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Toby M. Myers, Deborah D. Tucker, and Maria Jose Angelelli Texas Council on Family Violence Records


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Administrative Information

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International Development Project


Workshops and Conferences

Political/Legislative/Legal Materials





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Toby M. Myers, Deborah D. Tucker, and Maria Jose Angelelli Texas Council on Family Violence Records, 1974-2016 | University of Houston Libraries

By Scout Blum, August 1998; Joanie South-Shelley, July 2000; and Libby Walen, August 2002; Timothy Wyatt, February 2013; Julia Taylor, November 2015

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Collection Overview

Title: Toby M. Myers, Deborah D. Tucker, and Maria Jose Angelelli Texas Council on Family Violence Records, 1974-2016

Predominant Dates:1980-1998

ID: 02/1998-005

Primary Creator: Texas Council on Family Violence

Extent: 25.5 Linear Feet

Subjects: Abused women - Care - Texas, Family violence - Texas, Nonprofit organizations - Texas, Texas Council on Family Violence

Forms of Material: Administrative records, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Ephemera, Newsletters, Pamphlets, Photographs

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Toby M. Myers, Deborah D. Tucker, and Maria Jose Angelelli Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) Records contain written records of the organization, as well as photographs and ephemera from the group. Items in the collection range in date from 1974 to 2001, with most of the material dating from the 1990s. The bulk of the collection details the various activities of the group since its inception in 1978, including conferences attended or organized, political and legislative activity, and various shelters throughout the state.

The collection is arranged into nine series: Administrative Materials, International Development Project, Programs, Workshops/Conferences, Political/Legislative/Legal Materials, Publications, Clippings, Photographs and Ephemera. The original arrangement and subject headings have been retained as much as possible, although some reorganization was necessary to facilitate research. Basic preservation procedures, including removing staples, tape, and paperclips, were applied to the collection, which was generally in very good physical condition. Each series description includes a description of its organization, either chronological or alphabetical. Oversize items are listed within their appropriate series.

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Biographical Note

Formed in 1978, the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) was the first statewide organization to explicity address the issue of domestic violence. According to their 1995 by-laws, the group was organized for charitable purposes as a non-profit membership organization for autonomous, community-based battered women's shelters, related organizations, and concerned others. The TCFV's purpose is to assist and empower battered women and their children and to eliminate violence against women, largely by advancing the shelter movement in Texas. According to the TCFV, Texas women's shelters originated in 1875, when Martha McWhirter opened a shelter in Belton. It was over 100 years later, in 1977 that another shelter opened in Austin, emerging out of the growing awareness of women's issues generated by the National Women's Conference held in Houston that year. A shelter in Houston soon followed.

With only six member shelters at the time of formation, the TCFV focused on obtaining state support and funding for programs. By 1994 the organization had expanded and more shelters had been opened, swelling the membership rolls to sixty shelters. In addition, the TCFV has been effective in generating financial support at the state level for shelters. Having allotted $200,000 in 1979, the state granted $9.1 million in 1994 to the shelter program. Lobbying for protective legislation has also been an important part of the TCFV's mission. The organization played a role in passing legislation that grants protective orders for women, allows officers to arrest an assault suspect without a warrant, increases penalties for violent sexual crimes against children, requires training for law enforcement officers in domestic violence issues, and defines and punishes stalking. In addition, the TCFV initiated and helped to develop the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which opened in 1996. With the backing of President Clinton, a national toll-free number was established to assist and counsel victims of domestic violence and to educate the general public. Mindful of reaching out to minority groups, the TCFV has also established an African-American Task Force, a Latina Task Force, and a Lesbian Task Force.

Subject/Index Terms

Abused women - Care - Texas
Family violence - Texas
Nonprofit organizations - Texas
Texas Council on Family Violence

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

Use Restrictions:

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Acquisition Method: Donations 1998-2002 by Deborah D. Tucker and Toby Myers, 2016 by Maria Jose Angelelli

Related Materials: Toby Myers Papers (http://archon.lib.uh.edu/index.php?p=collections/controlcard&id=470)

Preferred Citation: Toby M. Myers, Deborah D. Tucker, and Maria Jose Angelelli Texas Council on Family Violence Records. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Finding Aid Revision History: Revised 2013, November 2015; May 2016

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Administrative Materials],
[Series 2: International Development Project],
[Series 3: Programs],
[Series 4: Workshops and Conferences],
[Series 5: Political/Legislative/Legal Materials],
[Series 6: Publications],
[Series 7: Clippings],
[Series 8: Photographs],
[Series 9: Ephemera],

Series 1: Administrative Materials
This series contains the TCFV's administrative and financial matters and is divided into eight sub-series: Reports/Documents, Financial Materials, Board of Directors, Membership, Committees/Task Forces, Staff, Volunteer Handbook, Awards, and Miscellaneous. In most cases non-dated items have been placed after similar or related items.
Sub-Series 1: Reports/Documents
This sub-series consists of proposals, activity and project reports, work plans, contracts, surveys, studies and other similar documents used or produced by the TCFV's administration. The material is arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 1-2: Proposal: Center for the Prevention of Family Violence, 1978
Folder 3: Funding Proposal: Levi Strauss, 1982
Folder 4: Domestic Violence Statistics, 1992-1995
Folder 5: Domestic Violence Information, undated
Folder 6-9: Annual Reports, 1992-1996
Folder 10: Work Plans, 1994-1996
Folder 11-15: Monthly Activity Reports, 1995-1998
Folder 16: System Analysis Report, December 1995
Folder 17: Review of Family Violence Program Provider Manual, 1995
Folder 18: Press Conference, August 1995
Folder 19: Library Catalog Production, January 1996
Folder 20: Plan of Operation, 1996
Folder 21: Texas Department of Human Services Contract/Certification, 1997
Folder 22: State Coalition Survey, 1997
Folder 23: State Coalitions Listing, undated
Folder 24: Organizational Study, 1998
Folder 25: Mission Statement, 2001
Folder 26: Potential Projects Report, undated
Folder 27: "The Development of Women's Services in Austin, Texas", undated
Box 23
Folder 34: Personnel Policies, undated
Folder 35: Preliminary Report, 2000
Folder 36: Goals and Strategies, undated
Sub-Series 2: Financial Materials
This sub-series consists of revenue and expense statements, budgets, reports, a certificate, and a very small amount of non-dated miscellaneous financial records. The material has been arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 28: Budget, 1995
Folder 29: Financial Management Report, 1995
Folder 30: Budget, 1996
Folder 31: Financial Reports, September 1996-April 1997
Folder 32: Revenues/Expenditures, 1997
Folder 33: Corporate Franchise Tax Certificate, 1997
Folder 34: Department of Human Services Family Violence Budgets, 1993-1997
Folder 35: Miscellaneous, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 1: Revenue/Expense Statements, 1982-1992
Sub-Series 3: Board of Directors
This sub-series consists of minutes of meetings, retreat planning, correspondence and informational packets. This material has been arranged chronologically. The bulk of the sub-series is made up of the 1995 Board of Directors Manual, which consists of eleven folders and remains in its original order.
Box 1
Folder 36-37: Board Meetings, November-December 1995
Folder 38: Board Retreat Materials, 1992-1995
Folder 39: Executive Director, 1996-1998
Folder 40: Board of Directors Application/Information, 1997-1998
Folder 41: Board Member Resignation: Toby Myers, June 23, 1998
Folder 42: Board Member Packet, 2001
Folder 43: Board of Directors Manual Cover Page/Table of Contents, August 1995
Folder 44: Board of Directors Manual Staff Listing, August 1995
Folder 45: Board of Directors Manual Executive Director Job Description, August 1995
Folder 46: Board of Directors Manual Mission and Goals, August 1995
Folder 47: Board of Directors Manual By-laws, August 1995
Folder 48: Board of Directors Manual Membership Policy, August 1995
Folder 49: Board of Directors Manual Travel Policy, August 1995
Folder 50: Board of Directors Manual Grievance Policy, August 1995
Folder 51: Board of Directors Manual Task Force Policy, August 1995
Folder 52: Board of Directors Manual Endorsement Policy, August 1995
Folder 53: Board of Directors Manual 1994 Annual Report, August 1995
Sub-Series 4: Membership
This sub-series consists of TCFV membership information packets and applications, advertising for and records from membership meetings, and member correspondence. The material has been arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 54: Organizational Information, undated
Folder 55-59: General Membership Meetings, 1994-2001
Folder 60: Regional Membership Meetings, 1998
Folder 61: Membership Resignation: AVDA, 1998
Folder 62: Tucker, Buel & Associates Correspondence, 1998, undated
Folder 63: Membership Form Letters, 2001
Folder 64: Membership Drive Information, undated
Sub-Series 5: Committees/Task Forces
This sub-series consists of committee membership information, forms and listings, and committee member correspondence. This material has been arranged chronologically. The bulk of the sub-series is made up of the 1996 Public Policy Committee Manual, which consists of nine folders and remains in its original order.
Box 1
Folder 65: Public Policy Committee Letter to Attorney General, 1994
Folder 66: Committees Listing, 1995
Folder 67: Committees/Task Forces Membership Drive, 1999
Folder 68: Public Policy Committee Member Resignation: Rhonda Gerson, 1999
Folder 69: Training/Education Request Form, undated
Folder 70: Public Policy Committee Manual Cover Page/Membership Information, 1995-1996
Folder 71: Public Policy Committee Manual Meeting Information, November 4, 1995
Folder 72: Public Policy Committee Manual Meeting Information, January 13, 1996
Folder 73: Public Policy Committee Manual National Legislation, 1995
Folder 74: Public Policy Committee Manual Statewide Legislation, August 1995
Folder 75: Public Policy Committee Manual S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women in Texas Strategy, October 1995
Folder 76: Public Policy Committee Manual Articles: Texas Senate Concurrent Resolution 26, undated
Folder 77: Public Policy Committee Manual Texas Caller ID Information, 1994
Folder 78: Public Policy Committee Manual Model Code on Domestic and Family Violence, January 1994
Sub-Series 6: Staff
This sub-series contains employment information such as job descriptions and postings, timesheets, evaluation forms, and charts of staff organization. Materials have been arranged chronologically. Part of the sub-series is four folders of information about Debby Tucker as a staff member of TCFV. This material has been arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 79: Job Descriptions, 1981-1992
Folder 80: Timesheet, 1992
Folder 81: Employee/Supervisor Evaluation Forms, 1995
Folder 82: Staff/Advisory Council Organization, August 1995
Folder 83: TCFV/NDVH Job Postings, 1995-1996
Folder 84: Staff Organization, 1996
Folder 85: Job Description Analysis, 1996
Folder 86: Job Openings, 1998
Folder 87: Staff Positions Vote Tally, undated
Folder 88: Debby Tucker Master's Thesis, 1981
Folder 89: Debby Tucker Biographies, Curricula Vitae, 1982-1996
Folder 90: Debby Tucker Personnel File, 1983-1996
Folder 91: Debby Tucker Timesheets, February-March 1996
Sub-Series 7: Volunteer Handbook
This sub-series contains nine folders, which made up the 1979 Volunteer Handbook of the TCFV. It includes the organization's history and development, counseling skills and procedures, legal aid and other information necessary to TCFV volunteers. Original order has been maintained.
Box 1
Folder 92: Cover Page/Contents/Introduction, September 1979
Folder 93: History and Development, September 1979
Folder 94: Volunteer Program, September 1979
Folder 95: House Management, September 1979
Folder 96: Counseling Skills and Procedures, September 1979
Folder 97: Resources and Referrals, September 1979
Folder 98: Legal Information, September 1979
Folder 99: Children, September 1979
Folder 100: First Aid, September 1979
Sub-Series 8: Awards
This sub-series consists of materials from various award presentations in which the TCFV participated, either as a host or as a winner. All materials have been arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 101: Presentations, 1983-2000
Folder 102: Ator Award, 1992
Folder 103: Debby Tuckern awards/certificates, 1978-1999, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 13: Debby Tucker, 1978, 1991-1998
Folder 14: Debby Tucker, 1990-1991
Folder 15: Phoenix House of New York, undated
Box 23
Folder 37: Debby Tucker awards/certificates, 1996-2003
Sub-Series 9: Miscellaneous
This sub-series includes items of Debby Tucker's correspondence, blank paper with various letterheads, and materials such as newspaper cartoons, unidentified maps, handwritten lists, and a contest entry form. Items with dates are arranged chronologically.
Box 1
Folder 104: Debby Tucker correspondence, 1995-1996, 1998, 2000-2001, undated
Folder 105: Letterheads, undated
Folder 106: undated
Series 2: International Development Project
This series consists of information mainly covering Toby Myers's excursion to Germany in 1981-1982, where she researched international women's shelters. It is divided into five sub-series: Administrative, Shelter Information, Articles, Publications, and Scrapbook.
Sub-Series 1: Administrative
This sub-series contains administrative and financial materials from the International Development Project. Materials date from 1981-1983 and have been arranged chronologically.
Box 2
Folder 1: Project Proposal, 1981
Folder 2: Correspondence: M.G. Yoes, Jr., 1981-1982
Folder 3: Miscellaneous Correspondence, July-December 1981
Folder 4: First Quarterly Report, November 1981
Folder 5: Miscellaneous Correspondence, January 1982-March 1982
Folder 6: Second Quarterly Report, February 1982
Folder 7: Miscellaneous Correspondence, April 1982-April 1983
Folder 8: Third and Fourth Quarterly Report, August 1982
Sub-Series 2: Shelter Information
This sub-series contains informational packets and contacts from women's shelters in England, Germany and France. The material has been divided into two sections, Shelters and General Information, and has been arranged alphabetically under each.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Shelters
Box 2
Folder 9: Chiswick, undated
Folder 10: Freiburg, undated
Folder 11: Frieden, undated
Folder 12: Heidelberg, undated
Folder 13: Kassel, undated
Folder 14: Siegen, 1982
Folder 15: Strasbourg, 1982
Sub-Sub-Series 2: General Information
Box 2
Folder 16: Address Lists, May 1981-January 1982
Folder 17: "Frauenhaus Info National" Booklet, January 1982
Folder 18: "Frauenhaus Info National" Booklet, June 1982
Folder 19: Miscellaneous, May 1982-September 1982
Sub-Series 3: Articles
This sub-series contains article drafts and clippings relevant to the International Development Project. Material has been arranged according to origin (American or European) and chronologically within the folders.
Box 2
Folder 20: American, December 1981
Folder 21: European, January 1980-March 1983
Folder 22: European, undated
Sub-Series 4: Publications
This sub-series contains newsletters and magazines from the years 1981-1982 and some non-dated publications. European feminist groups and shelters produced these publications. Materials have been arranged alphabetically by title
Box 2
Folder 23: Courage, April 1982
Folder 24: Courage, June 1982
Folder 25: Emma, October 1981
Folder 26: Emma, November 1981
Folder 27: Emma, June 1982
Folder 28: Feminist, Der, undated
Folder 29: Frauenhaus Heidelberg, undated
Folder 30: Gewalt Gegen Frauen, undated
Folder 31: Jugend, Familie und Gesundheit, March 22, 1982
Folder 32: The Leveller, February 4, 1982
Folder 33: Melusine, November 2, 1981
Folder 34: Der Trennungsratgeber, undated
Sub-Series 5: Scrapbook
This sub-series is made up of the pages from a binder-style scrapbook compiled during the years 1981-1982. Photographs in the scrapbook had been stapled to the pages. These staples have been removed and the scrapbook dismantled. The photographs remain with copies of the pages in this sub-series. Original order has been maintained.
Box 2
Folder 35-36: Scrapbook, 1981-1982
Series 3: Programs
This series includes materials from shelters and projects affiliated with the TCFV. It is divided into six sub-series: Austin Rape Crisis Center, Battering Intervention and Prevention Project, Center for Battered Women, National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, and SafePlace.
Sub-Series 1: Austin Rape Crisis Center (ARCC)
This sub-series covers the years 1974-1997, with the bulk of the material dating from the 1990s. Within the Administrative material, the researcher may be particularly interested in the 1996 Feasibility Study for the merger of the ARCC with the Center for Battered Women (to form SafePlace in 1998).
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Administrative
Box 2
Folder 37: Articles of Incorporation/By-laws, 1974
Folder 38: Proposal for Funding, 1976
Folder 39: Executive Director's Report, 1977
Folder 40: Strategic Plan for Development, 1995
Folder 41: Staff Organization/Action Plan Packet, July1996-August 1996
Folder 42: Personnel Policies, 1996
Folder 43: Personnel Information, undated
Folder 44: Operating Plan, 1996
Folder 45: Planning Meetings, 1996
Folder 46: Annual Report, 1996
Folder 47: Awards/Certificates, 1996-1997
Folder 48: Tucker, Buel and Associates Consultation and Transition Plan, Sept. 1996-Jan. 1997
Folder 49-51: Feasibility Study: Merger of Austin Rape Crisis, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Center and Center for Battered Women, 1997
Box 2
Folder 52: Services and Mission Statement, 1997
Folder 53: Client Totals, undated
Folder 54: Case Record Form, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Financial
Box 2
Folder 55: Budgets/Miscellaneous Financial Information, 1976-1977
Folder 56: Tax Exemption Form, 1990
Folder 57: Financial Statements/Reports, 1995
Folder 58: Fundraising Form Letter, December 1996
Folder 59: Budgets/Statements, 1996-1997
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Publications
Box 2
Folder 60: Reaching Out Newsletter, 1996
Folder 61: Information for Chronicle Article, October 1996
Folder 62: Miscellaneous Pamphlets/Flyers, undated
Sub-Series 2: Battering Intervention and Prevention Project (BIPP)
This sub-series is strong in information about administering individual Battering Intervention and Prevention programs. Materials within each sub-sub-series have been arranged chronologically.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Administrative
Box 3
Folder 1: Report to the Legislature, 1992
Folder 2: Project Guidelines, September 1, 1995
Folder 3: Programs: Articles of Organization, 1995
Folder 4: Training Event, 1998
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Financial
Box 3
Folder 5: Reports and Notes, 1995
Folder 6: Reports, 1997
Folder 7: Fundraising, 1997-1998
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Publications
Box 3
Folder 8: Pamphlets, 1990-1997, undated
Folder 9-11: Technical Assistance Packets, 1994-1998
Sub-Series 3: Center for Battered Women (CBW)
This sub-series has been divided into four sub-sub-series Administrative, Financial, Publications, and Miscellaneous. Materials within each sub-sub-series are arranged chronologically with non-dated material filed with related material.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Administrative
Box 3
Folder 12: Committees and Conference Preparation, 1976
Folder 13: Personnel Policy, 1977
Folder 14: Personnel Information, 1977
Folder 15: House Policies and Liability Release, 1978
Folder 16: Certificate/Articles of Incorporation, 1978-1979
Folder 17: By-laws, 1978
Folder 18: Anniversaries/Celebrations, 1979-1997
Folder 19: Debby Tucker: Awards/Recognitions, 1979-1987
Folder 20: Public Relations Correspondence and Informational Packet, 1980
Folder 21: Correspondence: Dan Rather, November 1980
Folder 22: Staff Planning Document, 1980
Folder 23: Volunteer/Employment Flyers, 1981-1982, undated
Folder 24: Employee Evaluations, 1981
Folder 25: Job Descriptions, undated
Folder 26: Job Application Process, undated
Folder 27: Board of Directors Minutes, February 22, 1982
Folder 28: History and Procedures, 1985, undated
Folder 29: Annual Report, 1995
Folder 30: Handbook, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 2: Site Plan, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Financial
Box 3
Folder 31: Financial Management Information, 1977
Folder 32: Budget Figures, 1978-1981
Folder 33-36: Financial Reports, 1978-1981
Folder 37: Contribution Note: Lady Bird Johnson, 1981
Folder 38-39: Fundraising, 1981-1983
Folder 40: The Shelter Fund, undated
Folder 41: Financial Statements, 1982
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Publications
Box 3
Folder 42: Victimology Journal Article, 1978
Folder 43-50: Newsletters, 1980-1997
Folder 51: Pamphlets, 1981, undated
Folder 52: Flyers, undated
Folder 53: "A Preliminary Look at Life Styles…", undated
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Miscellaneous
Box 3
Folder 54: Miscellaneous Blank Stationery, undated
Folder 55: Newspaper Cartoon, 1981
Sub-Series 4: National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH)
This sub-series covers the development of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which the TCFV initiated. The bulk of the material consists of information about the 1996 White House Reception and Grand Opening of the Hotline. Materials within each sub-sub-series have been arranged chronologically.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Administrative
Box 3
Folder 56: Project Proposal, 1992-1993
Folder 57: Implementation Plans, December 1995-February 1996
Folder 58: Operation/Procedures, February 1996
Folder 59: White House Reception/Grand Opening General File, February 21-September 30, 1996
Folder 60: White House Reception Preparatory Materials, 1996
Folder 61: White House Reception Miscellaneous Notes, 1996
Folder 62: White House Reception Contact Information, 1996
Folder 63: White House Reception/Grand Opening Brochures and Invitations, 1996
Folder 64: White House Reception Correspondence, 1996
Folder 65: Note from Bill Clinton, 1996
Folder 66: Remarks by the President, 1996
Folder 67: Post-Grand Opening Party, 1996
Folder 68: Updates, 1998
Folder 69: Call to Action Luncheon, March 30, 2000
Folder 70: Fifth Anniversary, 2001
Folder 71: Five-Year Report, 2001
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Publications
Box 3
Folder 72: Hotlines Newsletter, 1994-1995
Folder 73: Hotlines Newsletter, 1996
Folder 74: Hotlines Newsletter, 1998-1999
Folder 75: Hotlines Newsletter, 1999-2003
Folder 76: Relationship Quiz (Bilingual), undated
Folder 77: Miscellaneous Pamphlets, undated
Sub-Series 5: National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NTCDSV)
This sub-series consists of administrative materials with most of the information relating to grant applications.
Box 3
Folder 78: VAWA Grant Proposal, September 1998
Folder 79: Organizational/Employment Information, March 1999
Folder 80: Administrative/Financial Reports for Grants, March 11, 1999
Folder 81: Inventory, November 7, 2000
Folder 81a: Pamphlets, 2000-2002
Folder 81b: Stationery, undated
Sub-Series 6: Safe Place
This sub-series consists of administrative materials and newsletters published by SafePlace. Materials have been arranged chronologically.
Box 3
Folder 82: Executive Director's Report, 1998
Folder 83: Correspondence: Debby Tucker, 1998, undated
Folder 84: Anniversaries/Celebrations, 1998-2002
Folder 85: Fundraising, 1998-2001
Folder 86: Vision & Voice Newsletter, 1998-2001
Folder 86a: 15th Annual Walk, 2002
Sub-Series 7: Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence
Box 23
Folder 38: Second Annual Report, 2002
Folder 39: Member Contact List, 2002
Folder 40: Press Release, 2002
Folder 41: Correspondence, 2000-2003
Folder 42: Stationery, undated
Sub-Series 8: Charitable BINGO
Box 23
Folder 43: Administrative Rules, 1998
Folder 44: BINGO Enabling Act, 1997
Sub-Series 9: Miscellaneous Programs
Box 27
Folder 18: Miscellaneous Programs, 1990-1998
Series 4: Workshops and Conferences
The series is particularly strong in materials regarding the annual Texas Statewide Family Violence Conferences, including pamphlets, conference packets and other information about each of the annual conferences from 1982 to 2001.
Sub-Series 1: Workshops
This sub-series consists of information about training workshops sponsored by the TCFV including preparatory work, handouts, flyers and pamphlets. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Box 3
Folder 87: Fast Course Handouts on Family Violence, 1993
Folder 88: Family Advocacy Staff Training, 1993-1994
Folder 89: Healing the Healers, 1993-1995
Folder 90: Training Brochure Production Schedule, 1994
Folder 90a: Training and Education, 2002
Folder 91: Executive Directors' Retreat/Workshop, 1996
Box 23
Folder 49: Various, 2002-2003
Sub-Series 2: Conferences
This sub-series contains information about conferences either sponsored by or attended by the TCFV. About half of the sub-series is made up of materials from the TCFV's annual Statewide Family Violence Conferences during the years 1982-2001. The sub-series is also strong in instructional materials on domestic violence for administrators, legal professionals, and police forces. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Box 3
Folder 92: Texas Women's Meeting, 1977
Folder 93: National Women's Studies Association, 1979
Folder 94: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1982
Folder 95: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1983
Folder 96: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1984
Folder 97: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1985
Folder 98: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1986
Box 4
Folder 1: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1987
Folder 2: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1988
Folder 3: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1989
Folder 4: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1990
Folder 5: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1991
Folder 6: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1992
Folder 7: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1993
Folder 8: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1994
Folder 9: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1995
Folder 10: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1996
Folder 11: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1997
Folder 12: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1998
Folder 13: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 2001
Folder 14: NCADV National Conference, July 30-August 4, 1990
Folder 15: Texas Military Victim Assistance Conference, April-June 1995
Folder 16-17: S.A.F.E. Conferences, 1995-1996
Folder 18-19: Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence, August 31 1998-September 2, 1998
Folder 20: Domestic Violence Education in Texas Law Schools, April 15-16, 1999
Folder 21: Next Millennium Conference, August 29-Sept. 1, 1999
Folder 22: Texas Advocates, January 24-25, 2000
Folder 23: Independence Day, Nov. 27-Dec. 8, 2000
Folder 24-24a: The Changing Role of Law Enforcement in Ending Violence Against Women, December 4-6, 2000
Folder 25: The Changing Role of Law Enforcement in Ending Violence Against Women, December 12-14, 2001
Folder 26-28: Expert Witnesses for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases, June 18-20, 2001
Folder 29-31: Crafting Individualized Services for Women, September 2001
OVS_Box 19
Folder 3: Conference Binder Covers (Oversize), 2001
Sub-Series 3: Events
Box 23
Folder 45: 2nd Annual Honoring Women in Our Lives Luncheon, 2003
Folder 46: 20th Anniversary Women's Advocacy Project Fundraising Gala, 2002
Folder 47: Texas Women's Political Caucus "Good Guys and Good Gals" Award Luncheon, 2002
Folder 48: Women's Legislative Days, 1999
Series 5: Political/Legislative/Legal Materials
This series consists of lobbying and informational materials produced by the TCFV and directed toward Texas legislators. The series is strong in Texas Senate Resolutions as well.
Sub-Series 1: Political
This sub-series contains materials that are political in nature but are not geared toward legislation. The bulk of the sub-series is made up of correspondence between Debby Tucker and various politicians, both inside and outside of Texas. Materials date from 1980-1998 and are arranged chronologically.
Box 5
Folder 1: Debby Tucker Correspondence: Commission on the Status of Women, 1980
Folder 2: Debby Tucker Correspondence: Politicians, 1990-1996
Folder 3: Correspondence and News: Bob Bullock, 1992-1995
Folder 4: Funeral Program: Kathleen Carlin, 1996
Folder 5: Invitation to Presidential Inauguration, 1997
Folder 6: Biography: Sheila Keuhl, 1998
Sub-Series 2: Legislative
This sub-series contains information exchanged between the TCFV and the Texas Legislature, including lobbying and informational packets and flyers, Senate and House Bills and Resolutions, and various reports. Two Presidential proclamations (oversize) are also included. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Box 5
Folder 7: Shelter Information Packet for Legislators, 1981
Folder 8: Texas Senate Resolutions, 1981
Folder 9: TCFV Legislative Liaison, 1983
Folder 10: Texas Senate Resolutions, 1983
Folder 11: Family Violence Protection Act/Texas Senate Resolution, 1985
Folder 12: TCFV Legislative Concerns, 1987
Folder 13: Texas Senate Bills and Resolutions, February 1989-May 1989
Folder 14: Final Legislative Report, June 1989
Folder 15: Shelter Information Flyer for Legislators, 1991
Folder 16: Texas Senate Resolutions, 1991
Folder 17: TCFV Flyers and Legislative Agendas, 1993
Folder 18: TCFV Legislative Development History, 1979-1995
Folder 19: TCFV Legislative Issues Flyers/Pamphlets, 1995
Folder 20: TCFV Legislative Changes, 1995
Folder 21: Governor's Report to the 74th Legislature, 1995
Folder 22: Texas Senate and House Resolutions, 1995
Folder 23: TCFV Reports, Legislative Issues, 1996
Folder 24: TCFV Final Report, 1997
Folder 25: TCFV Legislative Flyers/Brochures, 1998
Folder 26: TCFV: Legislative Issues, 1999
Folder 27: Journal of the Senate (Texas), May 24, 2001
Folder 28: TCFV Mid-Session Report, 2001
Folder 29: Texas House Resolutions and Bills, undated
Folder 30: Shelter Information Packet and Brochures for Legislative Activity, undated
Sub-Series 3: Legal
This sub-series consists of information about the Daniel Johnson legal case (involving Senate Concurrent Resolution 26 on clemency for criminals who suffered family violence), the Betty Lou Beets legal case, and an order from the Texas Supreme Court.
Box 5
Folder 31: Daniel Johnson Case, November 1995-July 1996
Folder 32: Texas Supreme Court Order, 2001
Box 27
Folder 16: Betty Lou Beets Case, February 2000
Series 6: Publications
This series includes in-house and outside publications. In-House publications were produced by the TCFV. Outside publications were produced by organizations or companies, other than TCFV, many of which were affiliated with the TCFV. Of the publications, the Nexus newsletters are particularly helpful in researching the history of the TCFV's relationships with similar organizations. Nexus was originally published by the TCFV, and later by the National Network to End Domestic Violence. All issues of Nexus have been placed in the Outside sub-series to facilitate research.
Sub-Series 1: In-House
This sub-series consists of TCFV-produced materials for use by its members and by members of similar domestic violence and women's rights organizations, by legal professionals, and by police and civil servants. The sub-series is particularly strong in domestic violence instructional manuals for communities.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Newsletters
Box 5
Folder 33: Focus, January 1982
Folder 34: Texas Enquirer (photocopy), September 1983
Folder 35: The River, 2003
OVS_Box 19
Folder 10: Texas Enquirer (original), September 1983
Folder 11: The River, 1995
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Directories
Box 5
Folder 36: Shelter Services Directory, 1984
Folder 37: Domestic Violence Services Directory, 1993-2002
Folder 38: Foundation Directory Database Search, 1994
Folder 39: Resource Files Catalog, 1994
Folder 40-42: Library Catalog, 1996-1998
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Manuals/Reports
Box 5
Folder 43: Share What You've Got…, July 1981
Folder 44: A Stitch In Time Saves Nine, April 1982
Folder 45: Continuing the Fight Against Fists, April 1982
Folder 46: Elements for Success in the 80s, April 1982
Folder 47: Volunteers in Family Violence Shelters, April 1982
Folder 48: Dollars and $ense, 1982
Folder 49: The Board of Directors, October 1983
Folder 50: Helping Men Who Batter, August 1984
Folder 51: Working Together for Change, 1987
Box 6
Folder 1-4: Working Together for Change, 1993-1994, 1997
Folder 5: Family Violence Handbook, 1993
Folder 6: Statistics on Domestic Violence, 1994
Folder 7: The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence, 1994
Folder 8: Technical Assistance Manual for Volunteer Programs, 1995
Folder 9: Executive Director Resource Manual, 1995
Folder 10: Listen Up! A Guide to Training Communities on Domestic Violence, 1997
Folder 11: Training Manual Project [Listen Up!], undated
Folder 12: Domestic Violence Is a Workplace Issue, 1997
Folder 13-14: General Information Technical Assistance Packets, 1998
Folder 15: TCFV Training Institute, undated
Box 27
Folder 17: Miscellaneous Brochures, 1989-1997
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Overhead Presentations
Box 6
Folder 16: Transparencies, undated
Folder 17: Transparency Paper Templates, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 5: Pamphlets
Box 6
Folder 18: Fundraising, 1983-1994, undated
Folder 19-20: Membership, 1986, 1993-2000
Folder 21-22: Committees/Task Forces, 1990-1995
Folder 23-24: Training Workshops, 1990-1995
Folder 25-26: Miscellaneous TCFV Pamphlets, 1990-2000
Sub-Series 2: Outside
This sub-series consists of publications produced by organizations or companies other than the TCFV, both inside and outside of Texas. The sub-series is particularly strong in instructional manuals for administrators of battered women's shelters and similar programs.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Newsletters
Box 6
Folder 27: Austin Women's Political Caucus Newsletter, 1979
Folder 28: Austin Women's Political Caucus: Austin Women's Political Times, 1991
Folder 29: Commission on the Status of Women: Communique, 1977
Folder 30: Dan Morales Campaign: The New Texas Leader, 1990
Folder 31: Domestic Abuse Counseling Center: Update, August 1996
Folder 32: Formerly Battered Women's Task Force: Heartened, Nov. 1990-Jan. 1991
Folder 33: Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: Review, 1999
Folder 34: Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence: The Source Newsletter, 1999
Folder 35: National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women: Double-Time, October 1991
Folder 36: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV): Voice, Spring 1991
Folder 37-38: National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV): Nexus, 1993-1998
Folder 39: Breakthrough, 2002
Folder 40: Letter from Camp, 2002
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Directories
Box 7
Folder 1: NCADV: National Directory of Domestic Violence Programs, 1986
Folder 2-3: Reference Guides: Guide to Texas Statewide Elected Officials, 1994
Folder 4: Texas Department of Human Resources: Family Violence Shelter Directory, July 1980
Folder 5-7: Texas Legislative Service: Texas Lobby Directories, 1993-1995
OVS_Box 19
Folder 4: (Cover) Guide to Texas Statewide… (Oversize), 1994
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Manuals/Reports
Box 7
Folder 8: Bexar County: Findings and Recommendations of the Domestic Violence Task Force, June 1983
Folder 9: Capitol Advantage, 1993
Folder 10: Center for Women Policy Studies: Response to the Victimization of Women…, 1986
Folder 11: Deming Partnership Community Collaborative, 1996-2000
Folder 12: Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence: Initial Report, 2001
Folder 13: Domestic Violence Resource Network: Five-Year Report, 1998
Folder 14: Kentucky: Model Protocol for Local Coordinating Councils…, 1997
Folder 15: Levi Strauss Foundation: Annual Report, 1992
Folder 16: Lincoln/Lancaster Counties: Branching into Nonviolence, 2001
Folder 17: National Sheriffs' Association: Rural Law Enforcement Training, undated
Folder 18: National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence: Community Checklist…, 1999
Folder 19: Office of the Governor: S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women in Texas, 1995
Folder 20: Orchard Communications: Qualitative Research on Outreach…, undated
Folder 21: Quincy, Massachusetts: Quincy Court Protocols and Manuals, 1992, undated
Folder 22: Senate Committee on Human Resources: Safe at Home, 1982
Folder 23: Senate Committee on Health and Human Resources: Summary of Action, January 1984
Folder 24: Steuben County, Indiana: Coordinated Community Response, undated
Folder 25-26: Texas Department of Human Resources: Family Violence Program Evaluation, 1981-1983
Folder 27-28: Texas Department of Human Services: Family Violence Program Provider Manuals, November 1995, undated
Folder 29: Texas Employment Commission: The A to Z of Employee Handbooks, 1992
Folder 30: Texas Lawyers Care: Where to Get Legal Help in Texas, 1995
Folder 31: Texas Medical Association: Domestic Violence: Start the Healing Now, undated
Folder 32: Texas Rural Legal Aid: Stopping the Violence: A Guide to Protective Orders, May 1986
Folder 33: Texas Rural Legal Aid: A Guide to Parole in Texas, 1997
Box 23
Folder 50: Texas Department of Human Services: Family Violence Program Provider Manuals, 1996
Folder 51: Ending Violence Against Women: Lincoln/Lancaster Plan, 2001
Folder 52: Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Poverty, Summer 2000
Folder 53: Promising Practices: Checklists for Law Enforcement, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Articles/Public Awareness
Box 8
Folder 1: Austin Magazine (Article on Center for Battered Women), 1981
Folder 2: Hogg Foundation: Family Violence: The Well-Kept Secret, 1979
Folder 3: Houston Health and Human Services: Preventing Violence (photocopy), 1993
Folder 4: National Sheriffs' Association: Concept Paper on Rural Law Enforcement Training, 1999
Folder 5: Reinelt, Claire: Towards a Theory of Political Practice, 1985
Folder 6: Sheriff Magazine (Article on Rural Law Enforcement Training), 2000
Folder 7: South Texas Law Review, July 1992
Folder 8: Tooele, Utah: Faces in the Shadows, 1999
Folder 9: Official U.S. Special Merit Award Projects: (Article on Center for Battered Women), 1987
Folder 10: Women's Network for Change: Six Minutes, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 16: The Good Life, March 2001
Folder 17: The Good Life, March 2002
OVS_Box 20
Folder 2: Preventing Violence (original) (Oversize: Newspaper Special Report), 1993
Sub-Sub-Series 5: Pamphlets
Box 8
Folder 11-17: Miscellaneous Pamphlets, 1979-2001, undated
Series 7: Clippings
This series contains articles clipped from newspapers, magazines and the Internet, as well as press releases, article manuscripts and drafts, and written responses to particular articles.
Sub-Series 1: Programs
This sub-series consists of newspaper and magazine articles about the Austin Rape Crisis Center and the Center for Battered Women as well as press releases from the Center for Battered Women. Materials are arranged by subject under the program's subheading (to maintain original order) and then chronologically within the subject.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Austin Rape Crisis Center
Box 8
Folder 18: Special Report, 1996
OVS_Box 20
Folder 2: Austin Rape Crisis Center, Newspaper Special Report, 1996
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Center for Battered Women
Box 8
Folder 19: General Articles, 1978-1997
Folder 20: Press Releases, 1979-1980
Folder 21: Personalities, 1980-1981
Folder 22: Funding, 1981, undated
Folder 23: Related Issues, 1981, undated
Sub-Series 2: Newspaper
This sub-series contains newspaper articles about domestic and family violence, sexual assault, general woman and child abuse and other related issues. The bulk of the clippings were taken from the Houston Chronicle during the years 1989-1999. Materials are arranged first alphabetically by newspaper title, next by subject within the title's clippings, and then chronologically within the subject. Articles from miscellaneous and unidentified newspapers appear at the end of the sub-series.
Box 8
Folder 24: Austin American-Statesman, 1978-1999
Folder 25: Austin Citizen, 1979, undated
Folder 26: Chicago Tribune, 1993-1994
Folder 27: Dallas Morning News, March-June 1993
Folder 28-55: Houston Chronicle, 1989-1999
Folder 56: Houston Post: Special Series, 1989
Folder 57: Houston Post, 1990-1994, undated
Folder 58: Houston Press, 1994
Folder 59: Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky), July 1992
Folder 60: New York Times, 1990-1998, undated
Folder 61: Peninsula Clarion (Kenai, Alaska), June 1983
Folder 62: Times Union (Albany, New York), May 1996
Folder 63: USA Today, 1994-1995, undated
Folder 64: Washington Post, 1993
Folder 65: Miscellaneous and Unidentified Newspapers, 1989-1998, undated
OVS_Box 20
Folder 2: Clippings
Item 1: Houston Post, Newspaper Special Report, 1989
Item 2: Lexington Herald-Leader, Newspaper Special Report, July 1992
Item 3: Times Union, Newspaper Special Report, May 1996
Item 4: Miscellaneous Newspaper Special Reports, 1981-1996
Sub-Series 3: Miscellaneous
This sub-series consists of miscellaneous articles clipped from magazines and the Internet, manuscripts and drafts of articles (kept with Clippings to maintain original order), and material responding to the O.J. Simpson case and other domestic violence issues. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Box 8
Folder 66: Clipped Magazine Articles, 1990-1998, undated
Folder 67: Article Manuscript: "Domestic Homicide in America", 1994
Folder 68: TCFV O.J. Simpson Clippings/Response Sheet, 1994
Folder 69: Family Violence and Sexual Assault Bulletin: Articles and Responses, 1995
Folder 70: Internet Articles, 1998-1999
Folder 71: Drafts of Miscellaneous Articles, 1998
Box 27
Folder 4: OJ Simpson Response in Texas, 1994-1995
Folder 5: DV in the News, General, 1998-2003
Folder 6: DV in the News, Legal, 1998-2003
Folder 7-9: Awareness, 1998-2003
Folder 10: Protective Orders in the News, 1995-2002
Folder 11: Fundraisers, Donations, and Grants, 2000-2002
Folder 12: TCFV and National Domestic Violence Hotline News, 2000-2002
Folder 13: Philip Morris Event, 2000
Folder 14: Anita Perry and Laura Bush on DV, 2002-2003
Folder 15: Domestic Violence Opinion-Editorials, 2000
OVS_Box 28
Item 1: “Hope, Inc. participates in Domestics Violence Awareness Month”, Mineral Wells Index, October 2001
Item 2: “Beverly White: Rape center executive leaving after seven years helping victims”, Plano Star Courier, December 2001
Item 3: “Victim Services silhouettes provide silent remembrance of victims of domestic violence”, Big Spring Herald, September 2001
Item 4: “Where to find help”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 5: “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, McCamey News, October 2001
Item 6: “Legal orders block abusers”, Fort Stockton Pioneer, October 2001
Item 7: “Shelter from the Storm: Victims of abuse now have people they can turn to”, Herald, October 2001
Item 8: “Military looks for new way to battle family violence”, Killeen Daily Herald, August 2001
Item 9: “Lawmakers campaign to cut domestic abuse”, Orange Leader, January 2001
Item 10: “Crisis center to seek support for battered women’s shelter”, Odessa American, July 2001
Item 11: “Turning the Tables: Battered women hold men’s group captive with their tales of abuse”, Killeen Daily Herald, March 2001
Item 12: “Battered women find hope, help: A different look at Mother’s Day”, San Marcos Daily Record, May 2001
Item 13: “Jamaica 2001: The Bridge is sailing to a brighter future”, Pasadena Citizen, May 2001
Item 14: “Abuse survivor vowed never to be hit again: Fort Worth police officer has varied perspectives regarding domestic violence”, Star Group, 2001
Item 15: “Sinton Location Offers Help to Victims of Domestic Abuse”, Odem-Edroy Times, February 2001
Item 16: “Abuse hotlines could aid victims”, Laredo Morning Times, October 2000
Item 17: “JSL’s Peace, Love and Charity Ball will bring hope”, The Facts, October 2000
Item 18: “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Perryton Herald, October 2000
Item 19: “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Midland Reporter-Telegram, October 2000
Item 20: “Center helps victims of domestic abuse cope with daily struggles”, Uvalde Leader-News, October 2000
Item 21: “Domestic abuse shelter first of its kind in McCulloch: October named Domestic Abuse Awareness month”, Brady Standard, October 2000
Item 22: “THR launches domestic violence initiative”, Business Press, October 2000
Item 23: “Domestic violence is your business”, Borger News-Herald, October 2000
Item 24: “Rosa’s story”, Burger News-Herald, October 2000
Item 25: “Children send pleas for help to end family violence: Youngsters who grow up around abuse tend to continue pattern”, Times-Record News, December 2000
Item 26: “Velación en remembranza de víctimas de abuso familiar”, Del Rio News-Herald, October 2001
Item 27: “Volunteers are giving a voice to kids in court: Collin group in neeed of more advocates as number of cases grows”, Dallas Morning News, June 2003
Item 28: “Future of domestic abuse challenged by local group”, Brady Standard, October 2000
Item 29: “Victims Center helps families cope and educate community with Silent Witnesses”, The Silsbee Bee, October 1998
Item 30: “Silent Witnesses: Program puts faces on domestic violence”, Hardin County News, September 1998
Item 31: “There is a safe place to go: Gateway Family Services will help those in need with financial aid of United Way”, Sweetwater Reporter, October 2002
Item 32: “To the shelter’s rescue”, Express News, October 2002
Item 33: “Bridge Sheds Light on Domestic Violence”, Pasadena Citizen, November 2000
Item 34: “Balloons to soar to help family center”, Beaumont Enterprise, March 1994
Item 35: “Men who hate women: Lovers fall victim to dangerous cycle”, undated
Item 36: “Local woman’s travail outlines shock waves of spouse abuse”, Beaumont Enterprise, March 1985
Item 37: “Battered women have recourse”, Port Arthur News, April 1984
Item 38: “LBJ Library director given Torch of Liberty Award: Anti-Defamation League honors Harry Middleton for work against bigotry”, Austin-American Statesman, February 1992
Item 39: “Program aims to halt dating abuse”, Express-News, February 2001
Item 40: “Breaking the Cycle: Organizers of candlelight vigil hope to put the spotlight on spousal abuse”, Austin-American Statesman, October 1996
Item 41: “Management and Ideology”, The Austin Chronicle, November 1992
Item 42: “Austin’s homeless: living on the edge”, American-Statesman, July 1985
Item 43: “Survivor’s story: Woman Overcomes Stabbing Attack By Husband, Lives to Raise Her Son”, DeSoto Today, November 2000
Item 44: “Results of domestic violence study given”, Franklin Advocate, November 2000
Item 45: “Secret place, a new start”, Orange Leader, November 2000
Item 46: “Holidays can often trigger violence”, Marshall News Messenger, November 2000
Item 47: “Better Evidence: Policy learn to strengthen abuse cases by using photos”, Dallas Morning News, November 2000
Item 48: “Lawmen gain insight into violence: Test your knowledge of family violence”, San Jacinto News-Times, November 2000
Item 49: “Same-sex domestic violence comes slowly out of the closet”, Houston Chronicle, November 2000
Item 50: “Domestic abuse survivor feels lucky to leave dark days behind”, Houston Chronicle, November 2000
Item 51: “Protective orders—a way to fight back”, Brady Standard, October 2000
Item 52: “Public officials”, Conroe Courier, October 2000
Item 53: “Victims tell horror of workplace slayings”, Express-News, October 2000
Item 54: “New tack to domestic violence”, Dallas Morning News, October 2000
Item 55: “Webb domestic violence growing at alarming rate”, Laredo Morning Times, October 2000
Item 56: “Domestic violence victim questions PPD methods”, Pasadena Citizen, September 2000
Item 57: “Domestic violence won’t be tolerated in McCulloch County”, Brady Standard, October 2000
Item 58: “Commissioners’ Court”, Calvert Tribune, September 2000
Item 59: “Students learn through silhouette making”, Laredo Morning Times, September 2000
Item 60: “FAP Programs aim to prevent family violence”, Killeen Daily Herald, September 2000
Item 61: “Savings lives, one call at a time: Every time the phone rings at Marcy Guerrero’s job, a domestic violence victim needs help”, Austin American-Statesman, September 2000
Item 62: “Stopping the Abuse: Guide helps parents detect signs of violence against teenage girls”, Dallas Morning News, September 2000
Item 63: “Battery intervention program highlights crime’s seriousness”, Pampa News, September 2000
Item 64: “Children often target of abuse by boyfriends”, Monitor, July 2000
Item 65: “Putting used cell phones to work: Battered women can carry them for emergency help”, Rosenberg Herald-Coaster, July 2000
Item 66: “Stalking law hinders prosecution efforts”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 2000
Item 67: “Lamar task force meets to battle domestic violence”, Paris News, July 2000
Item 68: “The new victimization”, Austin American-Statesman, July 2000
Item 69: “Sharing her story in hopes of saving some lives”, Sunday Sun, July 2000
Item 70: “Reading the signs of spousal abuse: Outward signs are clear, but mental abuse is much more difficult to spot”, Marshall News Messenger, September 2000
Item 71: “The Journey towards freedom”, Beacon-News, July 2000
Item 72: “’Walk Away from Fear’: SJC students organizes march to raise sexual assault awareness”, Pasadena Citizen, April 2000
Item 73: “Family violence victim puts life back together”, Brownsville Herald, April 2000
Item 74: “Another look at Bush’s record in Texas”, Austin American-Statesman, April 2000
Item 75: “Acts of violence: Education is key to prevent dating violence and date rape”, The Facts, April 2000
Item 76: “Law students participate in clinic to assist victims of domestic violence”, Kaufman Herald, April 2000
Item 77: “County offers plans to stem abuse”, Longview News-Journal, April 2000
Item 78: “Education is best way to combat domestic violence”, Victoria Advocate, April 2000
Item 79: “Bellamy Targets Violence Against Women”, Houston Forward Times, April 2000
Item 80: “’Earl’ stirs debate in radio: Song is about spouse’s killing”, Express News, April 2000
Item 81: “Advocate offers strategies to help avoid sexual assault”, The Facts, April 2000
Item 82: “Demographics of the street are changing”, Beaumont Enterprise, March 2000
Item 83: “Faces of Domestic Violence Conference”, Express-News, April 2000
Item 84: “Domestic violence touches teen’s life”, Reporter Telegram, March 2000
Item 85: “Gender abuse cases pose problem for INS”, Austin American-Statesman, March 2000
Item 86: “Domestic violence knows no gender boundaries”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, October 2000
Item 87: “Domestic violence seen on rise with ‘profound impact’”, Laredo Morning Times, October 2000
Item 88: “We need to expand act on violence against women”, Greenville Herald-Banner, September 2000
Item 89: “Help fight domestic violence”, Hill Country Recorder, October 2001
Item 90: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Franklin Advocate, October 2001
Item 91: “Fifth Annual Laredo Webb County Domestic Violence Conference”, Laredo Morning Times, September 2001
Item 92: “House passes bill to aid programs for domestic violence victims”, Killeen Daily Herald, October 2000
Item 93: “Rumsey kids, abuse victims remembered at Katy Mills Mall”, Katy Times, October 2001
Item 94: “Victims of domestic violence mourned at Lampasas vigil”, Killeen Daily Herald, October 2001
Item 95: “Shattered homes, tattered lives: October is domestic violence awareness month, area organizations offer help to victims”, The Battalion, October 2001
Item 96: “Interns: UD students get real-world experience”, Irving News;, March 2000
Item 97: “Everyone must be involved in stopping family violence”, Mineola Monitor, March 2000
Item 98: “Somewhere in the middle: Mediation a growing option in Fort Bend courts”, Rosenberg Herald-Coaster, March 2000
Item 99: “Soroptimists draw attention to domestic violence”, Plainview Daily Herald, October 2000
Item 100: “Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Signs to Look for in Battering Personalities”, Pleasanton Express, October 2000
Item 101: “Clinton urges vote on violence act: Congressional approval required to renew law against family abuse”, Dallas Morning News, September 2000
Item 102: “Traumatized boy haunted by memory of mom’s death”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2000
Item 103: “October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Stephenville Empire-Tribune, October 2000
Item 104: “House Oks domestic violence bill”, Houston Chronicle, October 2000
Item 105: “Never let her go”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 106: “12 angry jurors”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 107: “After a lover kills, is justice done?: Deadly Embrace”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 108: Haunted by Maria: Deadly Embrace”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 109: “Victims of domestic violence remembered”, Paris News, October 2001
Item 110: “Did you know?”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2001
Item 111: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Calvert Tribune, October 2001
Item 112: “A voice for victims: Abused women face variety of obstacles, but local groups can help”, Allen Americans, October 2001
Item 113: “Candlelight vigil remembers victims”, Sunday Sun, October 2001
Item 114: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Hearne Democrat, October 2001
Item 115: “Activities address domestic violence”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, October 2001
Item 116: “CHRISTUS Fund supports Healthy Communities through collaboration”, Cooper Review, December 2001
Item 117: “When Words Hurt: Years of verbal abuse wear down self-esteem”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, August 2000
Item 118: “Effects of battering last longer than the physical abuse; children are silent victims”, County Star-News, August 2000
Item 119: “Women’s Protective Services tells story of woman’s ‘Journey to Freedom’”, Olton Enterprise, August 2000
Item 120: “Doctors increasingly tuning in to; reporting signs of domestic abuse: Some encourage training of health care professionals on how to recognize and aid victims of violent relationships”, Alice Echo-News, December 2000
Item 121: “Young witnesses struggle with memories of domestic violence”, Dallas Morning News, December 2000
Item 122: “Room to grow: New building adds options for battered women”, Houston Chronicle, August 2002
Item 123: “Officers take chance daily: Domestic disturbance calls are often volatile, dangerous, even deadly”, Beaumont Enterprise, September 2002
Item 124: “Taking Control Of Their Lives: Needs Council Counselor Works With Victims Of Domestic Violence”, Standard/Radio Post, February 2001
Item 125: “County seeks grant to help crime victims”, Boerne Star, November 2002
Item 126: “A View from the Bridge”, The Austin Chronicle, November 1992
Item 127: “At the safe house, they call them survivors”, Baytown Sun, May 2002
Item 128: “Coaching Boys into men: Program uses mentors to teach nonviolence”, Globe News, October 2002
Item 129: “Homefront Horror: Domestic violence scars spectrum of society”, Beaumont Enterprise, September 2002
Item 130: “Hotline helps victims of domestic violence”, Caller-Times, October 2002
Item 131: “Loving arms, angry fists: Domestic violence often hard to prosecute”, San Angelo Standard-Times, September 2002
Item 132: “The story of an abused girl and her ‘amazing recovery’”, Winnsboro News, May 2002
Item 133: “Police are battling abuse 1 domestic bully at a time”, Austin American-Statesman, October 2002
Item 134: “Local woman forming group to help survivors of abuse”, Gainesville Register, October 2002
Item 135: “Crime Victim Assistance Center”, Rising Star, October 2002
Item 136: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Silence, A fictional story”, Breckenridge American, October 2002
Item 137: “A converted Kaufman warehouse operated by a country preacher serves up food and offers shelter and hope to women and children in crisis: Safety zone”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 2002
Item 138: “A month to remember: Domestic violence topic to be discussed at upcoming events”, Baytown Sun, October 2002
Item 139: “Cycles of silence: More employers today are doing their part to help employees in abusive relationships”, Longview News-Journal, May 2002
Item 140: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, Brownwood Bulletin, October 2002
Item 141: “Fannin County Family Crisis Center provides help to all kinds of victims”, Bonham Favorite, May 2002
Item 142: “Even Start class hears about effect domestic abuse has on children”, Denver City Press, May 2002
Item 143: “Family Violence Assistance Offered”, Menard News and Messenger, August 2002
Item 144: “Making a shelter a home”, Beaumont Enterprise, May 2002
Item 145: “Charity dollars sent to New York, leaving local agencies in a bind”, Globe-News, September 2002
Item 146: “Dangerous dating: Teens can find themselves victims of abuse in relationships”, El Paso Times, September 2002
Item 147: “Woman’s escape from abuse required sacrifice, willpower”, San Angelo Standard-Times, September 2002
Item 148: “Iowa Park not immune from domestic violence”, Iowa Park Leader, October 2002
Item 149: “A Home For Battered Women” poster, undated
Item 150: “Stop Signs: Week of events aims to prevent violence”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, October 2002
Item 151: “Home is where the hurt is: Women’s Protective Services shelters the abused”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, October 1996
Item 152: “Sheltering hope for the future”, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, May 1998
Item 153: “Community network of agencies help to Ease the pain”, Avalanche-Journal, October 1998
Item 154: “Domestic Violence: Attacks at home become daily routine for women”, Avalanche Journal, October 1997
Item 155: “Assault on Battering: Dallas center helps men stop abusing women”, Dallas Times Herald, undated
Item 156: “Gerry Beer”, Morning News, October 1985
Item 157: “Victims Without Voices: Detective Is A Voice For The Defenseless”, Morning Telegraph, August 2003
Item 158: “Award winning bookmarks: Domestic violence bookmark winners”, Calvert Tribune, January 2003
Item 159: “A Wakeup Call to Parents”, Groveton News, March 2002
Item 160: “Southern National Bank title sponsor for Fort Bend Womens’ Center Boogie 2003”, Rosenberg Herald-Coaster, January 2003
Item 161: “Commissioners want no more double-dipping”, Sherman Herald Democrat, April 2003
Item 162: “B.A.C.A. Riders Saturday To Raise Awareness About Child Abuse”, Eastland Telegram, April 2003
Item 163: “Domestic violence everyone’s problem”, Express-News, April 2003
Item 164: “America’s Most Wanted may do story on county constable”, Marshall News Messenger, April 2003
Item 165: “Dirty Secret: Violence against family, partners remains of the scourges of U.S.”, Lakeshore Times, October 2003
Item 166: “Proclamation honors victims of domestic violence here”, Duval Co. Picture, October 2003
Item 167: “Pain of domestic abuse becomes message of hope: S.A. woman has spent years helping others by retelling her story”, Express News, October 2003
Item 168: “A lesson for our youths: Real men renounce domestic abuse”, Plainview Daily Herald, October 2003
Item 169: “Domestic violence can be stopped”, Midlothian Mirror, October 2003
Item 170: “Law Enforcement”, Eagle Lake Headlight, October 2003
Item 171: “Assistance available for local victims of domestic violence”, Round Rock Leader, October 2003
Item 172: “Awareness of Family Violence is Vital”, Pottsboro Press, October 2003
Item 173: “Domestic violence signals can show up at work place”, Polk Co. Enterprise, October 2003
Item 174: “Woman tells tale of abuse: With October Domestic Violence Awareness Month, ‘Jane’ hopes her story helps other victims”, Mineral Wells Index, October 2002
Item 175: “Take role in ending family violence”, San Angelo Standard-Times, March 2002
Item 176: “Report details family violence problems”, Temple Daily Telegram, March 2002
Item 177: “’I did not know I had choices’: Family Peace Project has big plans to help domestic abuse victims”, Athens Daily Review, April 2002
Item 178: “Courts blamed for divorced dads’ violence”, Waco Tribune-Herald, November 2002
Item 179: “Sex scandals rock trust in all religions’ leaders”, U.S.A. Today, April 2002
Item 180: “That’s the law, nonsensical as it is”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 2002
Item 181: “Embracing help, hope and family”, Austin American-Statesman, April 2002
Item 182: “Victim of domestic violence remains in fear of former spouse”, Uvalde Leader-News, October 2002
Item 183: “Violence awareness needs more than a month’s attention”, Brownwood Bulletin, October 2002
Item 184: “Family violence council scours country for model programs”, American Allen Tides, April 2002
Item 185: “October is national Domestic Violence Awareness month: Local victims’ advocates spend month promoting awareness”, Alice Echo-News, October 2002
Item 186: “Pledge To End Rape Seeks To Change Male Attitudes”, Morning Telegraph, November 2002
Item 187: “With help, Midland woman overcomes tough challenges”, Midland Reporter-Telegram, April 2002
Item 188: “Crisis Center offers ‘equipment’ to victims of abuse”, Wharton Journal-Spectator, April 2002
Item 189: “ABUSE”, Midland Reporter-Telegram, October 2002
Item 190: “Victim tells story of domestic abuse”, Iowa Park Leader, October 2002
Item 191: “It Could Never Happen To Me”, Tribune-Progress, October 2002
Item 192: “Warning signs of abuser”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 2002
Item 193: “Fleeing man dies in crash”, Laredo Morning Times, January 2002
Item 194: “Man charged with assault of public servant following domestic disturbance call”, Temple Daily Telegram, October 2002
Item 195: “Jurors acquit man in beating”, Bryan-College Station Eagle, October 2002
Item 196: “Woman Overcomes Stabbing, Attack By Husband, Lives to Raise Her Son”, Lancaster Today, November 2000
Item 197: “Unmasking domestic violence: Two women share stories of abuse”, Pleasanton Express, October 2002
Item 198: “Crime Victim Assistance Center”, Eastland Telegram, October 2002
Item 199: “Domestic abuse often goes beyond physical”, Plainview Daily Herald, October 2000
Item 200: “Domestic abuse knows no boundaries, not even work”, Katy Times, October 2000
Item 201: “Desperately Seeking Safety: New law to help battered immigrant women”, Monitor, October 2000
Item 202: “Center helping the abused to heal: Waco facility providing privacy, support to victims of domestic violence”, Waco Tribune-Herald, November 2000
Item 203: “Living with reality: Former investigator gives talk on domestic violence”, Jacksonville Daily Progress, August 2002
Item 204: “Home for Christmas: Shelter Gives Families Hope For Holidays”, Morning Telegraph, December 2000
Item 205: “A place to heal: Socorro program helps strengthen families, curtail domestic violence”, El Paso Times, April 2002
Item 206: “Task Force on Domestic Violence provides 24-hour help”, Wise Co. Messenger, November 2000
Item 207: “Recent domestic shootings raise concern of recognizing problems”, Mineral Wells Index, July 2002
Item 208: “All is calm: One battered woman’s story of courage”, Kerrville Daily Times, December 2000
Item 209: “Maggie’s House coming”, San Benito News, December 2000
Item 210: “On the road again: Women’s Center client singing and driving after White Oak shop restores damaged car”, Longview News-Journal, December 2000
Item 211: “Friends of the Family fights violence: Davis spreads word about how to stop domestic abuse”, Gainesville Register, October 2002
Item 212: “Women’s shelter focuses on education, advocacy”, Dallas Morning News, November 2000
Item 213: “Safe Place has balloon liftoff on Friday”, Moore Co. News-Press, October 2002
Item 214: “Center offers help after accidents, crimes”, Andrews Co. News, February 2003
Item 215: “Getting out of harm’s way: Financial independence can help free abused women”, Dallas Morning News, July 2002
Item 216: “Local incidents of domestic violence ‘overwhelming’”, Brownsville Herald, July 2000
Item 217: “Nowhere Else To Go”, Houston Chronicle, July 2000
Item 218: “Filing process has greatly improved, shelter staff says”, Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, July 2000
Item 219: “Gensis Center to open Saturday for area women”, Monitor, November 2001
Item 220: “Cookie sale halted at ‘Rays game: Concession operator says only he can sell food items at coliseum”, Caller-Times, February 2000
Item 221: “Two Edinburg school classes win contest for county Family Violence Task Force logo”, Edinburg Daily Review, January 2000
Item 222: “Parker County institutes Family Violence Against Women Project, Weatherford Democrat, January 2000
Item 223: “Training needed to recognize domestic violence injuries”, Temple Daily Telegram, January 2000
Item 224: “Parker County institutes Family Violence Against Women Project”, Weatherford Democrat, January 2000
Item 225: “Center helps victims of violence change lives: Program records successes in its first year”, Dallas Morning News, January 2000
Item 226: “Safe Place volunteer coordinator: Arminae Forest”, Midland Reporter-Telegram, February 2000
Item 227: “Women’s shelter updates name”, Odessa American, January 2000
Item 228: “Free CPR courses to be offered at Mall of Abilene”, Abilene Reporter-News, February 2000
Item 229: “Paris Women’s Shelter formally dedicated”, Paris News, February 2000
Item 230: “Womens center provides safe harbor from domestic violence”, Angleton Times, April 2000
Item 231: “East Texas Crisis Center unveils images of domestic violence victims”, Wood County Democrat, April 2000
Item 232: “Grant provides needed help In filing and prosecuting assault family violence cases in Gregg County”, Kilgore News Herald, April 2000
Item 233: “ET Crisis Center Unveils Domestic Violence Program”, Morning Telegraph, March 2000
Item 234: “Woman of Accomplishment: Kathleen Holton of Alvin, ‘Outstanding humanitarian’ honored”, The Facts, February 2000
Item 235: “Grant to help battered women”, Springtown Epigraph, March 2000
Item 236: “Area shelters Provide safe haven for victims of violence”, Mount Vernon Optic-Herald, March 2000
Item 237: “Shelter still in need of donated items”, Paris News, March 2000
Item 238: “Local agencies work to combat domestic abuse”, Plano Star Courier, March 2000
Item 239: “Women’s shelter style show helps meet fund-raising goal”, Arlington Morning News, March 2000
Item 240: “Project gives domestic-violence victims a voice, law students know-how”, Dallas Morning News, April 2000
Item 241: “Court leans Women’s Shelter satellite office opens”, Beeville Bee-Picayune, April 2000
Item 242: “Advocating for domestic violence victims: New director brings wealth of experience to job at Women’s Center of East Texas”, Longview News-Journal, April 2000
Item 243: “Casa Misericordia ayuda a mujeres víctimas de abuso”, Tiempo de Laredo, October 2001
Item 244: “Safe Place needs community assistance”, Moore Co. News-Press, August 2000
Item 245: “Shelter provides light of hope for victims of abuse”, Lufkin Daily News
Item 246: “HNC offers one-stop service”, Pearland Journal, October 2001
Item 247: “Women’s Shelter offers haven for domestic violence victims”, Fort Worth Star Telegram, October 2001
Item 248: “Paris crisis center offers shelter from the storm of abuse”, Paris News, October 2001
Item 249: “Inside Society”, Caller-Times, November 2001
Item 250: “Family violence awareness training held”, Uvalde-Leader News, October 2001
Item 251: “Angel House, Odessa’s first shelter for battered women, children opens”, Odessa American, September 2001
Item 252: “Panhandle Crisis Center is seeking volunteers”, Perryton Herald, September 2001
Item 253: “Tomorrows are brighter for woman aided by shelter”, Dallas Morning News, December 2001
Item 254: “Providing a safe haven for victims: Cain, Brown discuss need for domestic violence home with members of KCCP”, Terrell Tribune, December 2001
Item 255: “Caldwell task force draws up plan to fight domestic abuse”, Austin American-Statesman, December 2001
Item 256: “New facility for shelter in planning stages”, Baytown Sun, December 2001
Item 257: “Tale of two trends: Study finds domestic violence reports rose in Plano but declined in county”, Plano Star Courier, December 2001
Item 258: “Local organization reaches out to families of domestic violence”, Palestine Herald Press, December 2001
Item 259: “Abused find aid at center: Phoebe’s Home helps victims cope”, Bryan-College Station Eagle, September 2000
Item 260: “Help SafePlace reach the goal of a future without violence”, Austin American-Statesman, December 2001
Item 261: “Remember 9-11, but so many here also need help”, North San Antonio Times, November 2001
Item 262: “Fort Bend Women’s Center honors vols, staff members”, Fort Bend Mirror, November 2001
Item 263: “Zero tolerance for family violence, was the message”, Wood County Democrat, November 2001
Item 264: “Workers come together for domestic violence shelter”, Wise Co. Messenger, December 2001
Item 265: “A Helping Hand: Abuse victims find many places to go for comfort”, Marshall News Messenger, September 2000
Item 266: “Letter to Editor”, Index, September 2000
Item 267: “Local coalition seeks anti-domestic violence nominations”, Laredo Morning Times, September 2000
Item 268: “Center helps fight abuse: Group provides hotline, support”, Valley Morning Star, September 2000
Item 269: “TAMU hosts domestic violence conference Oct. 5, 6”, Laredo Morning Times, September 2000
Item 270: “Domestic Violence Hurts Everybody”, Fayette Co. Record, September 2000
Item 271: “Wat’s the Matter? Strong women deserve praise, admiration”, Plano Star Courier, October 2000
Item 272: "Ask the A.G.: Domestic violence awareness month," Perryton Herald, October 2000
Series 8: Photographs
This series contains color and black and white photographs, negatives, proof sheets and color slides chronicling the development of the TCFV from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. The series includes photos of various Texas shelters, conferences, hearings, workshops and TCFV staff activities. Debby Tucker dictated sheets of notes, included in some of the folders. Photographs with identifying notes written on the backs have been sleeved so that the backs are visible.
Sub-Series 1: Administrative
This sub-series contains images that include individual and group shots of TCFV staff, volunteers and supporters as well as shots of the first two TCFV offices.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Prints
Box 9
Folder 1: Edmunds, Mimi and Debby Tucker, undated
Folder 2: McArthur, Eve, undated
Folder 3: McArthur, Eve and Debby Tucker, undated
Folder 4: Russell, Jim, undated
Folder 5: Tucker, Debby, undated
Folder 6-7: Staff Retreat, undated
Folder 8: Going Away Party - Melissa Eddy, September 1992
Folder 9: Staff/Volunteers at Work, March 1982
Folder 10-17: Staff/Volunteers at Work, undated
Folder 18: 2525 Wallingwood, undated
Folder 19: West Lynn, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 6: Going Away Party - Melissa Eddy, September 1992
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Proof Sheets
Box 9
Folder 20: Debby Tucker Headshots, undated
Folder 21: Board Meeting, January 1990
Folder 22: NDVH Donors/Joycelin Elders, January 1994
Folder 23: Staff Retreat, May 1989
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Slides
Box 9
Folder 24-25: General Membership Meeting, March 1992
Folder 26: Staff/Volunteers at Work (Fort Bend County), July 1992
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Negatives
Box 9
Folder 27: Rodgers, Pam, November 1993
Folder 28: Membership Meeting, 1992
Folder 29: Board Meeting, January 1990
Folder 30: Training Seminar, May 1992
Folder 31: NDVH Donors/Joycelin Elders, January 1994
Folder 32-33: Staff Retreat, May 1989
Folder 34: Staff Retreat, May 1992
Folder 35-36: Staff Retreat, undated
Folder 37: Going Away Party: Melissa Eddy, September 11, 1992
Folder 38-41: Staff/Volunteers at Work, undated
Folder 42: 2525 Wallingwood Office, undated
Sub-Series 2: Political/Legislative
This sub-series consists of images that include shots of several prominent politicians and legislators, including former Texas governors Mark White and Ann Richards, group shots of lobbying organizations, and shots of various hearings. (Photographs of the National Domestic Violence Hotline conference at the White House are housed in the Conferences sub-series.)
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Prints
Sub-Sub-Sub Series 1: Politicians
Box 9
Folder 43: Carlin, Kathleen and Debby Tucker, undated
Folder 44: Cornyn, John and Debby Tucker, undated
Folder 45: Richards, Ann, undated
Folder 46-47: Bill Signing: Governor White, 1985
OVS_Box 19
Folder 7: Moncrief, Mike, undated
Sub-Sub-Sub Series 2: Legislative Activity
Box 9
Folder 48-50: Mary Polk Roast, undated
Folder 51: National Network to End Domestic Violence, 1994, 1998
Folder 52: "Texans at First Meeting After VAWA Passage", 1994
Folder 53: "Texas Lobby Team", undated
Sub-Sub-Sub Series 3: Hearings
Box 9
Folder 54-57: Reagan's Department of Justice Study Hearings (San Antonio), 1984
Folder 58: Austin, 1986
Folder 59: Austin, undated
Folder 60: El Paso, undated
Box 10
Folder 1: Unidentified Hearing, 1982
Folder 2: Unidentified Hearings, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Proof Sheets
Box 10
Folder 5: Bullock, Bob, 1993
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Slides
Box 10
Folder 6: Unidentified: Austin, 1990
Folder 7-8: Ann Richards Inaugural Rally, February 1991
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Negatives
Box 10
Folder 9: Bill Signing: Governor White, 1985
Folder 10: Awake Walk, October 1993
Folder 11-13: Mary Polk Roast, undated
Folder 14-16: Reagan's Department of Justice Study Hearings (San Antonio), 1984
Folder 17: Unidentified Hearing, 1982
Folder 18-20: Unidentified Hearings, undated
Sub-Series 3: Workshops
This sub-series has been divided into three sub-sub series based on format including: Prints, Proof Sheets, and Negatives. Images include shots of various training workshops hosted or attended by the TCFV. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Prints
Box 10
Folder 21-22: Unidentified Workshops, 1984
Folder 23: Plainview, undated
Folder 24: Port Aransas, undated
Folder 25-35: Unidentified Workshops, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Proof Sheets
Box 10
Folder 36: Advanced Advocacy Workshop, August 1993
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Negatives
Box 10
Folder 37: Unidentified Workshop, 1984
Folder 38: Unidentified Workshop, 1988
Folder 39: Workshop in Laredo, May 1992
Folder 40: Advanced Advocacy Workshop, August 1993
Folder 41-47: Unidentified Workshops, undated
Sub-Series 4: Conferences
This sub-series has been divided into four sub-sub series based on format including: Prints, Proof Sheets, Slides, and Negatives. The bulk of the sub-series is made up of items depicting the TCFV's annual Statewide Family Violence Conferences. To maintain original order, materials have been arranged chronologically within subjects: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, Other Conferences, and Unidentified.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Prints
Box 10
Folder 48-54: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1984-1986
Box 11
Folder 1: TCFV Annual Meeting: Port Aransas, 1982
Folder 2: University of Texas Law Center Conference, 1982
Folder 3-5: NCADV Conferences, 1982, 1986, undated
Folder 6: Unidentified Conference: Dallas, May 1985
Folder 7: White House Conference (NDVH), 1996
Folder 8: Millennium Conference/Marshalls Prize, 1999
Folder 8a: Jewish Woman International, undated
Folder 10-12: Unidentified Conferences, undated
Folder 13: Unidentified Souvenir Group Photos, 1992
OVS_Box 19
Folder 8: White House (NDVH), 1996
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Proof Sheets
Box 11
Folder 14-15: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1993-1994
Folder 16: Shelter Development Conference, May 1990
Folder 17: Unidentified Conference, August 1992
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Slides
Box 11
Folder 18-24: Statewide Family Violence Conference, 1983
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Negatives
Box 11
Folder 25-49: Statewide Family Violence Conferences, 1984-1992
Box 12
Folder 1-10: Statewide Family Violence Conference, 1993-1994
Folder 11-12: NCADV Conferences, 1986, undated
Folder 13-15: Shelter Development Conference, May 1990
Folder 16: Battering Intervention and Prevention Project, July 1991
Folder 17: Unidentified Conference: Dallas, May 1985
Folder 18: Unidentified Conference, August 1992
Folder 19-20: Unidentified Conferences, undated
Sub-Series 5: Shelters
This sub-series consists of images that include shots of various shelters, mainly in Texas, and their workers and volunteers. Materials have been arranged alphabetically by shelter name. Miscellaneous and unidentified shelters are listed at the end of each format.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Prints
Box 12
Folder 21: Alpine Shelter, 1985
Folder 22: Alpine Shelter, 1985
Folder 23: Amarillo Shelter, undated
Folder 24: Angleton Shelter, 1984
Folder 25: Atascosa Shelter, October 1992
Folder 26: Austin Center for Battered Women, 1980
Folder 27: Beaumont Shelter, 1985
Folder 28: El Paso Shelter, undated
Folder 29: Galveston Shelter, undated
Folder 30: Garland Shelter, undated
Folder 31: Greenville Shelter, 1984
Folder 32: Longview Shelter, undated
Folder 33: Lubbock Shelter, undated
Folder 34-35: McAllen Shelter, undated
Folder 36: Plainview Shelter, undated
Folder 37: Seguin Shelter, 1984
Folder 38: Strasburg (France) Shelter, undated
Folder 39: Waco Shelter, 1992
Folder 40-46: Miscellaneous/Unidentified Shelters, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Slides
Box 13
Folder 1: Atascosa Shelter, October 1992
Folder 2: Bastrop Shelter, March 1992
Folder 3: Bay Area Women's Shelter, August 20, 1992
Folder 4: Beaumont Shelter Site Visit, undated
Folder 5: Dallas Shelter, 1991-1992
Folder 6: Fort Bend Shelter, undated
Folder 7: Fort Worth Shelter, August 1992
Folder 8: Haskell Shelter, September 1992
Folder 9: Huntsville Shelter, undated
Folder 10: Marble Falls Shelter, August 1992
Folder 11: McAllen Shelter, undated
Folder 12: Midland Shelter, August 1992
Folder 13: Midland Shelter Site Visit, undated
Folder 14: Northwest Assistance Ministries Shelter, September 1992
Folder 15: Northwest Houston Shelter, October 1991-September 1992
Folder 16: Perryton Shelter, September 1992
Folder 17: Round Rock Shelter, August 1992
Folder 18-19: San Antonio Shelter, October 1992
Folder 20: Waco Shelter, 1992
Folder 21: Site Visits: Miscellaneous Houston Area, undated
Folder 22-23: Site Visits: Panhandle, February 1992
Folder 24: Site Visit: Unidentified Shelter, June 1992
Sub-Sub-Series 3: Negatives
Box 13
Folder 25-26: Alpine Shelter, undated
Folder 27: Corpus Christi Shelter, 1992
Folder 28: Garland Shelter, undated
Folder 29: Plainview Shelter, undated
Folder 30: Seguin Shelter, 1984
Folder 31: Site Visit: Unidentified Shelter, May 1992
Folder 32-35: Miscellaneous/Unidentified Shelters, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 4: Press Clippings and Brochures
Box 26
Folder 1: Women’s Center of Brazoria County, 1983-1999
Folder 2: Amarillo Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Center, 1983-1987
Folder 3: Family Crisis Center of Cleburne, 1985-1996
Folder 4: Phoebe’s Home (Bryan), 1984-1998
Folder 5: Family Crisis Center of Big Bend, 1985-1999
Folder 6: The Women’s Shelter (Arlington), 1989-1998
Folder 7: Safe Home (Dallas), 1984-1989
Folder 8: Genesis Women’s Shelter (Dallas), 1982-1998
Folder 9: Wintergarden Women’s Shelter (Carrizo Springs), 1994-2003
Folder 10: Women’s Protective Services of Lubbock, 1982-1996
Folder 11: Amistad Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center, 1984-1993
Folder 12: Noah’s Place (Abilene), 1986-1997
Folder 13: Northwest Assistance Ministries (Houston), 1991-1993
Folder 14: Twin City Mission (Bryan), 1981-1985
Folder 15: Bay Area Women’s Center (Baytown), 1984-1988
Folder 16: Center for Battered Women (Austin), 1986-1992
Folder 17: Matagorda County Women’s Center (Bay City), 1984-1998
Folder 18: Montgomery County Women’s Center (Woodlands), 1983-1997
Folder 19: Family Services of Southeast Texas (Beaumont), 1984-1997
Folder 20: Family Crisis Center of Bastrop, 1995-1998
Folder 21: Houston Area Women’s Center and AVDA, 1980-1996
Folder 22: Miscellaneous Crisis Centers and Shelters, 1985-1998
Folder 23: Domestic Violence Trainings and Workshops, 2002
Folder 24: Vigils, 2002
Folder 25: Shelter Services, 2000
Folder 26: Shelter Services, 2002
Folder 27: Shelter News, 2003
Folder 28: Support Groups and Shelter Ads, 2002
Box 27
Folder 1: National DV Hotline, 2003
Folder 2: Public Awareness and Prevention, 2001-2003
Folder 3: Calendar of Domestic Violence Events, 2003
Sub-Series 6: Slide Shows
This sub-series contains items that include slides and written material from educational slide shows presented by the TCFV. Materials are arranged chronologically.
Box 13
Folder 36-37: Slide Show Scripts, 1992
Folder 38: First Step Slide Show Script, October 1992
Folder 39: First Step Slide Show Slides, October 1992
Folder 40: Slide Listing, undated
Folder 41-52: Miscellaneous Slide Show Slides, undated
Sub-Series 7: Miscellaneous
This sub-series contains largely non-dated material. Dated items cover the years 1983 and 1993. Materials include miscellaneous proofs, negatives, photographs, and slides, such as Debby Tucker's bridal portraits, pictures of a musical performance, and other largely unidentified images. Dated materials are listed first, followed by non-dated materials.
Box 13
Folder 53: Jimmie Dale Gilmore Performance Proofs, October 1983
Folder 54: Jimmie Dale Gilmore Performance Negatives, October 1983
Folder 55: Miscellaneous Negatives, 1993
Folder 56: Debby Tucker Bridal Portrait, undated
Folder 57: Miscellaneous Photographs, undated
Folder 58-60: Miscellaneous Slides, undated
Folder 61-64: Miscellaneous Negatives, undated
Folder 65: Tina Turner, undated
OVS_Box 19
Folder 9: Debby Tucker Bridal Portrait, undated
Sub-Series 8: Photo Albums
This sub-series contains two loose photo album sheets and two full photo albums covering the years 1986-1993. Pictures include shots of various conferences, some identified and some unidentified, and of individual members and supporters of the TCFV. (Photographs from Toby Myers's international excursion scrapbook are housed in the International Development Project series.) Most of the handwritten notes identifying conferences and individuals were written by Debby Tucker. Original order has been maintained.
Box 14
Item 1: Loose Album Sheets: Unidentified Conference, 1993
Item 2: Photo Album 1, 1986-1992
Item 3: Photo Album 2, 1990-1993
Series 9: Ephemera
This series contains materials including posters, t-shirts, buttons and other items created or collected by members of the TCFV and related organizations. It has been divided into sub-series based on format. The six sub-series are: Posters, Videos, Tote Bags, Shirts, Pins/Buttons, and Miscellaneous. The Miscellaneous sub-series contains a variety of items such as key chains, nametags, bumper stickers, business cards, mugs, and others.
Sub-Series 1: Tote Bags
This sub-series contains eight tote bags created or collected by the TCFV. Dated items are listed first.
Box 15
Item 1: Cream Tote Bag: Many Hands, One Movement: Stop Family Violence, 1990
Item 2: Cream Tote Bag: Next Millennium Conference, 1999
Item 3: Cream Tote Bag: Friends of Women's Studies, undated
Item 4: Green Tote Bag: Department of Justice, undated
Item 5: Red Tote Bag: Alabama Medical Association, undated
Item 6: Black Tote Bag: Jane Doe Safety Fund, undated
Item 7: Black Tote Bag: End Violence Against Women, undated
Item 8: Cream Tote Bag: Frontline Responders, undated
Sub-Series 2: Shirts
This sub-series containst-shirts and nightshirts created or collected by the TCFV. They cover the years 1977-1996 and include several non-dated shirts. Subjects of the shirts include advertising, memorabilia, political statements and others. Dated shirts have been arranged chronologically.
Box 15
Item 1: Grey T-shirts (2): 10 Year Anniversary, 1988
Item 2: Green T-shirt: Moving to the Head of the River, 1989
Item 3: Blue T-shirts (2): Moving to the Head…, 1989
Item 4: White T-Shirt: When We Turn Around, 1990
Item 5: White T-Shirt: Governor Richards Headlines, 1990
Item 6: White T-Shirt: A Woman's Place Is in the Dome, 1991
Item 7: White T-shirt: Kaleidoscope Conference, 1991
Item 8: Pink Nightshirt: Rediscover Liberation, 1992
Item 9: White T-shirt: Never Again, 1993
Box 16
Item 1: White T-shirt: Women, Community and Justice, 1993
Item 2: White T-Shirt: ARCC Rally, 1994
Item 3: Gold T-Shirt: "The Beat Goes On" (Art by Toby Myers), 1994
Item 4: White T-Shirt: NGO Forum on Women, 1995
Item 5: White T-shirts (2): I Helped Open the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1996
Item 6: White T-Shirt: Clinton/Gore (autographed), undated
Item 7: White T-shirt: TCFV, undated
Item 8: White Nightshirts (3): TCFV, undated
Item 9: White T-shirt: Bay Area Women's Center, undated
Item 10: Navy T-Shirt: Another Man for Ann, undated
Item 11: Purple T-Shirt: Cherokee County Crisis Center, undated
Item 12: Red T-shirt: Deep in the Heart, undated
Item 13: Yellow T-Shirt: Hand-Drawn Art/Captions, undated
Item 14: Tan T-shirt: Wife Beater Definition, undated
Item 15: White T-shirt: Paradise Bingo, undated
OVS_Box 24
Item 1: Green T-Shirt: We're Moving to the Head, undated
Item 2: Blue T-Shirt: We’re Moving to the Head, undated
Item 3: Blue T-Shirt: We’re Swimming Through, undated
Item 4: Orange T-Shirt: We’re Swimming Through, undated
Item 5: Yellow T-Shirt: We’re Swimming Through, undated
Item 6: Beige T-Shirt: We’re Swimming Through, undated
Item 7: Yellow T-Shirt: End Violence in the Lives of Women, 1982
Item 8: Navy T-Shirt: Houston Survivor, November 1977
Item 9: White T-Shirt: National Network to End Domestic Violence, undated
Item 10: Purple Pajamas, undated
Sub-Series 3: Pins/Buttons
This sub-series includes various pins and buttons created or collected by the TCFV. They are almost entirely non-dated. Items are divided into Pins and Buttons, with the majority of the sub-series made up of buttons. Buttons have been arranged alphabetically by slogan.
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Pins
Box 17
Item 1: End Partner Violence, undated
Item 2: St. Jude House: Break the Silence, undated
Item 3: Crime Victims' Rights, undated
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Buttons
Box 17
Item 1: All We Need Is Love, undated
Item 2: BIGNO, undated
Item 3: Born to Shop, undated
Item 4: Choice, undated
Item 5: Continuum of Violence, 1992
Item 6: Denton County Friends of the Family, undated
Item 7: DV/COPPs Is Key to Ending Domestic Violence, undated
Item 8: Family Violence Hurts Everyone, undated
Item 9: "Feminism is the radical notion that women, are people.", undated
Item 10: F.O.P.C., undated
Item 11: It's Been Lovely But I Have to Scream Now, undated
Item 12: Join Us, We Care, undated
Item 13: Keep Kathy Mayor, undated
Item 14: Keep Your Laws Off My Body, undated
Item 15: Love Makes a Family, undated
Item 16: My Name Is Not Honey, undated
Item 17: NCADV: Bringing the Vision Home, 1988
Item 18: NCADV Pro Bono Presenter, undated
Item 19: NCADV Steering Committee, undated
Item 20: National Network to End Domestic Violence, undated
Item 21: No Guns for Wife Beaters, undated
Item 22: Older Women's League: Vote As Though Your Life Depended on It, undated
Item 23: People First!, undated
Item 24: Remember Martha: M.C.W.C.C., undated
Item 25: S O, undated
Item 26: Some Lovers Break More Than Hearts, undated
Item 27: TCFV: Join Now!, undated
Item 28: Volunteers Do It for Free, undated
Item 29: We Haven't Come a Long Way and We're Not Babies, undated
Item 30: We Took No Prisoners: 72nd Legislature, undated
Item 31: White Women Against Racism, undated
Sub-Series 4: Posters
This sub-series contains three folders (all oversize) of various posters used by the TCFV and related organizations. They cover the years 1979-2000, with a large number being undated. Purposes of the posters included group advertisement, membership drives, reminders of training events, mission statements, memorabilia and others. To maintain original order, they are arranged first by size, next by subject, and then chronologically within the subjects.
OVS_Box 20
Folder 3: Miscellaneous Posters (medium-sized), 1979-1997, undated
Folder 4: Miscellaneous Posters (large) and Texas Flag: Invitation to NDVH Grand Opening, 1994-2000, 1996
Item 1: Building a Non-Violent World poster
Drawer F.8
OVS_Folder 8: Miscellaneous OVS Posters, undated
Sub-Series 5: Videos
This sub-series includes videos created or collected by the TCFV. They have been arranged alphabetically by title.
Box 25
Item 1: Polaroid Domestic violence Response Video, 1997
Item 2: "Looking Back, Pushing Forward", undated
Item 3: NNEDV Reception, 1996
Item 4: "Un Nuevo Amanecer: A New Dawn", undated
Item 5: Domestic Violence and Welfare Reform, undated
Item 6: “It’s Not O.K.”, undated
Item 7: One Call at a Time, undated
Item 8: 60 Minutes: A Place to Go, January 18, 1981
Item 9: Choices for Life, 1997
Item 10: Making a Difference, 1997
Sub-Series 6: Miscellaneous
This sub-series consists of bumper stickers, business cards, key chains, stickers, nametags, mugs, and others. Items in numbered folders are listed first within each carton, followed by items without folders. Within these subdivisions, items are arranged alphabetically by item name. CAUTION: Some items are fragile.
Box 16
Folder 1: Key chain (with note card): TCFV, undated
Folder 2: Necklace: James Avery, 1993
Folder 3: Ornament (glass): Yin-Yang, undated
Item 1: "T" Initial Jewelry box (metal), undated
Item 2: Teddy Bear: Valentine's Day, undated
Item 3: Visor: Making Waves, [1986]
Box 17
Item 1: Admission Chit to House of Representatives (Debby Tucker), undated
Item 2: Coaster: Violence Against Women, undated
Item 3: Commemorative Coin: Department of Defense, undated
Item 4: Gift Tag (signed): Grade A Teacher, undated
Item 5: Key chains: Pivot Project, undated
Item 6: Key chains: TCFV, undated
Item 7: Luggage Tags: TCFV, undated
Item 8: Magnet: Mark Stiles, undated
Item 9: Magnet: National Domestic Violence Hotline, undated
Item 10: Magnet: Take Time for Yourself, undated
Item 11: Name Tag: [Gay] Ally (Debby Tucker), undated
Item 12: Name Tag: Executive Director (Debby Tucker), undated
Item 13: Name Tag: 10 Years (Debby Tucker), undated
Item 14: Name Tag: Texas Women's Meeting (Debby Tucker), undated
Item 15: Napkins: CBW Celebrations, 1981, undated
Item 16: Napkin: White House, undated
Item 17: Pencil: TCFV/NDVH, undated
Item 18: Phone Card: NDVH, undated
Item 19: Picture Frame (decorated), undated
Item 20: Ribbon: A Celebration of Hope, 2001
Item 21: Ribbon: Valiant VAWA Worker, undated
Item 22: Stickers: "God Bless Texas" (Bob Bullock), undated
Item 23: Stickers: NDVH, undated
Item 24: Whistle (metal): Blow the Whistle on Violence Against Women (The Body Shop), undated
Item 25: Whistle (plastic): Blow the Whistle on Domestic Violence, undated
Item 26: Videotape Cover: "Un Nuevo Amanecer", undated
Box 18
Item 1: Can Vienna Sausages: Sucks Big Weenies, 1990
Item 2: Candle (glass holder): Haras Mi Voluntad/Do As I Say, undated
Item 3: Candle (glass holder): Peace Signs, undated
Item 4: Coozie: I Love My Sheriff, undated
Item 5: Glass (champagne): ARCC, 1988
Item 6: Kaleidoscope, 1991
Item 7: Mugs (2): Crisis/Danger/Opportunity, undated
Item 8: Mugs (2): There's No Excuse for Domestic Violence, undated
Item 9: Mug: Women's Advocacy Project, undated
Item 10: Mug: Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence, undated
Item 11: Mug: Mujeres Unidas 20th Anniversary, undated
Item 12: Mug: Center for Battered Women, undated
Item 13: Mug (glass): The Shelter, undated
Item 14: Ornament (glass, six-sided), undated
Item 15: Paperweight: NTCDSV, undated
Item 16: Statue: Mother and Child, undated
Box 23
Folder 54: Equal Rights Amendment Cartoon, undated
Folder 55: An Ode to Vicky and Debby, 2000
Folder 56: Deborah Tucker Business Cards, undated
OVS_Box 24
Item 11: Honey Bee Bear, undated
Box 29
Folder 1: Bookmarks: Maya Angelou, TCFV, undated
Folder 2: Bumper Sticker: Beyond Bitch, undated
Folder 3: Bumper Sticker: Sheriffs' Association, undated
Folder 4: Bumper Stickers: Some Lovers Break More Than Hearts (TCFV), undated
Folder 5: Bumper Stickers: There's No Excuse for Domestic Violence, undated
Folder 6: Bumper Stickers: You Can't Beat a Woman, undated
Folder 7: Business Cards: Debby Tucker, undated
Folder 8: Business Cards: Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 9: Mouse Pad: VAWnet, undated
Folder 10: Note-Cards: Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 11: Place Card: Department of Defense Task Force (Debby Tucker), undated
Folder 12: Poster Board Map Cut-out: Shelter Services, undated
Folder 13: Admission Chit to House of Representatives (Debby Tucker), undated
OVS_Box 20
Folder 1: Bumper Stickers: Million Mom March, undated

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