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Lynn Randolph Papers


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Lynn Randolph Papers, 1967- | University of Houston Libraries

By Anna Anderson, Sharleen Guide, Dick Dickerson, and Mikaela Selley

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Collection Overview

Title: Lynn Randolph Papers, 1967-

ID: 02/2007-015

Primary Creator: Randolph, Lynn, 1938-

Extent: 3.0 Linear Feet

Subjects: Art - Texas - Houston, Artists - Texas - Houston, Feminism, Feminists, Randolph, Lynn, 1938-, Women's rights, Women artists - Texas - Houston

Forms of Material: Articles, Brochures, Correspondence, Fliers (printed matter), Periodicals, Photographs, Typescripts

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The eleven series of Lynn Randolph Papers are housed in three boxes and contain documentation of her exemplary training and career in the visual fine arts including exhibits, shows, reviews, individual art projects and collaborations. The documentation of her longtime feminist and human rights activism in Houston and abroad is also an important part of the collection just as it is her life. Lynn Randolph’s collaboration, both visual and literary, with Donna Haraway is represented as is her work for the Women’s Action Coalition, the Woman’s Caucus for Art and the El Salvador Project. Collected published works by Ms. Randolph and others have been separated and catalogued to Special Collections. Please find these by using Lynn Randolph Papers as the keyword search term. Also, the list of these catalogued items is found in Box 3, Folder 75.

Biographical Note

Lynn Randolph is an artist, feminist, and human rights activist whose work spans the past four decades, from the 1960s to the 21st century. Reared in the refinery town of Port Arthur, Texas, she obtained a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1961. After receiving her degree she moved to Houston, where she has lived and worked ever since. Randolph’s paintings have been exhibited widely in the United States and reproductions of her work have appeared in books, journals and academic papers throughout the world.

In the late 1980s, Randolph received several important awards. In the summer of 1987 she went to Yaddo, the artists colony in Saratoga Springs, New York. In the summer of 1989 she started a year-long residence at The Bunting Institute (now the Radcliffe Institute) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lynn Randolph’s paintings have been in well over fifty exhibitions. Her one-person exhibitions have been scarcer, because she works slowly and meticulously. She calls her work metaphoric realism. The paintings have been predominantly figurative, until the last eight years when she started painting images of the Texas coast. Her most recent work uses birds as metaphors for angels, inspiration and witnessing. Occasionally she is moved to address specific cultural and political injustices, as in her painting entitled The Coronation of St. George, which was reproduced on the cover of The Nation magazine, during the Republican convention in New York in 2004. Another painting depicting the administration of George W. Bush called Scenes from Hell, was also published in the Nation as a full-page, color reproduction in 2007.

Randolph’s paintings are in the permanent collection of several major museums and institutions, including The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.; the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University; the Menil Collection in Houston; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the San Antonio Museum of Fine Arts and the Arizona State University Museum of Arts in Tempe.

From 1990 to 1996 Randolph engaged in a collaboration with the cultural critic Donna Haraway. This work was a dialogue of specific ideas and critiques relating to the use of technoscience at the end of the millennium and formed the images and text for Haraway’s book, Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium.FemaleMan_Meets_OncoMouse. Many of these images have been reproduced internationally in books, journals and academic papers. Randolph has also presented numerous lectures and conference speeches across the United States since the early 1980s.

Throughout her professional life Lynn Randolph has been involved with civil and human rights issues. When her children were young and their school was integrated, causing “white flight” from the neighborhood public school, she stayed put. She wrote lesson plans for grades one to six, and trained forty volunteers to teach art to all of Poe School’s students. It is now a fine arts magnet school with a paid art teacher. She was a charter member and chapter president of the Houston Women’s Caucus for Art, and served as the regional vice-president for the national board. In 1988 she co-chaired the national meetings of the Women’s Caucus for Art that occurred in Houston. In 1984 she and her friend Suzanne Bloom were co-organizers in Houston for Artist Call against U.S. intervention in Central America, an organization based in New York City.

In 1992 Randolph became a member of WAC, the Women’s’ Action Coalition, also a New York group. She helped organize the group’s actions in Houston during the Republican convention. WAC brought its drum corps to demonstrate during the convention, and Randolph helped WAC add more drummers from Houston. The Houston drum corps continued long after the convention. They were known as the Ilusas (deluded women) and Randolph performed with them until they disbanded in 1997.

In 1993 Lynn Randolph went to El Salvador with curator and museum director, Marilyn Zeitlin, to help organize an exhibition of Salvadoran artists called Art Under Duress: El Salvador from 1980 to Present. The show was mounted at Arizona State University Museum with a catalogue and video tapes. It traveled to Houston and was shown at Lawndale Art Center where Randolph was a member of the artist board until the 1990s.

Lynn Randolph is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she works with patients and staff in the Palliative Care Unit.

Subject/Index Terms

Art - Texas - Houston
Artists - Texas - Houston
Randolph, Lynn, 1938-
Women's rights
Women artists - Texas - Houston

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

Use Restrictions: Even though the material in this collection is in the public domain, the University of Houston Libraries owns the physical items. Copyright normally belongs to the creator of the materials or their heirs, and the researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of University of Houston Libraries’ material in print or electronic form. For more information, consult the appropriate curator.

Acquisition Source: Donated by Lynn Randolph on August 19, 2008

Separated Materials: Lynn Randolph Papers cataloged book collection(http://library.uh.edu/search~S11?/tLynn+Randolph+Papers./tlynn+randolph+papers/1%2C2%2C61%2CB/exact&FF=tlynn+randolph+papers&1%2C60%2C/indexsort=-)

Preferred Citation: Lynn Randolph Papers, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Art Exhibitions and Reviews],
[Series 2: Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Directors],
[Series 3: Fellowships],
[Series 4: Feminist and Activist Activities],
[Series 5: Lawndale Art and Performance Center],
[Series 6: Paintings],
[Series 7: Personal],
[Series 8: Presentations],
[Series 9: Projects],
[Series 10: Research (Photographs and Notes)],
[Series 11: Published Material],

Series 1: Art Exhibitions and Reviews
Box 1
Folder 1: Art Exhibitions, 1984-1993
Folder 2: Art Exhibitions, 1995-2007
Folder 3: Art Exhibitions & Reviews, 1984-2003
Series 2: Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Directors
Box 1
Folder 4: CAM Information
Folder 5: Linda Cathcart
Folder 6: Suzanne Delehanty
Sub-Series 1: James Harithas
Folder 7: Articles
Folder 8: Correspondence
Folder 9: Open Letter
Series 3: Fellowships
Box 1
Sub-Series 1: Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College
Folder 10: 35th Anniversary Gala Reunion
Folder 11: Correspondence, 1988-1989
Folder 12: Correspondence, 1990-1996
Folder 13: Events
Folder 14: Fellows Lists and Brief Biographies
Folder 15: Fellowship Application Materials
Folder 16: Harvard and Radcliffe Pamphlets
Folder 17: Periodicals: Radcliffe News
Folder 18: Periodicals: The Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College Newsletter
Folder 19: Periodicals: The Radcliffe Quarterly
Folder 20: Periodicals: Harvard University Gazette/Magazine
Folder 21: Periodicals: Newspaper Articles
Folder 22: Photographs and Art Cards
Folder 23: Presentations
Sub-Series 2: Yaddo Artist Colony
Folder 24: 60th Anniversary
Folder 25: Annual Report
Folder 26: Correspondence: Addresses
Folder 27: Correspondence, Admin Committee
Folder 28: Correspondence: Yaddo Guests
Folder 29: Correspondence: Personal Acquaintances
Folder 30: Miscellaneous
Folder 31: Pamphlets
Folder 32: Photographs and Postcards
Folder 33: Yaddo Newsletter
Series 4: Feminist and Activist Activities
Box 1
Sub-Series 1: Artists Call against U.S Intervention in Central America
Folder 34: Calendar of Events / Contact Sheet / Notes
Folder 35: Correspondence
Folder 36: Newspaper Articles
Folder 37: Photographs
Folder 38: Poster & Pin
Sub-Series 2: Feminist papers/ Brochures
Folder 39: Exhibitions 1974-1977
Folder 40: Pamphlets
Folder 41: Newspaper Articles
Folder 42: “Woman as Artist”
Folder 43: “Women in Authority: A Sociopsychological Analysis”
Folder 44: “A Personal View of the History of the Lesbian S/M Community and Movement in San Francisco
Folder 45: Art Libraries Society of North America 15th Annual Conference / Some Like It Hot Panel Discussion / “Louise Nevelson: Sculptor of Light and Shadows”
Folder 46: “Reconstructing Womanhood: The Emergence of the Afro-American Woman Novelist”
Folder 47: “Defining Feminism: A Comparative Historical Approach”
Folder 48: Feminist Studies Journal
Folder 49: “Cultural Feminism Versus Post-Structuralism: The Identity Crisis in Feminist Theory”
Folder 50: “Reading Like a Feminist” / Éperon Strings” / “Reading Like a Man”
Sub-Series 3: Haraway, Donna J.
Folder 51: “The Promises of Monsters: A Regenerative Politics for Inappropriate/d Others”
Folder 52: Description of Artwork within “Modest_Witness@Second Millenium
Folder 53: FemaleMan©_Meets_OncoMouse™” and Manuscript
Folder 54: “Mice Into Wormholes: A Technoscience Fugue in Two Parts”
Folder 55: “Universal Donors in a Vampire Culture”
Folder 56: “A Note of a Sportswriter’s Daughter: Companion Species”
Folder 57: “Modest Witness: A Painter’s Collaboration With Donna Haraway”
Sub-Series 4: Ilusas, The Women’s Drum Corps
Folder 58: Newspaper Articles
Folder 59: Photographs
Folder 60: Sheet Music
Folder 61: Statement of Purpose / Membership List / Notes / Correspondence
Sub-Series 5: Women’s Action Coalition (WAC)
Folder 62: Ads / Handouts
Folder 63: Committee / Agendas / Meetings
Folder 64: Contact Lists
Folder 65: Correspondence
Folder 66: Ilusas (Women’s Drum Corps & WAC Drum Corps)
Folder 67: Media Release & Information
Folder 68: Organizational Information
Folder 69: Newspaper Articles & References
Folder 70: Songs & Acts
Folder 71: Photographic Prints & Audio Tape
Folder 72: Clippings
Folder 73: Miscellaneous
Box 2
Sub-Series 6: Woman’s Caucus for Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Folder 1: Correspondence
Folder 2: Museum of Fine Arts Board of Trustees Correspondence
Folder 3: Museum of  Fine Arts Bylaws / Board of Trustees Membership List
Folder 4: Museum of Fine Arts State of Texas File 1913-1964
Folder 5: Museum Policies Articles
Folder 6: Newspaper Articles
Folder 7: Notes
Folder 8: Report of the Accessions  Committee Meeting November 3, 1971
Series 5: Lawndale Art and Performance Center
Box 2
Folder 9: Exhibitions and Events
Folder 10: Governance Boards
Folder 11: Mary Ross Taylor, Executive Director
Folder 12: New Building Project
Folder 13: Organization Information
Series 6: Paintings
Box 2
Folder 14: Slides and Compact Discs, 1967-1976
Folder 15: Slides and Compact Discs, 1977-1988
Folder 16: Slides and Compact Discs, 1989-1991
Folder 17: Slides and Compact Discs, 1992-1996
Folder 18: Slides and Compact Discs, 1997-2001
Folder 19: Slides and Compact Discs, 2001-2006
Series 7: Personal
Box 2
Folder 20: Lynn Goode Gallery
Folder 21: Resumes & The Orange Show Letter
Sub-Series 1: Bill Graham
Folder 22: Memorial Service Notes/Material
Folder 23: Newspaper Articles
Folder 24: Photographs
Folder 25: Sympathy Cards/Notes
Sub-Series 2: Travel
Folder 26: Venice Biennale Trip, 1994-1995
Folder 27: Venice Biennale Trip, N.D.
Series 8: Presentations
Box 2
Folder 28: Beyond Political and Economic Equality
Folder 29: Shape Shifting: Toward Multifaceted Re-Presentations of Women’s Bodies
Folder 30: Between Cultural Eras: the Effects of Post-Modern Thinking on the Modernist Concept of  Regionalism
Folder 31: Cyborgs, Wonder Women and Techno Angels: A Series of Spectacles
Folder 32: Secular Uses of Traditional Religious Images in a Post-Modern Society
Folder 33: Ways of Seeing: The Convergence of Art, Sciences and Technology
Folder 34: “Sound Science,” Technology and Harm
Series 9: Projects
Box 2
Sub-Series 1: Art Education in Grade School
Folder 35: Art Activities for First – Sixth Grades / Teaching Art / Teacher’s Supply List
Folder 36: “Art Vips Handbook: Guidelines for Art and Children”
Folder 37: “Differences are not Deficits”/ “Why Children Should Draw”
Folder 38: Kinkaid School
Folder 39: Notes on Teaching Art
Folder 40: Poe Elementary School
Folder 41: Resume on Children’s Art Education
Folder 42: San Marcos High School
Folder 43: St. Stephen’s Episcopal School / MacGregor Elementary School
Folder 44: “Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Television” KLRN
Sub-Series 2: ArtScan Gallery of Contemporary Art / Gallery in Motion
Folder 45: Exhibition Announcements / Newspaper Articles
Folder 46: Exhibition Descriptions
Folder 47: Statement of Purpose / Notes
Sub-Series 3: Carriage House Studio
Folder 48: Carriage House Studio Information
Folder 49: Photographs
Sub-Series 4: El Salvador Project
Folder 50: Art Under Duress: Arizona State University Exhibition Information / Correspondence
Folder 51: Art Under Duress: Audio Cassette / Video Tape
Folder 52: Art Under Duress: Exhibition Description
Folder 53: Art Under Duress: Lawndale Art and Performance Center Financial Aid Forms
Folder 54: Art Under Duress: Lawndale Art & Performance Center Exhibition / Correspondence
Folder 55: Art Under Duress: Lawndale Art & Performance Center Exhibition Announcements / Newspaper Articles
Folder 56: Central American Refugee Committee
Folder 57: Correspondence
Folder 58: Cuba / Guatemala
Folder 59: Diary / Notes
Sub-Series 5: Miscellaneous
Folder 60: Correspondence
Box 3
Sub-Series 5: Miscellaneous
Folder 1: Gulfton Area Community Activities
Folder 2: Oscar Mackay
Folder 3: Photographs
Folder 4: Postcards
Folder 5: Reconstruction Plan for El Salvador
Folder 6: Slides
Folder 7: University of Houston Exchange Program
Sub-Series 6: Houston Art Center
Folder 8: Houston Art Center
Sub-Series 7: The Discussion Group
Folder 9: The Discussion Group
Series 10: Research (Photographs and Notes)
Box 3
Folder 10: Adam
Folder 11: Adam and Stephanie
Folder 12: Adelle
Folder 13: Alexander
Folder 14: “An Interview with A Panhandler Named Arthur Gonzales”
Folder 15: Andrea
Folder 16: Anita
Folder 17: Ann
Folder 18: Annette
Folder 19: Baldwin, Robert
Folder 20: Bill
Folder 21: Bill
Folder 22: Bina
Folder 23: Burke, Ronnie
Folder 24: Carmen and Mirabai (Apocalypse)
Folder 25: Carolyn
Folder 26: Sean and Lisa
Folder 27: Charmaine
Folder 28: Chuy and Aztlan (The New Mestiza)
Folder 29: Clouser
Folder 30: Davis, Frank
Folder 31: Ellis
Folder 32: Emily
Folder 33: Gertrude
Folder 34: Grace (Cyborg)
Folder 35: Grayson and Michelle
Folder 36: Harrison, Peggy
Folder 37: Harithas
Folder 38: Heidi
Folder 39: Helen
Folder 40: Hilary
Folder 41: Izabelle
Folder 42: Jeff
Folder 43: Jennifer
Folder 44: Julia
Folder 45: Lee, Jessie
Folder 46: Lisa
Folder 47: Macey
Folder 48: Madonna
Folder 49: Marie
Folder 50: Martha
Folder 51: Minatre, Steve
Folder 52: Moore, Peggy
Folder 53: Mother
Folder 54: Nancy
Folder 55: Neisen
Folder 56: Dessima
Folder 57: New England Woods, Women in Woods
Folder 58: One-Eyed Man
Folder 59: Pam
Folder 60: Di Corcia, Joseph
Folder 61: Randolph, Lynn
Folder 62: Randolph, Lynn
Folder 63: Randolph, Lynn
Folder 64: Randolph, Lynn
Folder 65: Ray (Lab and Mice)
Folder 66: Ron
Folder 67: Schwartz, Emily
Folder 68: Shadows
Folder 69: She Pines in Her Bower
Folder 70: Sol
Folder 71: Surls
Folder 72: Theresa
Folder 73: Virginia
Folder 74: Weather Watchers
Series 11: Published Material
Box 3
Folder 75: Insight as Image… Manuscript
Folder 76: List of 59 Catalogued Materials and Printed Catalog Records

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Art Exhibitions and Reviews],
[Series 2: Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Directors],
[Series 3: Fellowships],
[Series 4: Feminist and Activist Activities],
[Series 5: Lawndale Art and Performance Center],
[Series 6: Paintings],
[Series 7: Personal],
[Series 8: Presentations],
[Series 9: Projects],
[Series 10: Research (Photographs and Notes)],
[Series 11: Published Material],

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