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Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference Collection


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Marjorie Randal - Personal


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Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference Collection, 1974-1982 | University of Houston Libraries

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Collection Overview

Title: Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference Collection, 1974-1982

Predominant Dates:1977

ID: 02/1996-007

Primary Creator: Randal, Marjorie

Extent: 2.0 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 00/00/1996

Subjects: Feminism - United States, National Women's Conference, Randal, Marjorie, Women's rights - Texas - Houston

Forms of Material: Brochures, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Fliers (printed matter), Newsletters, Publications (document genre)

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection, donated by Marjorie Randal, documents the National Women's Conference held in Houston in November 1977. The collection includes clippings, brochures, flyers, newsletters, invitations, correspondence, and publications. Materials in the collection date from 1974-1982, with the bulk of the collection dated 1977. The collection was originally in two large binders labeled Events and Opinions. The materials in those binders have been removed to facilitate handling of the items and placed in folders and boxes.

The collection is organized into four series, based on the organization of the collection when it was donated. The series are Events, Opinions, Publications, and Marjorie Randal - Personal. Much of the material in the first three series is "gate literature" from the National Women's Conference and from groups that attended the conference, including the National Council of Women of the United States and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. The fourth series in this collection includes material of Marjorie Randal’s that does not concern the National Women’s Conference. This material was added to the collection after the initial processing was completed and, as it differs in subject matter and in time from the bulk of the collection, it has been given its own series.

Two publications have been removed from this collection for cataloging as part of the Women's Archive and Research Center. These are the N.O.W. News (call number HQ 1101.N682), the newsletter for the Bay Area chapter of the National Organization for Women, which dates from July 1973- October 1990, and the Houston Breakthrough (call number HQ 1101.B74), a feminist newspaper for the Houston area, which dates from January 1976- January 1981. For preservation reasons, a number of newspaper pages and large newspaper articles have been placed in Box 3, an oversize box. Separation sheets in the relevant folders indicate where a newspaper or article has been removed. The oversize box also contains a placard from the National Women’s Conference.

Collection Historical Note

The National Women's Conference was held on November 18-22, 1977 in Houston, Texas. The conference, which was part of a larger effort to study and report on the status of women in the United States, was sponsored by the United States' government (Congress appropriated $5 million for the entire study). This study occurred in response to the International Women's Year, which was held in Mexico City in 1975, sponsored by the United Nations.

Almost 2,000 women attended the National Women’s Conference as official delegates or alternates. Each state sent delegates who had been elected at state meetings held earlier in the year. The purpose of the conference was to discuss and vote upon a National Plan of Action, which would provide the U. S. government with a plan for improving the status of women in all areas of their lives.


The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women's Conference. Washington, D.C.: National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, 1978.

"National Women's Conference." Lisa Tuttle. Encyclopedia of Feminism.  New York, N.Y.: Facts on File, 1986.

Biographical Note

Marjorie Randal has been an active supporter of women's rights in the Galveston and Houston areas. She was instrumental in establishing the Bay Area chapter of the National Organization for Women and has held a variety of offices in that organization. She also worked as a volunteer at the National Women's Conference in Houston. She testified repeatedly before the Texas Board of Education to identify and oppose discrimination based on gender in student textbooks.

Subject/Index Terms

Feminism - United States
National Women's Conference
Randal, Marjorie
Women's rights - Texas - Houston

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for reserach

Use Restrictions:

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Acquisition Source: Donation by Marjorie Randal, 1996

Separated Materials:

N.O.W. News (call number HQ 1101.N682), July 1973- October 1990.

Houston Breakthrough (call number HQ 1101.B74), January 1976- January 1981.

Original/Copies Note: Selections from this collection have been digitized and are available in the UH Digital Library. For more information please see http://digital.lib.uh.edu/collection/1996_007.

Preferred Citation: Marjorie Randal National Women’s Conference Collection, Courtesy of Special Collections & Archives, University of Houston Libraries.

Processing Information: Andrea Bean Hough, 1996

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Events],
[Series 2: Opinions],
[Series 3: Publications],
[Series 4: Marjorie Randal - Personal],
[Series 5: Oversize],

Series 1: Events
This series contains twenty folders, the bulk of which are dated 1977. Items are sorted by type of material, with the exception of the Texas Women's Meeting informational packet, which included several kinds of materials.
Box 1
Folder 1: Agendas, 1977
Item 1: Helen Cassidy business card, undated
Item 2: Distinguished Women In Government Lecture Series agenda, November 19-20, 1977
Item 3: Volunteer Briefing Sessions agenda, November 10-13, 1977
Folder 2: Brochures, 1975-1977
Item 1: National Abortion Rights Action League letter writing brochure, undated
Item 2: Only the Beginning: A Blueprint for Equality, The International Women's Year Conference, Mexico City, 1975
Item 3: Texas Women's Meeting, "Women at the Grass Roots: Growing Toward Unity", June 24-26, 1977
Item 4: First National Women's Conference cocktail reception invitation, undated
Item 5: Texas Women in Politics brochure, undated
Item 6: IWY - National Women's Conference One Year Later invitation, November 16, 1978
Item 7: Seneca Falls South conference program, November 18-21, 1977
Item 8: Texas Committee on the Observance of IWY Decade mailer, undated
Item 9: Texas Women's Meeting mini-report brochure, 1977
Item 10: Rules for Texas Women's Meeting brochure, June 24-26, 1977
Item 11: American Women on the Move brochure, undated
Folder 3: Budget, 1977
Item 1: Budget for Planning, Implementing, and Reporting on the Texas Women's Meeting to be held in June 1977, May 15, 1977
Folder 4: Clippings, 1977
Folder 5: Correspondence, 1977
Item 1: Letter from Elizabeth Athanasakos and Harry Edwards to Marjorie Randal, October 31, 1977
Item 2: Letter from Gloria D. Scott to Marjorie Randal, November 10, 1977
Item 3: Letter from Yolanda Ayubi to Marjorie Randal, November 13, 1977
Item 4: Letter from Sherry Collier to Marjorie Randal, November 14, 1977
Item 5: Letter from Harry T. Edwards to Marjorie Randal, November 23, 1977
Item 6: Letter from Priscilla Weatherly to Marjorie Randal, December 1, 1977
Folder 6: Delegates List, 1977
Item 1: Number of Representatives by State to National Conference, undated
Item 2: National Women's Conference 1977 badge information cards, 1977
Item 3: List of pro-women's rights delegate nominees, undated
Item 4: Slate called "conservative" by its distributor at Texas IWY Conference, June 26, 1977
Item 5: Delegate Nominees for National Conference selected by Nominating Committee, undated
Item 6: Delegates to the National Women's Conference brochure, undated
Item 7: Lesbian Caucus Endorsements, National IWY Delegates, undated
Folder 7: Fliers, 1977
Item 1: Texas Women's Meeting flier, undated
Item 2: Texas Women's Meeting flier and letter with list of endorsements, 1977
Item 3: Remember Roxanne flier, undated
Item 4: "The American Woman: Portraits of Courage" flier, November 14, 1977
Item 5: Coalition of Grass Roots Women Alternate Conference agenda, November 18-20, 1977
Item 6: Seneca Falls Concert flier, November 20, 1977
Item 7: Down with Racism, Sexism, and Anti-gay Bigotry flier, 1977
Item 8: Linda "Pokey" Anderson "I want your daughter..." flier, 1977
Item 9: For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf flier, November 19-20, 1977
Folder 8: Informational Sheets, 1977
Item 1: Election of Texas Delegates to the National Women's Conference, procedures and list of nominees, 1977
Item 2: Background on the National Women's Conference an the IWY Commission, October 1977
Item 3: National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year press release, October 1977
Item 4: National Women's Conference tentative agenda, October 14, 1977
Item 5: Briefings from the Top, Distinguished Women in Government Lecture Series tentative agenda, 1977
Item 6: International Women's Year Conference Houston information packet, October 28, 1977
Item 7: National Women's Conference information bulletin, November 18-21, 1977
Folder 9: Instruction Sheets, 1977
Item 1: Delegate Registration Procedure, National Women's Conference, November 18-19, 1977
Item 2: Commissioner and Staff Registration Procedure, National Women's Conference, November 17, 1977
Item 3: Conference facility diagrams, 1977
Item 4: National Women's Conference draft agenda, November 18-21, 1977
Item 5: Color Coding for Photo Identification, November 15, 1977
Item 6: Major Facilities, National Women's Conference, undated
Folder 10: Invitations, 1977-1980
Item 1: Suffragette photo, undated
Item 2: ERAmerica party invitation, November 18, 1977
Item 3: Marjorie Randal envelope, 1980
Folder 11: Miscellaneous, 1977
Item 1: Hyatt Regency Houston brochure, undated
Item 2: "Who Remembers Mama?": The Plight of the Displaced Homemaker documentary viewing invitation, August 25, 1980
Item 3: Session 2 card, November 19, 1977
Item 4: Session 3 card, November 19, 1977
Item 5: Session 4 card, November 20, 1977
Item 6: National Women's Conference signed ticket invitation, 1977
Item 7: Conference Operations card, 1977
Item 8: For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf playbill, November 19, 1977
Item 9: 1st National Women's Conference brochure, November 18-21, 1977
Folder 12: National Commission on the Observance of IWY, 1976-1977
Item 1: 1976 Commission
Item 2: 1977 Commission
Folder 13: Newsletters, 1977-1978
Item 1: NOW News Bay Area Chapter, Volume 5, Number 7, July 1977
Item 2: National Women's Conference Daily Bulletin No. 2, November 20, 1977
Item 3: The Spokeswoman, Volume 8, Number 6, December 15, 1977
Item 4: Pointblank Times, Volume 4, Number 1, January-February 1978
Item 5: Dispatch Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, Fall 1977
Item 6: People's Platform Newsletter #12, September 1977
Item 7: NOW News Bay Area Chapter, Volume 5, Number 12, December 1977
Item 8: KPFT Program Guide, November 1977
Item 9: Coyote Howls newspaper, Autumn 1977
Item 10: Showdown at Houston newspaper, undated
Folder 14: Photographs, 1977
Item 1: Seneca Falls Torch exchanged by Twiss Butler and Betty Yancey, November 15, 1977
Folder 15: Press Releases, 1977
Item 1: National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year press release, October 1977
Folder 16: Program, 1977
Item 1: "American Women on the Move," National Women's Conference program, November 18-21, 1977
Folder 17: Reports, 1977
Item 1: Houston Volunteer Committee for Delegate and IWY Commissioner Registration report, 1977
Item 2: Women and Poverty in the United States report, 1977
Folder 18: Texas Women's Meeting, 1977
Item 1: The Legal Status of Homemakers in Texas report, March 1977
Item 2: Texas Women's Meeting flier, June 24-26, 1977
Item 3: Hyatt Regency Houston brochure, undated
Item 4: Texas Women's Meeting folder, June 24-26, 1977
Folder 19: Updates, 1977
Item 1: Update on the State Women's Meetings & the National IWY Conference, July 25, 1977
Item 2: Update on the National Women's Conference, November 1977
Item 3: White House Presentation Set, March 20, 1978
Folder 20: Welcoming Rally, 1977
Item 1: Houston Equal Rights for Women Welcoming Rally flier and letter, 1977
Item 2: Houston Equal Rights for Women Welcoming Rally flier, November 18, 1977
Item 3: Letter from Marjorie Randal to Houston Equal Rights for Women Welcoming Rally Coordinating Committee, September 27, 1977
Item 4: Clear Lake City AAUW envelope, 1977
Series 2: Opinions
This series contains seven folders, the majority of which date from 1977. The largest number of items are clippings, most of which come from the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post. Materials are sorted alphabetically by folder heading. Within each folder, materials have been kept in their original order.
Box 1
Folder 21: Brochures, 1977
Item 1: National Plan of Action adopted at National Women's Conference, November 18-21, 1977
Item 2: Frances E. Willard brochure, undated
Item 3: The National Chamber of Commerce for Women brochure, 1977
Item 4: Frances E. Willard the Individualist brochure, 1977
Item 5: First Clarion Call for World Prohibition brochure, undated
Item 6: The Sexual Barrier brochure, undated
Item 7: National Council of Women of the United States brochure, undated
Item 8: The Aims and Goals of the NCW, USA brochure, undated
Item 9: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom brochure, undated
Item 10: "If... you had $100 to spend and..." brochure, 1977
Item 11: A Woman's Place is in the World brochure, 1977
Item 12: What WILPF stands for brochure, 1977
Item 13: I want to see 2000 brochure, undated
Item 14: Houston Breakthrough brochure, undated
Item 15: American Women on the Move brochure, 1977
Folder 22: Clippings, 1977
Folder 23: Essays, probably 1977
Item 1: "My Struggle as a Black Woman" essay, undated
Folder 24: Fliers, 1977
Item 1: Seven Year Extension Campaign Postcard Instruction Sheet, undated
Item 2: International Women's Year poem, 1977
Item 3: Georgia Women: A Celebration flier, undated
Item 4: National Woman's Party, Alice Paul jail jewelry flier, 1977
Item 5: South-Side Welfare Rights Organization letter, 1978
Item 6: "To the General Public" flier, 1977
Item 7: Women's Rights in Peril flier, January 18, 1977
Folder 25: Informational Sheets, 1977
Item 1: Why an Extension for the ERA?, 1977
Item 2: National Women's Studies Association membership form, undated
Item 3: Committee to End Sterilization Abuse information sheet, undated
Item 4: The National Council of Women: History and Purpose, undated
Item 5: An Appeal to the Delegates of the IWY Women's Conference in Houston, 1977
Item 6: The New International Economic Order: Does Women's Work Count?, March 1977
Item 7: Women's International League for Peace & Freedom Publications, 1977
Item 8: Battered Women, Rape, and Abused Children information sheet, undated
Item 9: Defend Women's Rights information sheet, 1977
Folder 26: Miscellaneous, 1977
Item 1: Grace & Truth flier, undated
Item 2: Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Visitor Program brochure, undated
Item 3: UN In Brief brochure, July 1974
Item 4: Women are Praying for Women flier, undated
Item 5: God Loves You flier, undated
Item 6: National Council of Jewish Women flier, undated
Folder 27: Surveys, 1977
Item 1: California IWY Support Coalition research questionnaire, undated
Item 2: Screen Actors Guild Womens Conference Committee information and survey, November 18-21, 1977
Series 3: Publications
There are eighteen folders in this series. These publications were produced for the most part by the U. S. State Department, which sponsored the National Women’s Conference. Included are guides to producing workshops, as well as final reports on the conference and related meetings. Materials are arranged alphabetically by the title of the publication.
Box 1
Folder 28: Battered Women, 1977
Folder 29: Child Care: A Workshop Guide, 1977
Box 2
Folder 1: The Earnings Gap Between Women and Men, 1976
Folder 2: Older Women: A Workshop Guide, 1977
Folder 3: Participants, approximately 1977
Folder 4: Proposed National Plan of Action, 1977
Folder 5: Rape, 1977
Folder 6: Sexual Preference, 1977
Folder 7: Spirit of Houston, 1978
Folder 8: Statement on Affirmative Action, 1977
Folder 9: Strategies for Change, 1977
Folder 10: Teenage Pregnancy, 1977
Folder 11: Texas Women's Meeting, 1977
Folder 12: To Form a More Perfect Union, 1976
Folder 13: United Nations Comes to Texas, 1974
Folder 14: What Happens if this Man Leaves the Picture, probably 1977
Folder 15: Wife Abuse, 1977
Folder 16: Women in Elective and Appointive Office: A Workshop Guide, 1977
Series 4: Marjorie Randal - Personal
This series contains one folder of material that does not relate to the National Women’s Conference. The materials are personal papers of Marjorie Randal, and include speeches, a newspaper article, correspondence, and invitations. The series also contains a souvenir journal from the National Organization for Women’s “You Can’t Stop NOW” Seventh National Conference in 1974.
Box 2
Folder 17: Marjorie Randal – Personal, 1974-1982
Series 5: Oversize
OVS_Box 3
OVS_Item 1: Newspapers, 1977-1979
OVS_Item 2: Placard, undated

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[Series 2: Opinions],
[Series 3: Publications],
[Series 4: Marjorie Randal - Personal],
[Series 5: Oversize],

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