder 39: Bowling
Folder 40: Boxing
Folder 41: Boxing, May 1943
Henry Hitchins, Louis Benoist
Folder 42: Boys Scouts of America
Folder 43: Brazoria County Alliance for Minority Engineers
Folder 44: Brown Bag Luncheon, February 1994
Folder 45: Brown Wing (Opening)
Folder 46: Buckaroo Riding Club
Folder 47: Business Administration 0200
President Arthur Smith, Charles T. Bauer, Nicholas J. Cenco
Folder 48: College of Business
Folder 49: College of Business, 1950
Box 29
Folder 1: Campus Activities
Folder 2: Campus Fashion
Folder 3: Campus Planning
Folder 4: Campus Safety Test
Folder 5: Campus Stores (?)
Folder 6: Career Exhibit, 1954
Folder 7: Career Planning & Placement Center
Folder 8: Cars, 1979
Folder 9: Casino Night
Folder 10: Cemetery
Folder 11: Ceremonial Mace
Folder 12: Cheerleaders
Judy Marris, Jan McMullen, Sharon Wakefield,
Folder 13: Chemical Engineering
Phillip Hoffman, Frank Tilman
Folder 14: Chemistry
Folder 15: Chick-Fil-A
Folder 16: Dr. Chu Visit to TCSUH, May 1992
Dr. Paul Chu, Dr. James H. Pickering
Folder 17: Child Care
Eliot Thompson
Folder 18: CTF –  Children’s Theatre Festival
Folder 19: UH Choral Group
Folder 20: Chris Chandler Show, May 17, 1972
Kathleen Dillon, Marian Orgain, Nancy Hennessey
Folder 21: Christmas
Folder 22: College of Technology Alumni Association
Folder 23: Commencement
Folder 24: Commencement 2
Ken Lay
Folder 25: Cornerstone Laying Ceremony, March 16, 1949
Folder 26: Cornel West Lecture
Folder 27: Corporate Training Program
Folder 28: The Cougar, 1942
Folder 29: The Cougar, 1946
Folder 30: Culture Fest
Folder 31: Cupid Fling
Box 30
Folder 1: Daily Cougar
Jack Valenti, Addison Graham, Albert Brower, N.S. Patterson, Robert Iorshaw, Gordon Failer
Folder 2: Daily Cougar, 1944
Folder 3: Dances/Banquets
Folder 4: Dances/Banquets, 1945
Folder 5: Dance, 1950-1960
Folder 6: Dance-a-Thon
Kathy Payne, Ronnie Branch
Folder 7: Dedications, 1941
Folder 8: Dedications, 1968
Folder 9: Dedication – E. Cullen Building, October 31, 1950
Folder 10: Dedications – Library Addition, 1968
Marian Orgain, Mrs. Dudley, Mr and Mrs Leslie W Dunlap, Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. Ed (Bobbie) Holley
Folder 11: Dedication of Industrial Building
Folder 12: Dedication of Stephen Power Farish Hall
Folder 13: Delphians
Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. Edling, Dr. Mary E. Schlayer
Folder 14: Delphians, October 1966
Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. and Mr. Charles Sanders, Mrs. Ray Dudley
Folder 15: Delphians, November 1966
Mrs. Arthur A. Westbrook, Jr., Dr. Mary E. Schlayer, Mrs. Adell Cheatham, Dr. Edokp Holley,
Folder 16: Delphians, November 1968
Dr. Ed Holley, Dr. Mary E. Schlayer, Sara Aull (painting)
Folder 17: Delphians, 1969
Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. Emmit
Folder 18: Delphians, November 1969
Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. David M. Shelby, Mrs. Arthur R. Westbrook Jr., Mrs. Clark Dikerson, Dr. Mary E. Schlayer,
Folder 19: Delphians, 1971
Mrs. David Shelby, Mrs. Ralph Estes, Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. Clark Dickerman Sara Aull, Dr. Mary E. Schlayer, Mrs. Albert Jegge, Mrs. Donald Hoff
Folder 20: Delphians, November 1973
Steven Salmon, Dr. Mary E. Schlayer, Mrs. Frank Di Maria, Ronald Naylor
Folder 21: Delphians, November 1976
Ann Roberston, Liz Wachendarfer
Folder 22: Delta Omega
Folder 23: Delta Sigma, December 19, 1952
Folder 24: Developmental Psychology
Folder 25: Disability Awareness Week
Folder 26: Disability Awareness Week – Wheelchair Road Rally, May 1989
Folder 27: Diversity Month (?)
Folder 28: Drama
Folder 29: Drama, 1940-1950
Folder 30: Drama, 1941
Folder 31: Drama, March 1944
Folder 32: Drama, October 1946
Folder 33: Drama, 1950-1960
Folder 34: Drama – Mime Productions
Claude Caux, Cyndi Scarr, Fred Greenlee, Bob Leeds, Frn Baggett, Mike Nulik
Folder 35: Drama Productions 1
Folder 36: Drama Productions 2
Chesley Krohn, Renette Brown, Martita Corkey, Tanya Kelsau, Henry Young, Ashley Hostetetr, Miriam Wells, Steve Metz
Folder 37: Drama Production – “Hot L Baltimore”, 1970-1980
Ginger Grace, Dana Wilson, Cindy Bell, Bobby Cooner, Suzi Williams,
Folder 38: Drama Production – “I am a Camera”
Neil Wiess, Sally Mayers
Folder 39: Drama Production – “Oh What a Lovely Way”, 1970-1980
Brick Hartner, Tommy Rogersm Art Yelton, Annalee Jetteries
Folder 40: Drama Production – “Some Like it Hot”, 1970-1980
Folder 41: Drama Production – “Westside Story”
Box 31
Folder 1: Earth Day
Folder 2: Economic Summit
President George Bush Sr., Barbara Bush, Kenneth Lay, Marylin Mc Coo, French Presidient Francois Mitterand,
Folder 3: Departments, Programs & College – Education
Dr. Ben A. Sultz, Mrs. Ciale Foerenter, Dr. Esther Gilman, Joyce Benhook
Folder 4: Education (Curriculum and Instruction)
Folder 5: Elections
Folder 6: UH Employees Bridge Game – UH Hilton
Folder 7: Engineering
Mr. Boyle
Folder 8: Engineering, Civil - National Canoe Champions
George Norak, Lewis Hornung, Joe Walker, Bill Hlavaek, Jimmy Middlebrooks
Folder 9: Engineering Day for High School Students – Cullen College of Engineering
Folder 10: Engineering Golf Tournament
Folder 11: Engineers Day – Paper Airplane Competition
Folder 12: Engineers OTC Cajun Crawfish Boil
Folder 13: English
Folder 14: Executive Council Management Meeting, 1959
Folder 15: Exhibits
Folder 16: Exxon Check Presentation, September 1995
Folder 17: Faculty, 1941
Folder 18: Faculty Development Workshop, January 1996
Folder 19: Faculty Orientation, August-95
Folder 20: Faculty Senate Staff Council Easter Egg Hunt
Folder 21: Farfel Lecture, October 1969
Gov. John Connally, T. Keith Glennan, A.J. Farfel, Dr. Philip Hoffman
Folder 22: Fee Payment - University of Houston, 1984
Folder 23: Film
Folder 24: Fire Extinguisher Class
Folder 25: First Amendment Conference – Feb. 1994, February 1994
Folder 26: Flag Raising, 1983
Folder 27: Flood
Folder 28: Food Festival
Folder 29: Food Sale
Folder 30: Football
Billy Winston, Johnny Jackson, Alton Montgomery, Derrik Price, Chuch Weatherspoon, Michael Shepherd, Alois Blackwell
Folder 31: Football, February 1950
Folder 32: Football, 1977
Folder 33: Football, 1979
Folder 34: Forum – UH Literacy Quarterly
Folder 35: French Department
Jules Verr
Folder 36: French Department, 1944
Folder 37: Friends of the Library
Bozman, Patricia
Folder 38: Friends of the Library, 1970
Floyd Glass, Leopald Meyers, Dr. Ed Holley, Mrs. Ralphn Johnston, Mr. Chalres Saunders, Mrs. Roy Dudley
Folder 39: Friends of the Library, February 1973
Richard J.V. Johnosn, R. Clay Bailey, Lucien Cullen, Mrs. Russell Wikoff, Jack D. Mulvihill, Luella Barclay, Frell Albright, Ann Robertson, Darry Ergene, Anita Farber, Wayne Taylor, Frell Albright, Marian Orgain, Charles Saunders, Stephen Salmon, Friends of Libraries Booksale
Folder 40: Frontier Fiesta
Folder 41: Geology
Folder 42: German Department
Folder 43: Louis Kestenberg
Folder 44: Girl Scouts
Folder 45: Golf
Folder 46: Gourmet Night
Folder 47: Grand Institutional Farewell
Folder 48: Great American Smoke Out
Folder 49: Greek Life
Folder 50: Greek Paper Building, October 1985
Folder 51: GSSW Conference
Box 32
Folder 1: Habitat for Humanity
Folder 2: Hazardous Chemical Pick-up
Folder 3: Health Center
Folder 4: Health Services
Folder 5: High Temperature Superconductivity International Workshop
Folder 6: Hispanic Forum
Folder 7: Hockey, 1936
Folder 8: Homecoming Queen Candids, [1949-1950]
Folder 9: Homecoming
Rosalie Chiodo, Wayne Dessens
Folder 10: Homecoming, 1951
Folder 11: Homecoming, 1968
Folder 12: Home Economics
Folder 13: Home Economics 1
Janette Jackon, Mrs. Hunnicutt
Folder 14: Home Economics 2
Sany White, Jackie Wheeler, Margie, Laughlin Curry, Betty Monday Mahan, Jeanetter Jackson Hunnicutt, Ja Ann Khalal, Joyce Hezaq, Blanche Gore, Minnie Abbman, Sarah Groves, Dorothy Callicutt, Gline McNeal, Juliet Bith Liltegahm, Evelyn Blainchard, Janie Walf, Edith Estes, Isabelle Zeigler, Nora Sinyson, Mary George Salge, Lunetta Dahl, Jean Sandy, Betty Franklin, Fay Anchis
Folder 15: Home Economics 3
Cozetta Bartholmew Taylor, Martha Brady, Dorris Ester, Caroling Caur, Patty Hayes, Edith Estes, Virginia Coopers, Betty Gragham Tiliunle, Pauling Faser, Peggy Griffin, Olive McNeal Eslinger, Dottie Clement, Virginia Protchett, Gene Winner, Teresea Fetsch, Mary Clan Davidson, Elsie Van Ausdale, Irene Cole,  Judy Daries, Sarah Ja Lee, Marion Green, Nancy Jo Caldway, Barbara Smith Baker
Folder 16: Home Economics 4
Peggy Reynaud Guiles, Marilla Simmons, Betty Lou Grahman, Peggy Griffin Halphen, Joyce Henry Carlen, Mrs. D.J. Mitchell, Johonny Mc Cosli, Nancy Scogg, Lee Neuman, Barabra Silerm, Kathy Davis, Patsy Johnston, Mary Jane Scopp, Rita Zeilkin Blumanfield, Norma Brady, Mary Jo Redding, Patsy Barnes, June Morrow, Lynn Harris, June Morrow Elmore, Charlene Horn, R.B. Young, Patrice Teaching, Ida Lou Blair, Lousie Jackson, Johnny McCorlie, Dr. R. Balfaur Daniels, Fed Roberts,Mrs. W.W. Kemmerer, Jackie Ahelin, Jeanetter Jackson Hunnicutt, Yyvonne Grantham, Laddie Lasiker, Cissie Neiulin Sullivan
Folder 17: Home Economics 5
Patti Hayes, Mary Kay Pace, Aline McNeal, Julia Blith Litterjahn Foster, Jane Goston, Nora Mcgill Simpson, Peggy Griffin, Olive McNeil, Mary Kay Murphy, Pat Casey, E.B. Roberts, Ida Lou Blair, Anne Zimmerman, Norma Black, Sue Berry, Flourence Mason, Sue Sumpter, Mary Jane Helton, Pauline Fauser, Edith Ester, Martha Cooper, Betty Lou Graham, Pauline Hauser Prince, Lawerence Lathroy, June Elmore, Isabelle Zeigler,
Folder 18: Home Economics 6
Olivne McNeal, Peggy Griffin, Nora Lee Bayless, Bella Sheiler, Virginina Pritchett, Pauline Fausen, Isabelle Geigler, Verline Filer, Nancy Jo Carway, Ethel Hilson, Olive McNeil, Julia Beth Lettlejahm, Edith Estes, Nora Simpson, Marion Green, Mary Kay Murphy Pat Casey, Blanche Gore, Mary George, Annie Laurie Lelke, Evelyn Blauchard, Jane Wolfe, Luneta Dahl, Jean Sandy, June Marrow Elmore, Pauline Fauser Prince, Verline Filer, Mary Wigley, Ida Lou Adair,
Folder 19: Home Economics 7
Cissie Neulin Sullivan, Kaya Murphy, Pay Casy, Blanche Gore, Rosale Chiodo, Margaret Phillips, Westley West, Kesey Wright, Sissy Sulivan, Caoline Neubin, Ida Lau Blair Taum,  Judy Frederick, Gayle Oro, Patti Haevell, Sue Maudaue, Ester Ely, Joyce Herzrg, Mirrila Somers, Mary Beth Dee, Patti Hawell, Nebahat Endil, Kelsey Wright, Norma Blach, Jan Mc Mullen, Braelbrie Shaw, Julia Foster, Judy Waldrip, Lousie Jackman, Shirley, Mary Wigley, Mary Ann Riggle, Betty Russell, Olivie McNeal Edlinger, Marjorie Lea, Jean Stockstill, Mary Ann Florion, Pat Weaver, Mary Brookshier, Elizabeth Hobe, Nancy Balchelor, Martha Williams, Karele Maresh,
Box 33
Folder 1: Home Economics 8
Sally Baular, Pauline Fauser, Myrella Summers, Mary Voivnshle, Jo Ann Thompson, Margaret Phillips, Lynn Harris, Yvonne Grantham, Henrietta Stone, Morlene Anderson, Anne Shannon,
Folder 2: Home Economics 9
Peggy Griffin, Betty Lau Graham, Judy Morris, Elsa L. Rasborough, John Parr Whitten, Kaneel Hangers, Lee Neuman, Xenell Hargos, Shirley Lawerence, Mery Wrigley, Shirley, Neldsa Yaunger, Nettie Jean Pearce, Beverly Dawson Lykora, Lee Neuman, Ruby Z. Winslow, Imelda Lacy, Mr. Guy, Kappy Traverse Florence, Mr. George, Julia Kiene, Norma Black, Beverly Dawson, Noralie Boyels, Olive McNeal Eslinger
Folder 3: Home Economics 10
Mary Diamond, Hammer, Olive Eslinger, Dr. R. Balfaur Daniels, Myrilla Somers, Roberts, Lousie Jackman, Mr. Pell, Lynn Harris, Earline Filer, Barbara Daily, Marion Chapman, Barbara Robinson, Betty Pecore, Margret Phillips, Elizabeth Gratsy, William McNillrams, Kaffy Traverre, Elsa Rosenborogh, Norma Blach Clark, Mary Ellen Roar, Mariella Somers, Ted Roberts, Kathy Ersch, Anne Shannon, Jan McMuller, Edith Estes, Mary Lee Richardson
Folder 4: Home Economics 11
Lee Neuman, Shirley Lawerence, Kathleen Caldwell, Kelsey Wright, Morma Bleach Clark, Nelda Yaunger, Rosaile Chiodo, Dorothy Fleming, France Clarke Sayers, Jonny McCoshin,
Folder 5: Home Economics 12
Groch, Kathy; Downs, Sue
Folder 6: Home Economics 13
McWilliams, William; Hensley, Glenda; Murphy, Karen; Adena; Murphy (Pace), Mary Kay; Blaire, Elaine; Voswinkel, Mary (Wrigley); Lawrence, Shirley; Bartholomew, Cozetta; Block, Norma; Rosen (?), Ellen; Curry, Margie Laughlin; Monday, Betty;Hunnicutt, Jeanette; Sumers, Mirella; Florence, Kappy Traverse; Walter, Jeanette Long; Melcher, Barbara Abrahams
Folder 7: Home Economics 14
Guyo, Mr.; Kennedy, Dorothy; Hobby, Lois; Smith, Marie; Gordon; Mather, Norma; Anthis, Dr. Faye; Pizzer, Ethel; Newman; Murphy, Mary Kay; Boatright, David;Somers, Mrs.; Champagnone, Simone; Bush, Brenda; Davis, Mrs. Mary; McMullen, Jan; Chiodo, Rosalie; Herzog, Joyce; Neuman, Lee; Parr, Jo Ann; Newlin,Cirrie; Phillippe, Margaret; Crawford (King?), Carolyn; Hargis, Xerell; Lawrence, Shirley; Jones, Wanda Louise;
Folder 8: Horseback Riding
Folder 9: Hotel Archives
Folder 10: Departments, Programs & Colleges – Hotel, Restaurant, Management
D’Haiti, Nativita; Campbell, David
Folder 11: Houston EMS
Folder 12: Houston Grand Opera – Carlisle Floyd’s Willie Stark
Nolen, Timothy;
Folder 13: Houston Grand Opera – Treemonisha
Hicks, Kenn; Balthrop, Carmen; Turnbull, Walter;
Folder 14: Houston Grand Opera – Trouble in Tahiti
Folder 15: Houston Hot Campaign
Folder 16: Houston Post
Valenta, Carolyn
Folder 17: Houstonian, 1941
Folder 18: Human Development Lab School
Box 34
Folder 1: Impact Report  3210
Folder 2: Information Superhighway Symposium
Folder 3: InPharMation magazine 1210 (1 of 2)
Folder 4: InPharMation magazine 1210 (2 of 2)
Folder 5: International Affairs, 1960-1970
Hoffman, Phillip G.
Folder 6: International Food Fair
Folder 7: IDEEA – 1st International Design for Extreme Environments Assembly
Folder 8: Inventive Minds
Folder 9: Johnston Middle School, July 1949
Folder 10: Jones Technology Scholarship (July 1949)
McKinney, Del Ray; Henderson, Bernard; Farringer,Russell; Binkley, Jimmy; Olson, Herbert; McGuttin,Darrel; Scott, Lee
Folder 11: Journalism
Locklin, Jim; Ross, Bill I.; Forshaw, Bob; Murphy, John; Underwood, Bruce; Failes, Gordon
Folder 12: KATL
Folder 13: Kennedy Memorial Service (Nov. 26, 1963), November 26, 1963
Hoffman, Phillip G.
Folder 14: Kim Son Opening
Folder 15: KTRH
Folder 16: KUHF
Zerwekh, Charles; Wilkes, Betty; Franklin, Bob; Cochran, Arvril;
Folder 17: KUHT
Folder 18: KUHT – Production
Strickland, Wayne; Kaderli, Liz;
Folder 19: KUHT – Programs
Cragun, Richard; Keil, Birgit; Eles, Sandor; Jaeger, Frederick; Handyman, Negri; Badel, Alan; More, Kenneth; Morris, Lana; Child, Julia; Haller, Henry; Lewis, Philip; Chaplin, Charlie; Belushi, John; Salisbury,Harrison; Cromie, Robert; Skinner, B.F.; Mumford, Lewis; Commoner, Barry; Heilbroner, Robert; Godwin, Dave; Freedman, Gerald
Folder 20: Languages
Folder 21: Language and Culture Center 0890
Folder 22: Law 0900 (1 of 2)
Folder 23: Law 0900 (2 of 2)
Folder 24: Lawndale Art & Performance Annex
Folder 25: Law Center
Folder 26: Departments, Programs, & Colleges – Law School
Alderman, Richard
Folder 27: Legal Aid Clinic
Folder 28: Legislature On-Campus Tour
Folder 29: L’Institut du Monde Arabe
Folder 30: Little People’s Litter Party
Box 35
Folder 1: Mailroom
Folder 2: Maintenance
Folder 3: Maintenance Building Fire
Folder 4: Mama Rizzo’s Pasta Extravaganza
Folder 5: Maps
Folder 6: Marathon
Folder 7: Martial Arts
Folder 8: Math
Folder 9: Math Department
Folder 10: Mexican American Studies Program Career Day
Folder 11: MFA Thesis Exhibition
Folder 12: Minority Enrichment Seminar
Folder 13: Modeling and Charm Course, November-48
Folder 14: Moody Towers Birthday
Folder 15: Moores School of Music
Folder 16: Music Department
Rabin, Michael; Lerner, Jeffrey; Hirsh, Albert; Kortkamp, Moreland; Couse, Wayne
Folder 17: Music Department, 1947
Folder 18: Music Department – Faculty Trio
Folder 19: Music Department – Symphony Orchestra
Folder 20: Music School
Folder 21: NASA
Folder 22: NASA (1962)
Block, Farris; Williams, Walter
Folder 23: NASA (Jan. 1963), January 1963
Folder 24: NASA – Rental of old KTRK Building (June 20, 1962), June 20, 1962
Folder 25: National Driving Challenge (1986), 1986
Folder 26: National Photojournalism Fraternity (Kappa Alpha Mu, KAM)
Folder 27: Natural Science and Math
Pettitt; Moy, Mamie
Folder 28: Navy
Folder 29: NCCA Runner up
Smith, Van; Toombs, Art; Williams, Trey; Cantu, G.J.; Baker, Ron; Lucas, Ike; Strelau, Larry; Hill, Bubba; Brewer, Rick; Satcher, Larry; Cilman, Chico; Hill, Wayne; Rose, Phil; Burris, Bo; Moore, Carroll; Hebert, Ken; Wilson, Tom; Stasny, Ron; Sparkman, Jim; Westphal, Wayne; Paciorek, Tom; Hill, Lovette
Folder 30: New Faculty & Staff at Barnett’s House
Folder 31: Non-profit Fair
Folder 32: Nursing
Barclay, Elaine; Halley, Rose Marie; McLeod, Patsy Oldham; Ghoss, Gloria James; DePriest, Sydney Shirley; Watson, Ruth; Hutcheson, Bobbye L.; Myers, Dorothy E.; Rollins, Shirley R.; Jupin, Theresa; Laughinghouse, Margaret; Burns, Kate B.; Bescoby, Mary Holden; Smith, Patricia Ann; Colston, Murial A.; Perkins, Molly E.; Kuetman, Gloria V.; Creger Charlyn; Lingnau, Roberta Jean; Wood, Ruth C.; Edwards, Elizabeth Baty; Fuller, Ruth T.; Saumis,Marian; Jones, Jesse; Oberholtzer, E.E.;
Folder 33: Nursing, 1947
Folder 34: Nursing (1949?), 1949
Kemmerer, W. W.; Sarabia, Schwippel; Watson, Wyatt; Schubeck; Longmire; Meeks; Tafelski; Kieswetter; Nelson; Dowling; Pacheco;
Folder 35: Nursing (1950), 1950
Folder 36: Nursing – Graduating Class (Jan. 1950), January 1950
Hamilton, Aileen; Willis, Inez; Dumas, Johnelle;Young, Freda; Buesch, Betty; Cole, Lanette;Stennis, Shirley Berryman; Holmes, Dorothy Wenck; Fronkonitch, Elvine; Craymer, Dorothy
Folder 37: Nursing – Graduating Class (Sept. 1950), September 1950
Hutcheson, Bobbye L.; Myers, Dorothy E.; Bescoby, Mary Holden; Perkins, Molly E.; Smith, Patricia Ann; Lignau, Roberta Jean; Fuller, Ruth T.; Edwards, Elizabeth Baty; DePriest, Sydney, Shirley; Halley, Rose Marie; Barclay, Kathryn Elaine; Gross, Gloria James; McLeod, Patsy Oldham; Jupin, Theresa; Watson, Ruth; Rallins, Shirley Rose; Burns, Kate B.; Laughinghouse, Margaret; Colston, Muriel; Kueteman, Gloria V.; Wood, Ruth C.; Creger, Charlyne;
Folder 38: Nursery
Box 36
Folder 1: Office of Development
Folder 2: Optometry 1100
Rodriguez, Jaime
Folder 3: Departments, Programs, & Colleges – Optometry
Gomez, Sarah; Myers, Stanley; Sterling, Edna
Folder 4: Orchestra
Folder 5: Orientation – The “O-Team”
Folder 6: OSP Chili Cook–Off
Folder 7: Pakistan Students Association
Folder 8: Pep Rallies
Folder 9: Performers – Country Girl Band
Folder 10: Performers – Julliard String Quartet
Folder 11: Performers – Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers
Folder 12: Performers – Lyric Art Quartett
Muenzer, Albert; Elliot, Anthony; Goldsmith, Kenneth; Wheeler, Lawrence
Folder 13: Performers – Odessa
Folder 14: Performers – Paul Winter and The Winter Consort
Folder 15: Performers – Silverstring
Folder 16: Performers – Sly and the Family Stone
Folder 17: Performers – Southbound
Folder 18: Performers – Strawberry Hill
Folder 19: Performers – Tokyo String Quartet
Folder 20: Performers – TSU Tornados
Folder 21: Performers – Unknown
Folder 22: Performers – Unknown Dance Group
Folder 23: Pharmacy Brochure - 1230
Folder 24: College of Pharmacy
Campbell, Lance; Lemke, Thomas; Szilagyi, Julie;
Folder 25: Philosophy
Folder 26: Photography
Folder 27: Physics
Folder 28: Political Science
Folder 29: Presbyterian College Students
Folder 30: Protest
Folder 31: Press Conference
Folder 32: Printing Plant
Folder 33: Psychology
Folder 34: UH Psychological Research
Folder 35: Presidents Roundtable Dinner, November 1993
Folder 36: Radio – TV Majors
Folder 37: Red Masque Players, 1940-1950
Folder 38: Registration for Classes
Folder 39: Registration – TASP Test
Folder 40: Registration – Voter Registration
Folder 41: Republican Convention
Folder 42: Restaurant Management Students
Weldon, Asa; Tsizanny, Raul; Spillens, C. L.; Spillens, Edith; Gane, Blacnhe; Higgins, Mary Nell; Leuris, Elizabeth Adele; Krigan, Charlotte Ball; Grossman, Jan; Hess, Sandra Collier; Bateman, “Sandy”; Benerbe, Bonnie; Buchanan, Edna Henley; Lindsay, “Tony” Davis; Hensely, Betty Sue; Harper, Lynn Achitehunst; Cline, Ellen; McCann, Ann; O’Connor, “Peggy”; Coffman, Sarah; Philips, Julie Ann
Folder 43: Rockets
Folder 44: Rock ’n’ Roll Baby Boomers
Folder 45: ROTC, Air force
Folder 46: ROTC, Army:
Folder 47: ROTC Crowd
Folder 48: ROTC Marines
Folder 49: Rusk Settlement
Folder 50: Scholar’s Community Orientation, 1994
Folder 51: School Of Music Gala
Folder 52: Sciences
Folder 53: Sciences, 1978
Folder 54: SEEC Bus Tour, 1994
Folder 55: SEEC Recognition
Folder 56: Select Committee on Education of the Texas Legislative
Folder 57: Shakespeare Festival
Folder 58: Separation Petition, 1945
Folder 59: Senior High School Reception, 1941
Saunders, Charles; Peterson, Weed; Nevue, Rosemary; Rankin, Helen; Chapman, Isabel; David, Alice; Taub, Henry
Folder 60: Snow
Folder 61: Social Work
Folder 62: Society of Women Engineers
Demir, Siddika
Folder 63: Sociology
Folder 64: Song Fest
Farmer, Charlotte; Griffin, Marty; Swank, Joyce
Folder 65: Speech, 1955
Arnold, Genevieve
Folder 66: Spring Fling
Box 37
Folder 1: Staff Barbeque
Folder 2: Staff Council Forum, 1995
Osborn; Shomper; Lee, Elwyn; Pickering, James
Folder 3: Staff Excellence Awards
Folder 4: Staff Excellence Awards BBQ
Folder 5: Staff Olympics
Folder 6: Student Engineers and Scientists
Folder 7: Student Exhibition @ Blaffer Gallery
Folder 8: Students from North Brook High School Bridge Program
Folder 9: 5th Summer Institute on Constructionist Education
Folder 10: Swimming
Folder 11: TCSUH 1020
McMichael, Chase
Folder 12: Staff Excellence Awards, 1988
Folder 13: Tech Day
Folder 14: Tech Fest 1986 “Twin Sisters” Cannons replica (Col. Of Technology)
Folder 15: Technology
Folder 16: Technology (1947), Millard, Ray; Hillen, C. F.
Folder 17: Technology (1950), McCallich, H. E.; Williams, Walter
Folder 18: Technology – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Folder 19: Technology – Auto Body
Folder 20: Technology – Auto Mechanics
Folder 21: Technology – Auto Repair
Folder 22: Technology – Diesel Mechanics
Folder 23: Technology – Drafting
Folder 24: Technology – Electronics
Folder 25: Technology Job Fair
Folder 26: Technology – Radio Repair
Folder 27: Technology – Television, 1949
Folder 28: Technology – Wood Working
Folder 29: Teleconference
Folder 30: Televised Class (?)
Folder 31: Tennis
Ogden, Dale
Folder 32: Texas Music Festival
Folder 33: The Summit
Folder 34: Track
Folder 35: Tribute to Republican National Covention (College of Architecture)
Folder 36: TRW Systems
Folder 37: TV – Radio Department Lab Studio, February 1, 1979
Folder 38: UC Fall Welcome, 1994
Folder 39: United Nations
Folder 40: United Nations Association, 1970
Folder 41: United Way
Folder 42: University Village Council, December 1949
Folder 43: University Dance Group, 1992
Loftin, Victoria
Folder 44: Universitiy of Houston Day, September 29, 1956
Folder 45: Upward Bound Students
Folder 46: U.S. Olympic Festival, 1986
Folder 47: Varsity Varieties
Folder 48: Visit of Texas Supreme Court
Folder 49: Volunteer Fair
Folder 50: Volunteer of the Year
Folder 51: Volunteer Program
Folder 52: Volunteer Spirit Awards
Folder 53: Wagon and Horses
Mitchell, Standee
Folder 54: New UH Welcome Barbeque
Folder 55: Wheel Chair Race
Folder 56: “Who’s coming to Lunch”, September 1989
Pobov, Antony
Folder 57: Who’s Who, 1947-1948
Folder 58: Women’s Studies Reception, 1994
Folder 59: Worthing High School Students
Folder 60: W.P.A.
Sakach, Stephen P.; Gillespie, Jack
Folder 61: Wrestling
Box 79
Folder 1: Band Day (10th Annual)
Folder 2: Classroom
Folder 3: Chemistry Classroom 1
Folder 4: Chemistry Classroom 2
Folder 5: Chemistry Classroom 3
Folder 6: Technology Classroom
Folder 7: Federal Inspection
Folder 8: Football Player
Folder 9: Frontier Fiesta “French Quarter”
Folder 10: Frontier Fiesta 1
Folder 11: Frontier Fiesta 2
Folder 12: Frontier Fiesta 3
Folder 13: Frontier Fiesta 4
Folder 14: Fragile Freight – Carbide
Folder 15: Harris County Red Cross
Folder 16: Kappa Alpha Mu International Collegiate Photo Competition
Folder 17: KUHT 1
Folder 18: KUHT 2
Folder 19: Nurses Taking Care of a Man
Folder 20: ROTC
Folder 21: Silver Anniversary, 25th Annual, UH Band
Series 5: Office of Special Events
Box 47
Folder 1: Athletics/ Alumni Ground Breaking Luncheon, December 16, 1993
Folder 2: Vanessa Gilmore Investiture, July 8, 1994
Folder 3: Athletics Pre-Game Dinner, August 31, 1996
Folder 4: Howard Reception, September 12, 1996
Folder 5: Pre-Game Reception, September 12, 1996
Folder 6: President’s Lecture Series, September 12, 1996
Folder 7: Student Leader Luncheon, September 27, 1996
Folder 8: Picnic/Lunch, October 14, 1996
Folder 9: Noche Cultural B (1 of 3), 1996
Folder 10: Noche Cultural B (2 of 3), 1996
Folder 11: Noche Cultural B (3 of 3), 1996
Folder 12: Staff Awards, 1996
Folder 13: UH Night at the Rodeo, February 17, 1997
Folder 14: President from Chile, February 28, 1997
Folder 15: Staff Awards, March 11, 1997
Folder 16: Goerke Going Away Party, March 19, 1997
Folder 17: Azalea Opening Frontier Fiesta, May 5, 1994
Folder 18: Honorary Degree Dinner, May 16, 1997
Folder 19: General Commencement (1 of 2), May 17, 1997
Folder 20: General Commencement (2 of 2), May 17, 1997
Box 48
Folder 1: Al Gore Visit
Folder 2: Pre-game Tailgating UH vs California, September 6, 1997
Folder 3: UH Football (Carl Lewis last track race), September 13, 1997
Folder 4: Faculty Reception, October 28, 1997
Folder 5: Faculty and Staff Receptions, October 28, 1997
Folder 6: Investiture of Dr. Smith, November 14, 1997
Folder 7: Investiture of Dr. Smith, November 14, 1997
Box 49
Folder 1: The “News Donor Dinner”, February 26, 1998
Folder 2: UH Night at the Rodeo, March 3, 1998
Folder 3: George Magner Farewell Dinner, March 19, 1998
Folder 4: Staff Awards, March 24, 1998
Folder 5: Aga Khan Walk 1998, April 5, 1998
Folder 6: Frontier Fiesta, April 17, 1998
Folder 7: TSUHA, April 30, 1998
Folder 8: Faculty Awards, May 6, 1998
Folder 9: Brunch HAF, 1998
Folder 10: Special Olympics, 1998
Box 50
Folder 1: Groundbreaking for Melcher Center (Public Broadcasting), May 8, 1998
Folder 2: Honorary Degree Dinner, May 14, 1998
Folder 3: General Commencement, May 15, 1998
Folder 4: Conversations (Hispanic), June 8, 1998
Folder 5: Regent Carroll Dinner, June 12, 1998
Folder 6: General Commencement, June 15, 1998
Folder 7: Swearing in of Regent Smith, June 18, 1998
Folder 8: Reception for European Parliament & Congressional Members, June 27, 1998
Folder 9: Conversations (African Americans), September 2, 1998
Folder 10: UH vs. Minnesota, September 12, 1998
Folder 11: Consular Tea, September 22, 1998
Folder 12: TMV Photos, November 6, 1998
Folder 13: SECC Luncheon, December 3, 1998
Folder 14: Holiday Open House, December 9, 1998
Box 51
Folder 1: Rockwell Wortham Luncheon, February 11, 1999
Folder 2: Quest for Excellence Gala (charied by Carolyn Farb), April 9, 1999
Folder 3: Honorary Degree Dinner, May 13, 1999
Folder 4: General Commencement, May 14, 1999
Folder 5: Reception for Fazle Hussain, May 20, 1999
Folder 6: Reception for the Harvard Fellows, May 21, 1999
Folder 7: Consular Forum Colombian Coffee, September 22, 1999
Folder 8: Elizabeth Rockwell Luncheon, February 1999
Folder 9: Hondez, 1999
Folder 10: Staff Awards, 1999
Box 52
Folder 1: Roland Glowinski Reception – (1 of 2), February 1999
Folder 2: Roland Glowinski Reception – (2 of 2), February 1999
Folder 3: Dinner/Concert for 1927 Society, September 29, 1999
Folder 4: Houston Endowment Dinner, October 19, 1999
Folder 5: HAF Brunch, October 30, 1999
Folder 6: Discover UH Provost, November 3, 1999
Folder 7: Fort Bend Groundbreaking, November 4, 1999
Folder 8: NAC Dinner, November 5, 1999
Folder 9: NAC Breakfast, November 6, 1999
Folder 10: Holiday Open House (Wortham House), December 8, 1999
Folder 11: Holiday Dinner, December 15, 1999
Box 53
Folder 1: Reception for UH Branding Campaign, February 1, 2000
Folder 2: Rodeo Parade, February 12, 2000
Folder 3: Frontier Fiesta, March 2000
Folder 4: Honorary Degree Dinner, May 2000
Folder 5: Frontier Fiesta, March 2000
Folder 6: MAF Brunch, 2000
Folder 7: Commencement (1 of 2), 2000
Folder 8: Commencement (2 of 2), 2000
Folder 9: Commencement Student Speaker Luncheon, 2000
Folder 10: Enron, 2000
Folder 11: Faculty Reception (1 of 2), 2000
Folder 12: Faculty Reception (2 of 2), 2000
Folder 13: Football Tailgate and Suite (C. T. Bauer), 2000
Folder 14: KUHT/HUHF Grand Opening, 2000
Folder 15: Outgoing Regent Dinner, 2000
Folder 16: Presidents Club Four Seasons, 2000
Folder 17: Rodeo Parade, 2000
Folder 18: 1927 Society Dinner, 2000
Box 54
Folder 1: UH Women’s Tea, August 26, 2000
Folder 2: Bauer Dinner, September 14, 2000
Folder 3: Consular Tea, September 19, 2000
Folder 4: KUHT Auction Dinner, September 20, 2000
Folder 5: Faculty Reception, September 28, 2000
Folder 6: Staff Reception, September 29, 2000
Folder 7: 1927 Society Dinner, October 5, 2000
Folder 8: March of Dimes Coffee, October 11, 2000
Folder 9: Great Conversations, October 17, 2000
Folder 10: Great Conversations, October 2000
Folder 11: Homecoming Court Reception, December 2000
Folder 12: Endowed Chairs Dinner, November 8, 2000
Folder 13: Holiday VIP Dinner, December 13, 2000
Folder 14: Holiday Open House, December 2000
Box 55
Folder 1: Lecture Series, January 31, 2001
Folder 2: Endowed Scholarship Luncheon, March 1, 2001
Folder 3: Frontier Fiesta, March 29, 2001
Folder 4: Urban 13 Dinner, April 6, 2001
Folder 5: Wellness Center Groundbreaking, April 20, 2001
Folder 6: Enron Teaching Luncheon, April 27, 2001
Folder 7: Presidents Club Dinner, April 27, 2001
Folder 8: Faculty Awards, May 8, 2001
Folder 9: Commencement Dinner, May 10, 2001
Folder 10: Government, May 11, 2001
Folder 11: The Big Switch (Dr. Smith), 2001
Folder 12: March of Dimes, April 2001
Box 56
Folder 1: Staff Awards, May 22, 2001
Folder 2: Staff Awards, May 2001
Folder 3: Cullen Oaks Grand Opening, August 15, 2001
Folder 4: Women’s Meeting, August 25, 2001
Folder 5: All American Athlete Reception, August 31, 2001
Folder 6: Chet Gladchiuk Farewell, September 20, 2001
Folder 7: Consular Forum Tea, September 28, 2001
Folder 8: Honors College Underwriters Reception, October 2, 2001
Folder 9: 1927 Society Dinner, October 9, 2001
Folder 10: HAF, October 20, 2001
Box 57
Folder 1: Endowed  Chairs Dinner, November 8, 2001
Folder 2: Holiday Open House, December 4, 2001
Folder 3: VIP Holiday Dinner, December 6, 2001
Folder 4: Holiday Open House, December 2001
Folder 5: Commencement, 2001
Folder 6: Frontier Fiesta, 2001
Folder 7: Honorary Degree Dinner, 2001
Folder 8: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade, 2001
Folder 9: Image Campaign Thank You Reception, 2001
Folder 10: Outgoing Regents Dinner, 2001
Box 58
Folder 1: Ellis –Coleman Reception, February 19, 2002
Folder 2: Fort Bend County Reception, February 27, 2002
Folder 3: CEO Reception, March 20, 2002
Folder 4: Endowed Scholarship Luncheon, March 21, 2002
Folder 5: Frontier Fiesta President’s Reception  (1 of 2), March 21, 2002
Folder 6: Frontier Fiesta President’s Reception (2 of 2), March 21, 2002
Folder 7: Faculty Awards Luncheon, April 23, 2002
Folder 8: 75th Anniversary Celebration, April 10, 2002
Folder 9: Presidents Smiths Report to the Community (1 of 2), April 17, 2002
Folder 10: Presidents Smith’s Report to the Community (2 of 2), April 17, 2001
Folder 11: Alpha Chi Omega, 2002
Folder 12: 75th Anniversary Wrap Up Appreciation, 2002
Folder 13: Consular Tea, 2002
Folder 14: Cougar First Impressions, 2002
Folder 15: Football Game UH vs. Tulane, 2002
Folder 16: Homecoming Court, 2002
Folder 17: San Diego Trip, 2002
Folder 18: SECC Luncheon, 2002
Box 59
Folder 1: General Commencement (1 of 2), May 11, 2002
Folder 2: General Commencement (2 of 2), May 11, 2002
Folder 3: Staff Awards, May 21, 2002
Folder 4: Randy Harris/ Dennis Duffy Going Away BBQ, June 1, 2002
Folder 5: UH SSL Grand Opening, August 23, 2002
Folder 6: President’s Tailgate Party, September 14, 2002
Folder 7: Faculty Reception, September 25, 2002
Folder 8: Staffer Reception, September 26, 2002
Folder 9: Jeff Cohen Reception, October 1, 2002
Folder 10: World Space Congress President’s Reception, October 12, 2002
Folder 11: Faculty Reception, October 28, 2002
Folder 12: HAF Pre-Game, November 4, 2002
Folder 13: Rick Noriega Reception, December 4, 2002
Folder 14: Holiday Open House, December 5, 2002
Folder 15: Administration Fall, 2002
Box 60
Folder 1: Presidents Club Dinner, April 18, 2002
Folder 2: Library Ground Breaking, February 26, 2002
Folder 3: Honorary Degree Dinner, May 10, 2002
Folder 4: Talmadge Heflin Reception, June 25, 2002
Folder 5: 1927 Society Dinner, October 10, 2002
Folder 6: Endowed Chairs Dinner, November 19, 2002
Folder 7: VIP Holiday Dinner, December 9, 2002
Folder 8: Sylvester Turner Reception, December 10, 2002
Folder 9: Football Season Tailgate, 2002
Box 61
Folder 1: Farfel Distinguished Lecture – Anna Devere Smith, February 5, 2003
Folder 2: SECC Luncheon, February 27, 2003
Folder 3: Azalea Garden, March 11, 2003
Folder 4: 1927 Society Luncheon, October 9, 2003
Folder 5: Christmas Party, December 4, 2003
Folder 6: Christmas Party, December 8, 2003
Folder 7: Commencement  (1 of 2), 2003
Folder 8: Commencement  (2 of 2), 2003
Folder 9: Farewell Party – Smith, 2003
Folder 10: Football, 2003
Folder 11: Frontier Fiesta, 2003
Folder 12: Honorary Degree, 2003
Folder 13: Rodeo Parade, 2003
Folder 14: President’s Club, 2003
Box 62
Folder 1: Farfel Distinguished Lecture – Carlos Fuentes, February 11, 2004
Folder 2: SECC Reception April, 2004
Folder 3: Wortham House, October 18, 2004
Folder 4: Voter Registration, October 21, 2004
Folder 5: 2004, 2004
Folder 6: Commencement, Wrap-up, 2004
Folder 7: Consular Tea, 2004
Folder 8: Consular Tea, 2004
Folder 9: Cullen Dinner, 2004
Folder 10: Press Conference (Gouge), 2004
Folder 11: Rodeo Parade, 2004
Folder 12: Staff Awards Luncheon, 2004
Box 63
Folder 1: 75th Anniversary
Folder 2: 75th Anniversary – March of Dimes & Student Speaker
Folder 3: 75th Anniversary – Report to the Committee
Folder 4: Arthur K.  Smith with June Smith (Misc.)
Folder 5: Commencement
Folder 6: Cullen Oaks Football Tailgating
Folder 7: Consular Corp. Dinner
Folder 8: Consular Tea (1 of 2)
Folder 9: Consuar Tea (2 of 2)
Folder 10: Dialy Cougar 1949 (Negatives)
Folder 11: Delphian Tea
Folder 12: Football and Tailgating
Folder 13: Georke/ Staples Chinese Consulate
Folder 14: HAF Brunch
Folder 15: Halloween Party
Folder 16: KUHT/KUHF Ceremony
Folder 17: March of Dimes
Box 64
Folder 1: Night at Enron
Folder 2: Report to the Committee – Library Groundbreaking
Folder 3: Rockwell (Astronauts Dinner)
Folder 4: Rockwell Luncheon
Folder 5: SEC – Basketball
Folder 6: Sheila Jackson Lee (unknown event)
Folder 7: Smith, Dr. Arthur – Investitures
Folder 8: Smith, Dr. Arthur – Investitures
Folder 9: Smith, Dr. Arthur – Investitures
Folder 10: Staff Awards Luncheon
Folder 11: Student Speaker Luncheon
Box 65
Folder 1-2: Unidentifed Event
Folder 3: Box #1
Folder 4-9: Unidentifed Event
Box 66
Folder 1: Alvarez (ROTC) and Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 2: Anderson, Jion
Folder 3: Aumann, Glenn/Bush, George
Folder 4: Barthelme, Helen Moore
Folder 5: Belanwhut, Liliana/Medina, Ana/G., Cynthia/Garza, Cynthia/D., Yvonne/Garza Edward Maribel
Folder 6: Bensan, Lloyd/Eisenhower
Folder 7: Bergen, Ian/Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 8: Bishop, Jim/Hilton, Barron
Folder 9: Bishop, Jim/Russo/Schnitzer/Rauch, Leonard/Jordan
Folder 10: Bouer, Len
Folder 11: Bozman, Patricia
Folder 12: Breitmeyer, Bruno
Folder 13: Brewer, Dwight
Folder 14: Burke, Jack
Folder 15: Butler, Grace
Folder 16: Campbell, Ray
Folder 17: Carson, Jan/Pickering, James/Ehrlich, Sharryn
Folder 18: Casey, Jack
Folder 19: Commander, Allen/Briscoe, Dolph
Folder 20: Cox, Jim/Halley, Dr. Edward S./Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Ransom, Dr./Bates, Colonel W. B.
Folder 21: Cox, Jim/Holley, Dr. C. G.
Folder 22: Cullen, H. R.
Folder 23: Cullen, Hugh Roy/Bates, Col. W. B./Olberholtzer, E. E.
Folder 24: Cuss, Dan
Folder 25: Davis, Dell/Taylor, Audrey
Folder 26: Downes, Robin/Pickering, James H.
Folder 27: Duke, James T./Hawn, George S./Hoffman, Philip G.
Folder 28: Ebaugh, Bessie Monroe
Folder 29: Eskin, Arnold
Folder 30: Feliciano, Marisa
Folder 31: Floyd, Carlisle
Folder 32: Forkner, Dr./Weaver/Lemmon/Houston/Armstrong/Kennedy
Folder 33: Franzheim, Kenneth
Folder 34: Freas, Royal
Folder 35: Garson/Waxman/Brady/Estess
Folder 36: Georke, Glenn/Lee, Evelyn
Folder 37: Graham, Mary Angela/Perdue Jr., Jim
Folder 38: Hackett, LTC; Smith
Folder 39: Hightower, Maggie
Folder 40-43: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 44: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Alvarez/McMillan/Moss
Folder 45: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Burke/Weekes
Folder 46: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Connally, John B.
Folder 47: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Evans/Fouke
Folder 48: Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G./Hoffman, Mary Harding
Folder 49: Hoffman, Dr. Phillip G./Holley, Dr./Bates, Colonel W. B.
Folder 50: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Orgain, Marian
Folder 51: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Rogers/Alvarez
Folder 52: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G./Starker
Folder 53: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Box 67
Folder 1: Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 2: Holley, Dr. Edward; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 3: Husch, Ed (Standing)
Folder 4: Ivancevich, John
Folder 5: Jackson, Russel
Folder 6: Johnson, Bella; Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Harding; Dr. Philip G.; Johnson, Dick
Folder 7: Johnson, Bill
Folder 8: Johnson, Dr. Olin
Folder 9: Jordan, Barbara; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 10: Kemmen, Dolores; Roberts, Renate; Rogers Kay
Folder 11: Knauss, Robert
Folder 12: Kravechuk, Leoniel
Folder 13: Kretlow, William
Folder 14: Leinhardt, John
Folder 15: Magner, Dr. George
Folder 16: McElhinney, C. F.; Frazar; Hackett, LTC
Folder 17: McElhinney, C. F.; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.
Folder 18: Distinguished Alumnus - McElhinney, C. F.; Hoffman, Philip G.; Lewis, Guy V.
Folder 19: McElhinney, C. F.; Lewis, Guy V.
Folder 20: McElhinney, C. F.; Frazar
Folder 21: McElhinney, C. F.; Scott, Bill
Folder 22: McMilleao, Dan
Folder 23: Meir, Wilbur; Lindsey, Jon
Folder 24: Mistree, Farrokh
Folder 25: Mitchell, L. Standlee
Folder 26: Board of Regents - Morian, Beth
Folder 27: Mottek, Carol
Folder 28: Munitz, Barry; Hoffman, Dr. Philip G.; Rauch, Leonard
Folder 29: Murray, Richard
Folder 30: Nicholson, Patrick J.; Schult, Alexander; Barnett, Marguerite Ross; Lay, Kenneth; Oberholtzer, E.E.
Folder 31: Oberholtzer, E.E.
Folder 32: Oberholtzer, E.E.
Folder 33: Pickering, James H.
Folder 34: Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 35: Pickering, Dr. James H.; Pickering, Pat
Folder 36: Pickering, James H.; Smith, Earl
Folder 37: Pinsley, Lauren
Folder 38: Raguzzo, Robert
Folder 39: Rauch, Leonard; Hobby, Bill
Folder 40: Rauch, Leonard; Neuman, Alfred R.; Hobby, Bill
Folder 41: Rothman, Ian; Grutz, Elizabeth Brown; Pipkin, James; Pickering, Dr. James H.
Folder 42: Sanchez, Oscar – Alias
Folder 43: Schult, Alexander
Folder 44: Sharp, Harry; Woody; Scott, Bill
Folder 45: Soo, Grandmaster Kim
Folder 46: Stephan, Morgan
Folder 47: Strader, Ross; Ross, Billy; Taylor, Wayne; Block, Farris; Palmer, Jim; Alexander, Loius; Underwood, Bruce
Folder 48: UH Habitat for Humanity - Thaddeus, David
Folder 49: Villasenor, Victor
Folder 50: Weber, Wilford
Folder 51: Yeoman, Bill; Foulke
Folder 52: Zokie, Al; Pennant, Martin
Folder 53: Zrail, George
Series 6: Miscellaneous and Unidentified
Box 68
Folder 1: Book Promos
Folder 2-4: Miscellaneous
Folder 5: Nature Photos
Folder 6: Painting By Mare Changa III – Museum of Modern Art
Folder 7: Petroleum Industry
Folder 8: Solar Energy Collector Tower Project
Folder 9: Still Life Books
Folder 10: Squirrels
Box 69
Folder 1: Architecture
Folder 2: Art
Folder 3: Children
Folder 4: Construction Workers
Folder 5: Event
Folder 6: Geosciences
Folder 7: Head Shots (5 x 7)
Folder 8: Information Booth – University of Houston
Folder 9: Law Enforcement
Folder 10: Machinery
Folder 11: Maintenance
Folder 12: Miscellaneous
Folder 13: Modeling (5 x 7)
Folder 14: Modeling (8 x 10)
Folder 15-16: Navy
Folder 17: Physical Education
Box 70
Folder 1-2: Miscellaneous
Folder 3: Pharmacy
Folder 4: Podiums
Folder 5: Priest
Folder 6: Productions
Folder 7: Science (5 x 7)
Folder 8-9: Science (8 x 10)
Folder 10: Sewing
Folder 11: Sports
Box 71
Photo 14: Student Politics
Folder 1: Staff (5x7)
Folder 2-3: Staff (8x10)
Folder 4: Staff - Outside shots
Folder 5: Staff - Women's Studies
Folder 6: Staffer - January
Folder 7: Staffer - May
Folder 8-13: Students
Box 72
Folder 1: Students (4.5x5.5)
Folder 2: Students (5x7)
Folder 3-4: Students (8x10)
Folder 5: Telescopes
Folder 6: Technology
Box 73
Folder 1: Unidentified (4.5x5.5)
Folder 2-3: Unidentified (5x7)
Folder 4-6: Unidentified (8x10)
Folder 7: Unidentified
Box 74
Folder 1-9: Unidentified (5x7)
Box 75
Folder 1-3: Unidentified (5x7)
Folder 4-6: Unidentified (8x10)
Box 76
Folder 1-7: Unidentified (8x10)
Box 77
Folder 1-7: Unidentified (8x10)
Box 78
Folder 1-9: Unidentified (8x10)
Folder 10: Governors of Texas & Presidents of the Republic of Texas
Box 85
Folder 1: Campus Plans and Models (2 photos)
Folder 2: Cruicifix located in A. D. Bruce Religion Center
Folder 3: The Cougar – April 6, 1928
Folder 4: UH – Clear Lake Campus
Folder 5: “Your Future in Home Economics” (poster)
Folder 6-22: Miscellaneous
Folder 23: Printing Plates
Series 7: Unprocessed materials and additions

The unprocessed materials consists mostly of negatives, slides, and contact sheets, as well as some marketing photos.

53 boxes (41 linear feet) of materials contain mostly negatives and contact sheets, as well as a few boxes of photographs labeled "duplicates."

An additional 9 boxes (3 linear feet) contain slides.

An accrual received in 2009 is identified as accession # 1969-037a and contains 18 boxes (18 linear feet) of boxes filled with binders containing mostly slides and negatives. Also included are a few CDs.

Series 8: Unprocessed electronic materials
This series contains digital archival photographs, which can be accessed in the Special Collections Reading Room by advance request. These materials may require up to one week to access. Contact University Archivist Mary Manning at mmmanning@uh.edu for more information.

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