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Alonso S. Perales Papers


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Alonso S. Perales Papers, 1898-1991 | University of Houston Libraries

By Kristen McAlear and Nicolás Kanellos

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Collection Overview

Title: Alonso S. Perales Papers, 1898-1991

ID: 04/2010-002

Primary Creator: Perales, Alonso S., 1898-1960

Extent: 17.0 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 00/00/2009

Subjects: Comité contra el Racismo, Committee of One Hundred Citizens, League of Loyal Citizens, League of United Latin American Citizens, Perales, Alonso S., 1898-1960, Perales, Marta Pérez de

Forms of Material: Blueprints (reprographic copies), Books, Brochures, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Manuscripts (document genre), Offprints, Periodicals, Photographs, Scrapbooks, Typescripts

Languages: English, Spanish;Castilian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Containing 17 series and housed in 14 boxes, this collection documents the life and work of Alonso S. Perales and, to a lesser degree, that of his wife, Marta Pérez de Perales. The collection also contains the correspondence with Perales by noteworthy civil rights leaders as J. T. Canales, Dr. Carlos Castañeda, José Luz Saenz, Mauro Machado, George I. Sánchez and Adela Sloss de Vento. The Alonso S. Perales Papers also contain the organizational papers for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Committee of One Hundred Citizens and League of Loyal Citizens and various other civil rights organizations. Perales’ journalism, essays, speeches and radio addresses are represented on hundreds of pages of typescript, at times with marginalia. His published materials include books, pamphlets and thousands of newspaper columns and letters to the editor. The collection also includes onionskin copies of typewritten letters from Perales to recipients, including community leaders, national and state politicians, and their typewritten letters responding to him. An extensive newspaper clipping file and full pages of newspapers from around Texas that carried his writing are also conserved in this collection. A particularly interesting chapter in the Perales documentation corresponds to his service as Consul for Nicaragua in San Antonio, during which he seems to have forged a strong relationship with Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza. Also included is a rich collection of personal and business photographs, many of which have been identified, and important memorabilia, such as awards, certificates and citations given to Mr. Perales.

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Biographical Note

Alonso S. Perales, civil-rights lawyer and diplomat, was born on Oct. 17, 1898, to Susana Sandoval and Nicolas Perales in Alice, Texas. His father died when he was six years old and his mother when he was 12, leaving him an orphan. He worked laying railroad ties and picking cotton to put himself through high school and college. Later, Perales was drafted into the United States Army during World War I. After the war, Perales received an honorable discharge and moved to Washington D.C. to work with the U.S. Commerce Department. Perales eventually enrolled at George Washington University, receiving his B.A. He then attended the National University where he received his Law degree in 1926.

Perales married Marta Pérez y Peña, a bookstore owner, and they eventually adopted a daughter and two sons. In the 1920s and 1930s he went on thirteen diplomatic missions to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and the West Indies. In particular he was Legal Advisor to the United States Electoral Mission in Nicaragua in 1928, 1930 and 1932 and was one of the attorneys on General John J. Pershing’s staff for the Tacna-Arica Arbitration Commision in 1925-1926. He served as Consul General of Nicaragua in San Antonio, Texas and in 1945 he served as legal counsel to the Nicaraguan delegation at the United Nations conference. He also served under the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.

From the 1920s until his death, Perales remained a prominent political leader, particularly as a defender of Mexican-American civil rights. As such he participated in various Civil Rights organizations and was one of the founders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in 1929. Along with José Tomás Canales and Eduardo Idar, he helped write the LULAC constitution and served as the organization’s second president in 1930, organizing Council 16 in San Antonio. As president of LULAC one of Perales greatest accomplishments was the successful defeat of the Box Immigration Bill in 1930 which would have put a quota on Mexican immigration to the United States. His other civic activities included founding the Independent Voters Association, a Mexican-American political club in San Antonio, introducing legislation calling for the prohibition of racial discrimination, and membership in other religious and civil rights organizations. For his civic activities he was decorated by Spain with the “Medal of Civil Merit”, one of the nation’s highest civil honors.

Perales published numerous essays, speeches and two books: Are we good neighbors? which documents cases of racial discrimination, and the two volume En defensa de mi raza which compiles many of his essays and speeches on racial discrimination and those of other intellectuals. Also a regular columnist for La Prensa and other Spanish language newspapers, he published columns entitled “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos” which spoke of Mexican-American civil rights issues and “Por mi religión” which presents issues related to the Catholic Church.

Alonso S. Perales died on May 9, 1960. In 1977 the Alonso S. Perales Elementary School in Edgewood ISD was dedicated on the west side of San Antonio, and in 1990 the national LULAC convention in Albuquerque paid tribute to him.

Subject/Index Terms

Comité contra el Racismo
Committee of One Hundred Citizens
League of Loyal Citizens
League of United Latin American Citizens
Perales, Alonso S., 1898-1960
Perales, Marta Pérez de

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

Use Restrictions:

Permission to publish or reprint these materials must be requested from Arte Público Press at https://artepublicopress.com/permissions/.

Special Collections owns the physical items in our collections, but copyright normally belongs to the creator of the materials or his/her heirs or Arte Público Press. The researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of Special Collections material in print or electronic form.

Acquisition Source: Donated to the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project (https://artepublicopress.com/recovery-project/) by Alonso S. Perales' daughter Marta Carrizales and son Raymond Perales.

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Preferred Citation: Alonso S. Perales Papers. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Processing Information: Nicolás Kanellos, Carolina Villarroel, Gabriela Baeza Ventura, Norma Mouton, Cristelia Pérez, Miguel Kanellos, Kristen McAlear and the research assistants at the Recovering the U. S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Program.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Personal Papers],
[Series 2: General Correspondence],
[Series 3: Nicaraguan Consular Service],
[Series 4: Aricna-Tacna Compromise],
[Series 5: League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)/Sons of America],
[Series 6: National Foreign Trade Council],
[Series 7: Committee of One Hundred Citizens and League of Loyal Citizens],
[Series 8: Additional Civil Service],
[Series 9: Law Firm],
[Series 10: Religious Interests],
[Series 11: Perales Original Works],
[Series 12: Newspaper Clippings and Saved Articles],
[Series 13: Marta Pérez de Perales Papers],
[Series 14: Original Works by other individuals],
[Series 15: Periodicals and Publications],
[Series 16: Scrapbooks],
[Series 17: Artifacts],

Series 11: Perales Original Works
This series contains 64 folders housed in 2 boxes. Please note that Box 14 is an oversize box with large items from several series. Alonso S. Perales was an active author and speechwriter, contributing essays, newspaper articles and offering radio and public speeches in support of civil rights and other political issues. His essays were compiled in a published book entitled En defensa de mi raza. (In defense of my race) and the manuscript is included in this series. Also of note are numerous other essays authored by Perales, along with transcripts of his radio addresses and speeches, and copies of the manuscripts for his speeches. It is organized alphabetically by title.
Sub-Series 1: Essays, Letters, Editorials, other
This subseries contains 15 folders housed in 2 boxes, including 1 oversize document “Carta Abierta”. These are manuscripts of Alonso S. Perales essays, letters and editorials and documents reasonably likely to be authored by Alonso Perales. Don Político is a suspected pseudonym of Alonso Perales but is included with the series: Original works by other individuals. This series is organized alphabetically by title.
Box 8
Folder 1: Folleto E. V. C  74-151 (Inc.)
Folder 2: Folleto E. V. C 168-183 (Inc.)
Folder 3: Folleto E. V. C. 190-290 (Inc.)
Folder 4: Folleto E.V. C  301-401 (Inc)
Folder 5: A - B
Item 1: “A las colonias mexicanas y México-Texanas de Alice,” co-signed Perales and J. Luz Saenz
Item 2: “A propósito del problema artístico que se desarrolla …,”
Item 3: "A todos los patronos.”
Item 4: “El abogado Alonso S. Perales se retira de todo movimiento panamericanista en Texas"
Item 5: “About a year ago, the San Antonio Board of Education …,”
Item 6: “Addressed Delivered as San Benito, Texas, Oct. 25, 1951”
Item 7: “Una aclaración a las colonias mexicana y México- Americana”
Item 8: “Además, la actitud firme …, unsigned fragment.
Item 9: “Al margen de las propuestas reformas a la constitución del estado de Texas,”
Item 10: “Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo,” incomplete ms (p.2 only).
Item 11: “Antes que te cases,”, Oct. 1951
Item 12: “Are We Good Neighbors?”  2 drafts, one dated, Apr. 1948
Item 13: “Army Returns Remains of South Texas Heroes for Burial in Cemeteries Near Homes.”, Aug. 28, 1948
Item 14: “Arte de México. La Real Academia de San Carlos.”
Item 15: “Bobby Davila” unsigned, Sept. 1946
Folder 6: C - D
Item 1: “Citations to the Congressional Medal of Honor,” unsigned.
Item 2: “El Comité Presidencial de Prácticas Justas…” by Alonso S. Perales
Item 3: “El Controlador General de los Estados Unidos dicta una interpretación …,” by Alonso S. Perales, two drafts
Item 4: “Crescencio Trevino” unsigned, assumed to be Peralesf
Item 5: “Damas y caballeros …,” untitled speech.
Item 6: “Damas y caballeros, como abogado su servidor …,” untitled speech, undated, part of three-person panel.  Two other persons’ speeches attached (Ramón Galindo and Andrés Rivera)
Item 7: “Datos para la prensa,” Alosno S. Perales.
Item 8: “Declaraciones del Lic. Alsonso S. Perales acreca del Proyecto de Ley Anti-Discriminatoria …,” unsigned.
Item 9: “De justicia del Condado o del Distrito que nos persigue  con diligencia…”
Item 10: “Democracy and Church Related Schools,” unsigned,  undated.
Item 11: “Democracy Will Be a Reality for Americans of Mexican Descnet in Texas,” unsigned.
Item 12: “Derechos constitucionales,” by Alonso S. Perales
Item 13: *“Directo y gentil radio auditorio …” unsigned.
Item 14: “Discrimination against Persons …,” unsigned.
Item 15: “El discurso del Lic. Alonso S. Perales en la Gran Fiesta de la Raza …,”, 1932
Item 16: “Discurso pronunciado por el Lic. Alonso S. Perales en favor de la candidatura del Lic. James S. Bates,” unsigned
Item 17: “Don Baltasar de Zúñiga,” undated, unsigned.
Folder 7: E - G
Item 1: “Editoriales,” unsigned.
Item 2: “Educational Opportunities of the Latin-American Child above the Elementary School Level …,” unsigned, undated.
Item 3: “Elección el martes,” unsigned. (3 copies)
Item 4: “La elección sobre el sistema de gerencia …” unsigned.
Item 5: “La evolución de la raza mexicana en Texas,” by Alonso S. Perales.
Item 6: “En defensa de mi raza,” unsigned.
Item 7: “En la primera parte...” unsigned.
Item 8: “¿Es debido a nuestra falta de aseo que se nos humilla?” Alonso S. Perales
Item 9: “España en San Antonio.” Undated, unsigned.
Item 10: “El Estado de las gestiones encaminadas a acabar con la discriminación,” by Alonso Perales
Item 11: “…extienda a nuestra raza en general el debido respeto…” incomplete, unsigned, Jun 30, 1928
Item 12: “Frank J. Gravis” Biography, Southwest Texans, 1953
Item 13: “Gran velada” unsigned, assumed to be Perales
Folder 8: H - I
Item 2: “Hasta qué grado puede el gobierno ederal …,” Spanish and English versions (2 copies), Oct. 21, 1944
Item 3: “Hermanos de raza,” unsigned.
Item 6: “His Excellency, The Most Rev. Robert E. Lucey …,” speech on Racial Prejudice in Spain, given to the Knights of Columbus, Mar. 20, 1952
Item 7: “Honorable Mayor and City Commissioners, ladies and Gentlemen,” unsigned.
Item 8: “Honorable W. W. McCrory,” unsigned.
Item 9: “Hoy es la gran velada,” unsigned.
Item 10: “I have no personal complaint,” unsigned.
Item 11: “Importante reunión de la Comisión de Salubridad,” unsigned.
Item 12: “El impuesto electoral y nuestra lucha en pro de justicia social,” Alonso S. Perales
Item 13: “Información.” Unsigned, undated.
Item 14: “Informe… acerca del estado de las gestiones encaminadas a terminar con la discriminación,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 15: “El intercambio universitario entre México y Estados Unidos,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 16: “Un interesantísimo ciclo de conferencias,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 17: “It is a great pleasure …,” unsigned.
Item 18: “Sec. 2. It is found that a large...” unsigned
Item 19: “It is more glorious that a man for his country should live!”
Folder 9: J - M
Item 1: “El joven Gonzalo Garza…,” unsigned.
Item 2: “Juvenile Board Judges Refuse to Act in the Face of Rising Delinquency!” unsigned.
Item 3: “Juvenile delinquency in Hidalgo County: 1943-1953”
Item 4: “La juventud hispanoamericana de San Antonio…,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 5: “La leyenda del conejo,” unsigned.
Item 6: “El Lic. Alonso S. Perales nos hace declaraciones sobre el proyecto de ley antidiscriminatorio.” unsigned, Jan. 12, 1945
Item 7: “El Lic. Alonso S. Perales renuncia...,” unsigned draft.
Item 8: “El Lic. Alonso S. Perales ha presentado su renucia,” unsigned.
Item 9: “Lista de personas que asistieron al almuerzo …,” handwritten.
Item 10: “Lista que contiene los nombres de las poblaciones en Texas en donde se le ha negado el servicio a los mexicanos…” unsigned.
See also: Box 8 Folder 14 Item 14
Item 11: “Luling has a new mexican school” unsigned, The San Antonio Light, Jan. 26, 1931
Item 12: “El martes de la semana próxima …estuvo …Daniel Salinas,” Alonso Perales
Item 13: “Mexican Atmosphere,” unsigned.
Item 14: “The Mexican people also …,: fragment, unsigned.
Item 15: “Un mexicano que defiende sus derechos y a nuestra raza,” unsigned.
Item 16: "El mexico americano y la política del sur de Texas”
Item 17: “Mis muy estimados radio-escuchas:” unsigned.
Item 18: “Must in New Books,” by the American Progressive Association.
Item 19: “My Fellow Americans of County Precinct No. 1,” unsigned.
Folder 10: “Mis dignos conciudadanos…” speeches
Item 1: “Mis dignos conciudadanos,” Alonso S. Perales. 6 different speech drafts, one dated, May 2, 1943, undated
Item 2: “Mis distinguidos conciudadanos de origen hispano,” unsigned
Item 3: “Mis dignos conciudadanos y hermanos de raza,” speech (11 speeches/ copies/drafts under these first words)., undated
Item 4: “Mis dignos conciudadanos de origen mexicano,” unsigned.
Item 5: “Mis dignos conciudadanos México-americanos,”unsigned.
Folder 11: N - O
Item 1: “El negocio del censo de Estados Unidos…,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 2: “Niegan servicio en un café a 4 soldados méxico-texanos” unsigned, assumed to be Perales.
Item 3: “North St. Mary’s Street Skating Rink,: unsigned speech.
Item 4: “Nuestra juventud debe aprender lo que es el matrimonio antes de casarse,” unsigned, undated
Item 5: “Nuestro pueblo puede ayudarse a sí mismo,”, Nov. 20, 1948
Item 6: “Nuestro pueblo sufre otra gran pérdida,” por Alonso S. Perales.
Item 8: “Obtuvo un dorado triunfo el gran maestro Carlos Chavez” por Alonso S. Perales
Item 9: “Oportunidades educativas que debemos aprovechar,” Alonso S. Perales, undated
Item 10: “Optimismo,” unsigned, undated
Item 11: “Over a century ago …” essay on Texas Mexican founders of the Republic of Texas, English and Spanish versions.
Folder 12: P
Item 1: “Perales, Alonso,” biography for “Who’s Who in the American Electoral Mission of Nicaragua—1930”
Item 2: “Un periódico es útil cuando sirve los intereses de la colectividad,” Alonso S. Perales., Feb. 13, 1946
Item 3: “El “Poll-Tax” o Impuesto Electoral,” by Alonso S. Perales, Jan. 26, 1945
Item 4: “Por qué voté por el gobernador Shivers,” by Alonso S. Perales. (2 drafts)
Item 5: “El porvenir de los México-americanos,” unsigned.
Item 6: “Power at the Polls,” Alonso S. Perales. (2 copies)
Item 7: “Practically all Mexican laborers are of a racial mixture …,” unsigned fragment.
Item 8: “Preguntas hechas por el Sr. J. L. Hidalgo al Lic. Perales.”
Item 9: “Problemas del hogar,” handwritten manuscript, Feb. 21, 1951
Item 10: “Problemas del hogar,” typed copy.
Item 11: “Problemas fundamentales de México,” by Alonso S. Perales
Item 12: “La próxima conferencia de cancilleres y el porvenir de nuestros pueblos,” by Alonso S. Perales
Item 14: “El proyecto de ley antidiscriminatorio fue aprobado,” Alonso S. Perales.
Folder 13: R
Item 1: “Rambling Around,” unsigned.
Item 2: “Reanuda sus labores cívico sociales...,” unsigned.
Item 3: “El reciente fallo de la cuarta corte de apelaciones civiles y la doctrina del buen vecino,” by Alonso S. Perales (4 copies)
Item 6: “El representante Maverick hace declaraciones a La Prensa,” unsigned.
Item 7: “Resolution Introduced by Alonso S. Perales to the Texas Bar Associaiton.” (2 copies)
Item 8: “Resume of Address Made by Alonso S. Perales before the Pan American Round Table… Nov. 16, 1936.”
Folder 14: S
Item 1: “El Sargento Macario García …,” unsigned.
Item 2: “El Sargento Técnico Jesús C. Flores.” Unsigned
Item 3: “Se establece en San Antonio una escuela,” by Alonso S.  Perales.
Item 4: “Se nos ha oído en la Conferencia de Cancilleres,” Alonso S. Perales.
Item 5: “Sentida defunción.” unsigned, undated
Item 6: “Sra. Elsa Guerra de Bond.” unsigned., Jun 7, 1953
Item 7: “La Señora Adela S. de Vento …,” unsigned.
Item 8: “Señores comerciantes, profesionistas y hombres de negocios en general” unsigned, assumed to be Perales.
Item 9: “Será suficiente conque un candidato declare que es anti-comunista?” by Alonso S. Perales. (2  copies), Sep. 14, 1954
Item 10: “Servicio especial para ‘La Prensa,’” unsigned two manuscript artricles.
Item 11: “Several leading Mexican-American citizens …” unsigned.
Item 12: “La situación de nuestra niñez escolar del lado occidental de San Antonio,” Alosno S. Perales.
Item 14: “Some Places Where Mexicans Are Discriminated Against in Texas Either by Denying Them Service or Segregating Them from Anglo-Americans,” unsigned. (3 copies)
Item 15: “Spanish Language and Politics in the Frontier States, unsigned.
Item 16: “Speech to Be Delivered by Alonso S. Perales.”
Item 19: “Speech to Be Delivered by Alonso S. Perales, Local Attorney on Station KABC (Hora Nacional).”
Item 20: “Statement Made by Alonso S. Perales, San Antonio Attorney, with Reference to the Spears Anti-Discrimination Bill.” Press release, Apr. 1945
Folder 15: T - W
Item 1: “To the Texas Pan American Round Tables …,” unsigned.
Item 2: “Toma ímpetu la campaña contra las casas de asignación,” unsigned.
Item 3: “Translation of talk to be Mmade by Alonso Perales over KABC on Saturday and Sunday, May 1, 1943.”
Item 4: “Translation of talk to be made by Mr. Alonso S. Perales at 7:15, Sunday, May 9, 1943, over Station KMAC.”
Item 5: Untitled speech. “Ladies and Gentlemen …”
Item 6: “El verdadero origen de la liga de ciudadanos unidos latinoamericanos En defensa de mi raza (101-114) photocopy
Item 7: “Visitantes,” unsigned.
Item 8: “Los votantes del Condado de Hidalgo” unsigned
Item 9: “¡Viva La Prensa – La tribuna de la raza!” Alonso S.  Perales.
Item 10: “Western Hemisphere, Awake!” unsigned.
Item 11: “What Kind Of Education Do Latin-American Citizens Want for Their Children?” By Alonso S. Perales. Speech (3 copies), Jul. 1930 and Mar. 1940
Item 12: “Yo sé la reacción inmediata de ustedes…”
Folder 16: “En defensa de mi Raza” Tomo I
Folder 17: Speech notes and fragments
Folder 18: Loose manuscript pages
Box 14
Folder 6: OVS “Carta abierta importante para la colonia mejicana…” unsigned
Sub-Series 2: Radio Addresses and Interview Transcripts
This subseries contains 2 folders housed in 1 box, and includes the transcripts of Alonso Perales’s radio interviews and the manuscripts of his speeches. The subseries is in need of further research and organization.
Box 8
Folder 19: Radio Addresses and Interviews
Folder 20: Radio Addresses and Interivews
Sub-Series 3: Perales newspaper columns
This subseries contains 46 folders housed in 2 boxes and includes clippings from Alonso S. Perales’s newspaper columns in La Prensa, “Por mi religion” (“For my religion”) and “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos” (“Arquitects of our own destinies”). It also contains typescripts of the articles in various stages of editing. The series is organized chronologically.
Box 8
Folder 21: “Por mi religión”, 1951
Folder 22: “Por mi religión”, Jan.-Mar 1952
Folder 23: “Por mi religión”, Apr-Jun 1952
Folder 24: “Por mi religión”, Jul-Sep 1952
Folder 25: “Por mi religión”, Oct-Dec 1952
Folder 26: “Por mi religión”, Jan-Jun 1953
Folder 27: “Por mi religión”, Jul-Oct 1953
Folder 28: “Por mi religión” (Inc.), 1954-1960
Folder 29-34: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 30: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 31: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 32: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 33: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 34: “Por mi religión”, undated
Folder 35: “Por mi religión” incomplete
Box 9
Folder 1: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Aug-Dec 1945
Folder 2: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Mar 1946
Folder 3: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Apr-Jun 1946
Folder 4: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jul-Sep 1946
Folder 5: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Oct-Dec 1946
Folder 6: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Mar 1947
Folder 7: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Apr-Jun 1947
Folder 8: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jul-Sep 1947
Folder 9: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Oct-Dec 1947
Folder 10: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-May 1948
Folder 11: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jun-Aug 1948
Folder 12: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Sep-Dec 1948
Folder 13: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-May 1949
Folder 14: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jun-Sep 1949
Folder 15: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Oct-Dec 1949
Folder 16: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Aug 1950
Folder 17: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Sep-Dec 1950
Folder 18: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Jun 1951
Folder 19: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jul-Oct 1951
Folder 20: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Nov-Dec 1951
Folder 21: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Jun 1952
Folder 22: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jul-Dec 1952
Folder 23: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, Jan-Apr 1953
Folder 24: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, May-Aug 1953
Folder 25: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, 1954-1959
Folder 26: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, undated
Folder 27: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, undated
Folder 28: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, undated
Folder 29: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, undated
Folder 30: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos”, undated
Folder 31: “Arquitectos de nuestros propios destinos” incomplete

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