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Brigid's Place Records


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Brigid's Place Records, 1974-2011 | University of Houston Libraries

By Leigh Fought, Timothy Wyatt

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Collection Overview

Title: Brigid's Place Records, 1974-2011

Predominant Dates:1993-1997

ID: 02/1999-003

Primary Creator: Brigid's Place (Houston, Tex.)

Extent: 9.5 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 00/00/1999

Subjects: Brigid's Place (Houston, Tex.), Christ Church Cathedral (Houston, Tex.), Nonprofit organizations - Texas - Houston, Women - Religious aspects - Christianity

Forms of Material: Administrative records, Correspondence, Minutes, Newsletters, Photographs

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Although the Women's Assembly founded Brigid's Place in 1996, the papers in the processed portion of this collection span from 1974 to 2011. Some research items date to the late 1980s and early 1990s. The original accession of papers arrived in five boxes, which split naturally into the two categories of the Women's Assembly and Brigid's Place. The papers were arranged topically and chronologically.

The largest portion of the papers concern the Women's Assembly and Brigid's Place, which are the first two series of the collection. Because the activities of the Women's Assembly quickly became synonymous with Brigid's Place, the papers of the Assembly are included with Brigid's Place beginning with 1996, the year of its foundation. Therefore, the papers relating to the Women's Assembly from 1993 through 1995 were placed in the Women's Assembly series. All papers from 1996 on are in the Brigid's Place series; however, researchers may note some overlap with 1996, and should check both series for complete documentation. These two series contain administrative records; agendas, minutes, notes and fliers for the Rotating Circle and Small Groups; the records of activities, speakers, and ministries for both organizations; and publications.

Papers filed throughout the collection, but which did not directly relate to the functioning and activities of either Brigid's Place or the Women's Assembly, are arranged into two more series: Christ Church, and Other Related Information. The Christ Church series contains various newsletters, minutes, and documents relating to the Christ Church Cathedral, and to other organizations associated with the parish. Other Related Information contains information regarding other religious and women's organization not directly tied to Christ Church, as well as various research materials. The current organization is primarily topical by series and sub-series, and is either topical or chronological within the sub-series.

Two additional boxes of materials were acquired in 2013 and have not yet been processed. These are currently described as Series 5, but may later be integrated with other series once processed.

Biographical Note

Brigid's Place, the women's center at Christ Church Cathedral, a place of prayer, meditation, research, and mutual support, is dedicated to the spiritual and personal development of women. Brigid's Place was established in 1996 by Christ Church Cathedral's Women's Assembly when the Assembly recognized that it needed to expand both its resources and its space. The Women's Assembly itself was formed in 1993 as a network for progressive women of Christ Church Cathedral.

Originally, the Assembly envisioned Brigid's Place as a separate project, but the Assembly and Brigid's Place soon became closely identified with one another. Brigid's Place assists women in finding mentors, in forming support networks through Small Groups, and in searching for answers to questions about female spirituality, gender roles, theology, and other issues facing religious women in the modern world. Brigid's Place participants join Small Groups, which focus on specific issues of particular importance to women at different stages in life

Brigid's Place is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with a board of directors; the Rotating Circle, composed of members from smaller communities who serve limited terms, is the advisory board of Brigid's Place. Brigid's Place also publishes an annual newsletter and brochures for their programs.

Subject/Index Terms

Brigid's Place (Houston, Tex.)
Christ Church Cathedral (Houston, Tex.)
Nonprofit organizations - Texas - Houston
Women - Religious aspects - Christianity

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: The processed materials in this collection are open for research. Unprocessed materials from the 2013 accession may be restricted and not available for access. For questions about materials in this collection or to request access, contact curator Vince Lee (velee@uh.edu).

Use Restrictions: Special Collections owns the physical items in our collections, but copyright normally belongs to the creator of the materials or their heirs. The researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, obtaining permission to publish from copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of Special Collections material in print or electronic form. For more information, consult the appropriate librarian. Reproduction decisions will be made by Special Collections staff on a case-by-case basis.

Acquisition Method:

Donated by Brigid's Place, 1999.

Additional materials were acquired in 2011 as part of a donation by Patty Turney.

Another accrual, currently unprocessed, arrived November 15, 2013.

Preferred Citation: Brigid's Place Records, Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries. To cite a specific item from this collection, please consult the most recent edition of your style manual for the proper formatting.

Finding Aid Revision History: Revised, 2013, 2017.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Brigid's Place],
[Series 2: Women's Assembly],
[Series 3: Christ Church],
[Series 4: Other Related Information],
[Series 5: Unprocessed additions],

Series 1: Brigid's Place
Brigid's Place contains the papers relating to the administration and activities of the women's center at Christ Church Cathedral, beginning in January 1996 and continuing through 1999. This series is divided into eight sub-series: Administration, Rotating Circle, Small Groups, Ministries, Activities, Speakers, Labyrinth, and Publications. The Administration sub-series contains the documentation for the creation and organization of Brigid's Place, as well as some financial records, correspondence, and information regarding its board of directors. The folders are arranged alphabetically by subject. The Rotating Circle and the Small Groups sub-series include agendas, minutes, notes, and fliers for the Rotating Circle administrative committee and for the various topical committees of Brigid's Place. The Rotating Circle folders are arranged chronologically, while the Small Groups folders are arranged alphabetically by group name. The Ministries sub-series contains similar information, as well as descriptions and plans for the different outreach programs associated with Brigid's Place. Those folders are arranged chronologically. The Activities and the Speakers sub-series include the plans, budgets, attendance records, fliers, and brochures for various liturgical events, workshops, retreats, and educational lectures sponsored by Brigid's Place. The sub-series are arranged chronologically. Information regarding the research and execution of the Labyrinth, a major project of Brigid's Place in conjunction with other Houston area religious organizations during 1997, is contained in the Labyrinth sub-series. The Publications sub-series contains The Women's Journal newsletter, and Lenten Meditations, a group of prayers for women during the season of Lent.
Sub-Series 1: Creation
Box 1
Folder 1: Proposal, 1995-1996
Folder 2: Organizational Meetings, 1995
Folder 3: Budgets, 1995-1996
Folder 4: Long Range Planning, 1996
Folder 5: Architectural Plans, 1995
Sub-Series 2: Organization
Box 1
Folder 6: Statement of Purpose, 1995-1998
Folder 7: Articles of Incorporation, 1997
Folder 8: By-Laws, 1998
Folder 9: Non-profit Status, 1996-1998
Folder 10: Organizational Structure, undated
Folder 11: Board Meetings Information, 1998-2000
Folder 12: Brochures, approximately 1998
Folder 13: Computer Disks, undated
Folder 14: Correspondence, 1995-1997, 1999
Folder 15: Directors Lists, 1994-1996
Folder 16: Treasurer's Reports, 1997-1998
Folder 16a: Press, 1996-2000
Folder 17: Donors, undated
Folder 18: Historic Documents, August 2010
Sub-Series 3: Rotating Circle
Box 1
Folder 19: Board of Directors/Members, 2000-2011
Folder 20: Meeting Information, 1996
Folder 21: Meeting Information, 1997
Folder 22: Meeting Information, 1998
Folder 23: Meeting Information, 1999-2000
Folder 24: Retreat, 1997
Sub-Series 4: Small Groups
Box 1
Folder 25: Feminist Forum, 1996-1997
Folder 26: Noontime Meditation, 1996-1997
Folder 27: Women in the Workplace, 1997
Folder 28: Worship Weavers, 2000-2001
Sub-Series 5: Ministries
Box 1
Folder 29: Jail Chaplaincy, February 1995
Folder 30: Jewish and Christian Women in Conversation, June 1996
Folder 31: Women in Crisis, 1996-1997
Folder 32: Caring Partners, 1996-1997
Folder 33: Noah Project, 1997
Folder 34: Brigid's Hope, 1999
Folder 34a: Family Pathfinders, 1997
Sub-Series 6: Activities
Box 1
Folder 35: Calendars, 1996-1999
Folder 36: Seasonal Programs, 1997-1999
Folder 37: Blessing of Brigid's Place, August 25, 1996
Folder 38: Yoga, 1996
Folder 39: Outdoor Program, 1996-1997
Folder 40: Workshops, 1996-1998
Folder 41: Theater LaB Benefit, April 1997
Folder 42: Creative Writing Workshop, Spring 1997
Folder 43: "Racism: Woman to Woman", September 10, 1997
Folder 44: Mary Magdalene Festival, 1996-1999
Folder 45: Mary Magdalene Festival, 2000-2010
Folder 46: Retreats, 1997-2000
Folder 47: "Creativity as Sacrament" Workshop, May 8-9, 1998
Folder 48: "A Time for Friends", November 7, 1998
Folder 49: St. Brigid's Festival, 1998-2011
Folder 50: Women's Spirituality Day, January 23, 1999
Folder 51: Hildegard von Bingen Festival, April 30, 1999; 2004
Folder 52: Julian of Norwich Festival, May 5, [?]
Folder 53: “Search for the Feminine Soul”, 1996-1997
Folder 54: “Changing Woman, Changing Church”, undated
Folder 55: “A Time for Friends”, 1998-2005
Folder 56: “President’s Luncheon”, 2010
Folder 57: 10th Anniversary, November 11, 2006
Folder 58: “Culture, Authority and the Church”, 1998
Folder 59: Faith on Trial, 2000
Sub-Series 7: Speakers
Box 2
Folder 1: Laurence Freeman, May 1996-Nov. 1997
Folder 2: J. Pittman McGhee, September 6-7, 1996
Folder 3: Richard Howard, September 26, 1996
Folder 4: Living the Questions series, September 1996-April 1997
Folder 5: Jane Chance, September 1996, June 1997
Folder 6: Don Benjamin and Jennifer Elkins, October 1996
Folder 7: Anne Carolyn Klein, November 1-2, 1996
Folder 8: Erika Lorentz, December 6-7, 1996
Folder 9: John Lienhard, 1996, undated
Folder 10: Martha Serpas, January 1997
Folder 11: Edith Mayo, January 1997
Folder 12: Tinka Tarver, March 14-15, 1997
Folder 13: Rev. Michael Mayne, April 1997
Folder 14: Elizabeth Smith, April 1997
Folder 15: Patricia Orr, June 1997
Folder 16: Sue Monk Kidd, September 1997
Folder 17: Sue Monk Kidd, Study Questions for The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, undated
Folder 18: Sue Monk Kidd, Secret Life of Bees, 2002
Folder 19: Fr. Thomas Keating, March 1998
Folder 20: Sister Helen Prejean, March 6, 1999
Folder 21: Betty Adam, undated
Folder 22: Jim Cotter, 2005
Folder 23: Carol Christ, 2003-2004
Folder 24: Patty Turney, undated
Sub-Series 8: Labyrinth
Box 2
Folder 25: Meetings, 1996-1997
Folder 26: Correspondence, 1995-1997
Folder 27: Budgets, March-April 1997
Folder 28: Events, 1996-1997
Folder 29: Presenter Training, February 9, 1997
Folder 30: Volunteers, 1994-1996
Folder 31: Research, 1991-1997
Sub-Series 9: Publications
Box 2
Folder 32: Women's Journal, 1997-1999
Folder 33: Women's Journal, 2000-2011
Folder 34: Lenten Meditations, 1998-1999
Folder 35: Lenten Meditations, 2000-2002
Folder 36: Gifts From Within, 2002
Folder 37: “Notes on the ‘F’ Word”, undated
Folder 38: The Wholeness Initiative, undated
Folder 39: Programs, 1996-2003
Folder 40: Brochures, 2005-2010
Series 2: Women's Assembly
The sub-series for the Women's Assembly are nearly identical to those of Brigid's Place: Administration, Rotating Circle, Small Groups, Ministries, Activities, Speakers, and Publications. The materials are dated 1993-1996. Because Brigid's Place is an extension of the Women's Assembly, the duplicated sub-series contain the same types of papers that are included in Brigid's Place, and follow the same arrangement.
Sub-Series 1: Administration
Box 2
Folder 41: Organizational Meetings, March-June 1993
Folder 42: Budget Rationale, 1994
Folder 43: Mission and Goals, undated
Folder 44: Organizational Chart, 1994
Folder 45: Brochure Plans, 1995
Folder 46: Correspondence, 1993-1995
Folder 47: Mailing Lists, 1993-1997
Folder 47a: Parish Reports, 1997
Sub-Series 2: Rotating Circle
Box 2
Folder 48: Meeting Information, 1993
Folder 49: Meeting Information, 1994
Folder 50: Meeting Information, 1995
Folder 51: Publicity Committee, 1993
Sub-Series 3: Small Groups
Box 2
Folder 52: Lists, 1994-1995
Folder 53: Contemplative Woman, 1993-1994
Folder 54: Feminist Forum, 1994-1995
Folder 55: Mothers and Daughters, 1994
Folder 56: Through Her Eyes, undated
Box 3
Folder 1: Weavers, 1994-1995
Folder 2: Wisdom Bearers, 1993
Folder 3: Women in the Workplace, 1993-1995
Folder 4: Women on the Cusp, 1993-1996
Folder 5: Women Praying for Women, undated
Folder 6: Women Saints and Mystics, 1993-1996
Folder 7: Women in Crisis, 1993-1996
Sub-Series 4: Ministries
Box 3
Folder 8: New Hope Housing, 1996
Folder 9: Caring Partners, undated
Sub-Series 5: Activities
Box 3
Folder 10: "Savvy, Spirited, Southern", 1993
Folder 11: Retreats, 1993-1994
Folder 12: "Let Freedom Ring", 1994
Folder 13: St. Lucia Evening, 1994
Folder 14: Facilitator Workshop, 1994-1995
Folder 15: St. Brigid Festival, 1994-1996
Folder 16: Taskforce (unidentified), 1995
Folder 17: Personal Empowerment Workshop, 1996
Folder 18: Workshops, undated
Folder 19: “Three Gates of the Feminine Soul”, 2000
Sub-Series 6: Speakers
Box 3
Folder 20: Christine Cozzens and Donna Sadler, September 1993
Folder 21: "Herstory": Women of the Bible, November 1993
Folder 22: Speakers Bureau, 1993
Folder 23: Carol Anderson, 1993
Folder 24: East Harris County Convocation, approximately 1993-1994
Folder 25: John Lienhard, May 1994
Folder 26: Parker Palmer, September 1994
Folder 27: Allison Cheek, May 1995
Folder 28: Daphne Grimes, April 1996
Folder 29: Lois Ann Peckham, May 1996
Sub-Series 7: Publications
Box 3
Folder 30: Newsletters, 1993-1996
Folder 31: Matrix Award, 1995
Folder 32: Notes, 1993-1994
Folder 33: Notes, 1995
Folder 34: Notes, 1996
Folder 35: Photos, undated
Folder 36: Mailing List, undated
Series 3: Christ Church
The Christ Church sub-series and folders contain papers relating to Christ Church Cathedral and its other organizations for the years 1985 through 1999. The folders in this series are arranged alphabetically by topic: Administration, Cathedral Organizations, Cathedral Bulletin, Events, and Miscellaneous. The Administration folders are arranged alphabetically, and contain church policies, brochures, parish reports and plans of action. The Cathedral Organizations includes minutes, information, and fliers concerning Christ Church organizations other than the Women's Assembly or Brigid's Place. The folders are arranged alphabetically. The two Cathedral Bulletin folders contain an incomplete set of newsletters for the Cathedral from 1992-1999. The Events folder contains fliers for various church functions. The Miscellaneous folders contains fliers, clippings and other information related to Christ Church, but not directly related to the other subseries and folders in the Christ Church series.
Sub-Series 1: Administration
Box 3
Folder 37: Brochures, undated
Folder 38: Building Use Policies, 1997, undated
Folder 39: Church Policies, 1992-1995
Folder 40: Parish Report, 1994-1999
Folder 41: Plan of Action, 1997
Sub-Series 2: Cathedral Organizations
Box 3
Folder 42: Daughters of the King, 1985-1986, 1990-1994
Folder 43: Guild of the Christ Child, 1993
Folder 44: Ladies' Parish Association, 1992-1997
Folder 45: Mary and Martha Guild, 1993-1995
Folder 46: Women's Breakfast, 1992-1997
Folder 47: Cathedral Bulletin, 1992-1996
Folder 48: Cathedral Bulletin, 1997-1999
Folder 49: Events, 1994-1999
Folder 50: Miscellaneous, 1996-1998
Folder 51: “A Time and Place for Health and Minds”, 2004
Series 4: Other Related Information
The Other Related Information series contains papers not directly related to Christ Church Cathedral, the Women's Assembly, or Brigid's Place, dated 1986 through 1999. Four sub-series are found in the Other Related Information series: Organizations, Conferences/Events, Research, and Printed Materials. The Organizations sub-series folders are arranged into two groups: Women's and Religious. Women's Organizations include both secular and religious groups focusing primarily on women. Religious Organizations include only religious groups that have no particular gender association. The folders in the two Organizations groups are arranged alphabetically. The Conferences/Events sub-series includes programs and information for conferences or similar events that were not sponsored by Christ Church, the Women's Assembly, or Brigid's Place. These folders are arranged alphabetically. The Research sub-series contains clippings, papers, notes, brochures and publications relating to the various issues that concerned the women of Brigid's Place. These folders are arranged alphabetically by topic. All of the material in the Other Related Information series provides context for the different activities, networking, and ideas that influenced the creation and functioning of Brigid's Place. The oversized box contains three issues of New York Times Magazine, January and April 1990, and June 1993; three issues of the Texas Episcopalian, September 1996, and March and May 1999. The box also contains one page from the April 1995 Texas Episcopalian, and ten sheets of butcher paper with notes written on them.
Sub-Series 1: Organizations
Sub-Sub-Series 1: Women's
Box 4
Folder 1: Crisis Pregnancy Center, 1993
Folder 2: Episcopal Women's Caucus, 1993-1995
Folder 3: Federation of Houston Professional Women, 1994-1997
Folder 4: Gladney Center (adoption), undated
Folder 5: Greater Houston Women's Foundation, 1993-1997
Folder 6: Houston Area Women's Center, 1993-1994
Folder 7: National Assembly of Religious Women, 1992-1993
Folder 8: Planned Parenthood, 1991-1996
Folder 9: UH Women's Studies Program, 1993-1996
Folder 10: Women for Social Witness, 1993
Folder 11: Women in Mission and Ministry, 1992-1995
Folder 12: Other, 1993-1996
Folder 13: Searching the Scriptures/The Monday Group, 1997-2007
Sub-Sub-Series 2: Religious
Box 4
Folder 14: Center for Progressive Christianity, 1996-1997
Folder 15: Episcopal Diocese, 1988-1999
Folder 16: Institute of Religion, 1994
Folder 17: Jung Center, 1996-1997
Folder 18: "Let Freedom Ring", 1995
Folder 19: New York Open Center, 1996
Folder 20: Other, 1992-1998
Sub-Series 2: Conferences/Events
Box 4
Folder 21: "Catching Fire", 1992
Folder 22: "Continuum of Violence", 1992
Folder 23: Trinity Institute National Conferences, 1992-1995
Folder 24: "A Vision of Wholeness", 1994
Folder 25: "Women in Photography", 1993-1994
Folder 26: Other, 1993-1996
Folder 27: “Religion and the Feminist Movement”, 2002
Folder 28: “Exploring Justice”, May 11, 2002
Folder 29: “Interfaith Women’s Ramadan Iftar”, 2010
Folder 29a: Women United Conference, 1999
Sub-Series 3: Research
Box 4
Folder 30: Anglican Spirituality and Liturgy, 1974-1994
Folder 31: Diversity, 1992-1995
Folder 32: Family Issues, 1992-1995
Folder 33: Feminism, 1990-1994
Folder 34: Gospel of John, undated
Folder 35: Male/Female Difference, 1988, undated
Folder 36: Prayer, undated
Folder 37: Reproduction Issues, undated
Folder 38: St. Brigid of Ireland, 1954, 1994
Folder 39: St. Hildegard von Bingen, 1998
Folder 40: St. Lucia, undated
Folder 41: Science and Religion, undated
Folder 42: Supplemental Liturgical Materials, 1993-1997
Folder 43: Women and Education, 1993-1994
Folder 44: Women and Spirituality, 1985-1994
Folder 45: Women in the Clergy, 1986-1994
Folder 46: Women's Health, 1991-1992
Folder 47: Women's Self-Esteem, 1990-1997
Folder 48: Handwritten Notes, undated
Folder 49: Other, undated
Sub-Series 4: Printed Materials
Box 4
Folder 50: Journal of Women’s Ministries, Winter 1996-1997
Folder 51: Mayor’s Summit on Women, 1999
Folder 52: Moorehouse Publishing, Fall 2002
Folder 53: Sewanee, Fall 1997
OVS_Box 5
Item 1: Houston Chronicle, 1997-2000
Item 2: Texas Episcopalian, 1996-2000
Item 3: New York Times Magazine, 1990-1993
OVS_Box 6
Item 1: Mayor’s Summit on Women Framed Art, 1999
Item 2-9: WNBA Houston Comets Posters, 2001-2002
Item 10: Mike Moncrief Photograph, undated
Item 11: Ann Richards, undated
Item 12: Printed Poem, undated
Series 5: Unprocessed additions
This series contains 2 boxes of materials received in 2013. Unprocssed materials may be restricted and not available for access. For questions about materials in this collection or to request access, contact curator Vince Lee (velee@uh.edu).

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[Series 1: Brigid's Place],
[Series 2: Women's Assembly],
[Series 3: Christ Church],
[Series 4: Other Related Information],
[Series 5: Unprocessed additions],

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