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Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers


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National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Activity

Various Suffrage Activity

Texas Equal Suffrage Association (TESA) Activity

Political Activities

Anti-Vice Reported Activity

War Effort Activities

Democratic Party Activities

Miscellaneous Activities

Later Years

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Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers, 1914-1944 | University of Houston Libraries

By : Pam Barron, 1978. Additional processing by Pat Ensor, 1995, with additional processing by Cecilia Bonner, Hannah Walker, Mikaela Selley, and Bobby Marlin, June, 2007.

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Collection Overview

Title: Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers, 1914-1944

ID: 02/2006-010

Primary Creator: Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, 1882-1964

Extent: 9.0 Linear Feet

Subjects: Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, 1882-1964, National American Woman Suffrage Association, Suffragists - Texas, Texas Equal Suffrage Association, Women - Political activity - Texas, Women - Suffrage - Texas

Forms of Material: Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Records (documents), Speeches (documents)

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Cunningham Papers are divided into 9 series and 10 boxes making up approximately 9 linear feet spanning the years 1914 to 1959.  Below, the set is inventoried and described in detail.

The papers include correspondence, press releases, news clippings, programs, bulletins, speeches, expense accounts, campaign lists, strategic plans and organizational materials.

These materials document Mrs. Cunningham's heavy involvement in the National American Woman Suffrage Association, the Texas Equal Suffrage Association, other state suffrage associations, politics, political campaigns, anti-vice, labor, war efforts, Democratic Party Activity plus documentation of her activities in later years.

Perhaps of most interest is a collection of suffrage material from each county of Texas during 1918 & 1919.  This is a very important time for the Texas Equal Suffrage Association in particular as it culminated in legislative approval for woman suffrage in state primary elections in 1918 and in universal woman suffrage in 1920.

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Biographical Note

Minnie Fisher Cunningham, woman suffrage leader and leading liberal Democrat, the daughter of Horatio White and Sallie Comer (Abercrombie) Fisher, was born on March 19, 1882, on Fisher Farms, near New Waverly, Texas. Her father was a prominent planter who served in the House of Representatives of the Seventh Texas Legislature in 1857-58. He introduced her to politics by taking her to political meetings at Huntsville. After having been educated by her mother, Minnie passed a state examination to earn a teaching certificate when she was sixteen. She taught for a year before enrolling in the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. In 1901 she became one of the first women to receive a degree in pharmacy in Texas; she worked as a pharmacist in Huntsville for a year, but she later said that inequity in pay "made a suffragette out of me." In 1902 she married Beverly Jean (Bill) Cunningham, a lawyer and insurance executive. His successful race for county attorney as a reform candidate was her first taste of the campaign trail, but the marriage was unhappy, in part because of her increasing political activity and his alcoholism.

The Cunninghams moved to Galveston in 1907. By 1910 she was elected president of the Galveston Equal Suffrage Association and toured Texas to speak for the cause. In 1915 she was elected to the first of four annual terms as president of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association (subsequently the Texas Equal Suffrage Association). The number of local auxiliaries quadrupled during her first year in office, largely because of her leadership. In 1917 she moved to Austin, opened state suffrage headquarters near the Capitol,qv and began a campaign that culminated in legislative approval for woman suffrage in state primary elections in 1918.

In 1919 Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, persuaded Minnie Cunningham to lobby Congress for the Nineteenth Amendment. When the amendment finally was passed and submitted to the states for ratification, Cunningham said she "pursued governors all over the west" and urged them to ratify it. That same year, she helped organize the National League of Women Voters and became its executive secretary. Twenty years later Eleanor Roosevelt recalled that Cunningham's address at the league's second annual convention made her feel "that you had no right to be a slacker as a citizen, you had no right not to take an active part in what was happening to your country as a whole."

Minnie Cunningham was widowed in 1927 and traveled to Texas to settle her husband's estate. The following year she became the first Texas woman to run for the United States Senate. She challenged Earle B. Mayfield,qv the incumbent, with a platform that advocated prohibition,qv tariff reduction, tax reform, farm relief, flood control, cooperation with the League of Nations, and opposition to the Ku Klux Klan.qv She finished fifth of six in the primary, carrying only her home county, Walker. She then campaigned for Thomas T. Connally,qv the runner-up, who edged out Mayfield in the runoff.

From 1930 to 1939 Cunningham worked in College Station as an editor for the Texas A&M Extension Service. She returned to Washington in 1939 to work as an information specialist for the Women's Division of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration.qv President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is credited with having given her the nickname by which she later became widely known, "Minnie Fish." She resigned in 1943 to protest a rule impeding the flow of information to farmers.

In 1944, at the Democratic state convention, anti-Roosevelt forces elected "uninstructed" delegates to the national convention, effectively disenfranchising the voters of Texas. Outraged, Roosevelt supporters elected their own slate of delegates at a rump convention. When a coalition of liberal Democrats failed to draft J. Frank Dobieqv as a candidate for governor, Cunningham ran herself. Angry that the incumbent governor, Coke Stevenson,qv did not take a public stand on the split, she ran an outspoken campaign, calling on Stevenson to declare his views, and prevented his leading the anti-Roosevelt delegation to the national convention. Stevenson won the primary by a landslide. Nevertheless, in a field of nine candidates, Cunningham finished second.

In 1946 she retired to Fisher Farms in New Waverly to raise cattle and pecans, but she continued to campaign for the Democratic partyqv and organized ad hoc committees to support liberal causes. When the board of regents fired the president of the University of Texas, Homer P. Rainey,qv she opposed the regents' decision and supported Rainey's unsuccessful bid for the governorship. In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education she supported civil rights on her local school board. In 1952 she stumped for Adlai Stevenson for president and Ralph Yarborough for governor. Prepared to mortgage her farm to ensure the continuation of a liberal voice in Texas journalism, she played a pivotal role in founding the Texas Observerqv in 1954. Also in the 1950s she helped start Democrats of Texas, an organization of liberals. In 1960, at the age of seventy-eight, she managed the campaign headquarters for John F. Kennedy in New Waverly. Minnie Cunningham died on December 9, 1964, and was buried in New Waverly.


Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers, Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library. John Carroll Eudy, "The Vote and Lone Star Women: Minnie Fisher Cunningham and the Texas Equal Suffrage Association," East Texas Historical Journal 14 (Fall 1976). Patricia B. Nieuwenhuizen, Minnie Fisher Cunningham and Jane Y. McCallum: Leaders of Texas Women (Senior thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1982). Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary (4 vols., Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1971-80). Texas Observer, November 21, 1958. Vertical Files, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin.

Patricia Ellen Cunningham

Subject/Index Terms

Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, 1882-1964
National American Woman Suffrage Association
Suffragists - Texas
Texas Equal Suffrage Association
Women - Political activity - Texas
Women - Suffrage - Texas

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Houston Libraries

Access Restrictions: Open for research.

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Preferred Citation: Minnie Fisher Cunningham Papers, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Other Note: Uploaded to TARO, 2006.

Other URL: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/uhsc/00026/hsc-00026.html

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Activity],
[Series 2: Various Suffrage Activity],
[Series 3: Texas Equal Suffrage Association (TESA) Activity],
[Series 4: Political Activities],
[Series 5: Anti-Vice Reported Activity],
[Series 6: War Effort Activities],
[Series 7: Democratic Party Activities],
[Series 8: Miscellaneous Activities],
[Series 9: Later Years],

Series 1: National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Activity
Box 1
Folder 1: General correspondence, 1915-1916
Folder 2: General correspondence, 1917
Folder 3: General correspondence, 1918
Folder 4: General correspondence, 1919
Folder 5: Newsletters from Carrie Chapman Catt, 1916
Folder 6: Newsletters from Carrie Chapman Catt, 1917
Folder 7: Newsletters from Carrie Chapman Catt, 1918-1919
Folder 8: Correspondence with Carrie Chapman Catt, 1915-1917
Folder 9: Correspondence with Carrie Chapman Catt, 1918-1919
Folder 10: Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission - correspondence, 1917
Folder 11: Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission - correspondence, 1918-1919
Folder 12: The Woman Citizen - correspondence relating to subscriptions and information for publication, 1917-1919
Folder 13: National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company - general correspondence, 1916-1918
Folder 14: Press releases and bulletins, 1916
Folder 15: Press releases and bulletins, 1917
Folder 16: Press releases and bulletins, 1918
Folder 17: Press releases and bulletins, 1919
Folder 18: Press releases, undated
Folder 19: Constitution, suffrage publications, outlines
Folder 20: Suffrage campaign material
Folder 21: Convention programs, reports, songs, ballot, 1915-1917
Folder 22: Convention programs, reports, addresses, 1918-1920
Folder 23: National suffrage organizations - Literature, Men's League for Woman Suffrage; miscellaneous printed materials
Series 2: Various Suffrage Activity
Box 1
Folder 24: Printed speeches on woman suffrage
Folder 25: Photographs - Mrs. B. Burke and Miss R. Richardson
Folder 26: Suffrage clippings - national
Folder 27: Suffrage clippings - Congressional consideration of federal amendment
Folder 28: Record of Congressional voting - federal amendment, Jan. 10, 1918; Presidential suffrage friends and enemies
Folder 29: State Suffrage Associations - Alabama, Arkansas, California - correspondence
Folder 30: State Suffrage Associations - Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana - Correspondence
Folder 31: State Suffrage Associations - Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri - correspondence, press releases
Folder 32: State Suffrage Associations - New York, Oklahoma - correspondence, press releases
Folder 33: State Suffrage Associations - South Dakota, Virginia, West Virgina, Wisconsin - correspondence
Folder 34: Suffrage clippings
Folder 35: Texas Equal Suffrage Association - General Correspondence "A" "B", 1917-1918
Series 3: Texas Equal Suffrage Association (TESA) Activity
Box 3
Folder 42: Legislative Report; List of Board Members; Constitution, 1918
Folder 43: Lists of Suffrage literature; Miscellaneous lists
Folder 44: Clippings, primarily concerning county suffrage efforts
Folder 45: Clippings, primarily concerning local suffrage efforts
Box 4
Folder 24: Headquarters Expenditures, 1918-1919
Folder 25: Financial Statements, 1918-1919
Folder 26: Correspondence, newspapers, The Dallas News, Galveston News , Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, 1917-1919
Folder 27: Correspondence, newspapers, relating to distribution of suffrage supplement, 1917-1919
Folder 28: Correspondence and records, newspapers, relating to distribution of Texas Democrat, 1919
Folder 29: Newspaper records by county; correspondence, Texas Press Clippings Bureau
Folder 30: Clippings - Galveston News
Folder 31: Clippings - Houston Chronicle
Folder 32: Clippings - Houston Post
Folder 33: Circular Letters, 1915-1916
Folder 34: Circular Letters, 1917
Folder 35: Circular Letters, 1918
Folder 36: Circular Letters, 1919
Folder 37: Circular Letters, undated
Folder 38: Federal suffrage amendment efforts, general correspondence, circular letters, December 1917
Folder 39: Federal suffrage amendment efforts, general correspondence, circular letters, 1918
Folder 40: Federal suffrage amendment efforts, telegrams, January 1918
Folder 41: Federal suffrage amendment efforts, miscellaneous correspondence, 1919
Folder 42: Federal suffrage amendment efforts, correspondence, May 1919
Folder 43: Federal suffrage amendment, ratification, correspondence, June 1919
Folder 44: General correspondence relating to Texas constitutional amendment referendum, May 1919
Folder 45: General correspondence relating to legislative efforts to amend election laws, June 1919
Folder 46: Miscellaneous materials relating to campaigns for federal and state suffrage amendments
Folder 47: Information concerning congressional districts and Texas congressmen
Folder 48: Clippings concerning federal and State Suffrage amendments, 1917-1919
Folder 49: Primary Suffrage, general correspondence, 1918
Folder 50: Primary Suffrage, materials
Box 5
Folder 1: Primary Suffrage, correspondence relating to the injunction to prevent Texas women from voting, 1918
Folder 2: Primary Suffrage, clippings relating to threatened injunction and to voter registration, 1918
Folder 3: Correspondence - Vernice W. Reppert, 1917
Folder 4: Correspondence - Vernice W. Reppert, 1918-1919
Folder 5: Correspondence - Anna J. Pennybacker, 1917-1919
Folder 6: Correspondence - Jesse Daniel Ames, 1917-1919
Folder 7: Correspondence, pamphet; contract, Donna Roberts, 1917-1918
Folder 8: Correspondence - Hortense Ward, 1917-1918
Folder 9: Clippings and photographs - Hortense Ward
Folder 10: Correspondence and materials relating to Mississippi Valley Conference; Correspondence relating to Chautaugua, 1917 and 1918
Folder 11: Correspondence, materials relating to state conferences, May 1915, May 1916, May 1917, May 1918, October 1919
Folder 12: Report; Outline of the History of Woman Suffrage in Texas, Sept. 1, 1916 - November 1, 1917
Folder 13: Suffrage lists
Folder 14: Suffrage resolutions
Folder 15: Miscellaneous materials, notes, unidentified correspondence
Sub-Series 1: Correspondence
Box 2
Folder 1: Eleanor Brackenridge, 1917-1920
Folder 2: "C", 1917-1918
Folder 3: Anna B. Cade, 1916-1919
Folder 4: Belle C. Crichett, El Paso, 1917-1919
Folder 5: "D", 1917-1919
Folder 6: Mrs. John Davis, concerning finances of organization, 1917-1919
Folder 7: "E", 1917
Folder 8: "F", 1917-1918
Folder 9: "G", 1917-1919
Folder 10: Lena Gardner, Ft. Worth, 1917-1918
Folder 11: Rena Maverick Green, San Antonio, 1917-1918
Folder 12: Wilhelmina M. Guerard, Houston, 1917
Folder 13: "H", 1915-1918
Folder 14: Francis E. Heafer, Amarillo; Kate Hunter, Palestine, 1916-1918
Folder 15: "J", 1917
Folder 16: "K", 1917-1918
Folder 17: "L", 1917-1918
Folder 18: "M", 1917-1918
Folder 19: "Mc", 1917-1918
Folder 20: Jane McCallum, Austin; Elizabeth Maury, San Antonio, 1917-1918; 1926
Folder 21: "N", 1917
Folder 22: "P", 1916-1918
Folder 23: Elizabeth Herndon Potter, concerning federal amendment and personal to MFC, 1917
Folder 24: Elizabeth Herndon Potter, concerning federal amendment and personal to MFC, 1918-1919
Folder 25: "Q", 1917-1918
Folder 26: "R", 1917-1918
Folder 27: "S", 1917
Folder 28: "S", 1918
Folder 29: "T", 1917-1918
Folder 30: "U-V", 1917-1918
Folder 31: "W", 1916-1919
Folder 32: Writer's Bureau, 1915
Folder 33: "Y-Z", 1917
Folder 34: Austin Association, 1917-1918
Folder 35: Dallas Association, 1917-1918
Folder 36: El Paso Association, 1917-1918
Folder 37: Houston Association, 1917-1918
Folder 38: Huntsville and Laredo Associations, 1917-1918
Folder 39: San Marcos and Waco Associations, 1917-1918
Sub-Series 2: Reports and Correspondence, Counties, 1918-1919
Box 2
Folder 40: Anderson County; Andrews County, 1918-1919
Folder 41: Angelina County; Aransas County; Archer County, 1918-1919
Folder 42: Armstrong County; Atascosa County; Austin County; Bailey County, 1918-1919
Folder 43: Bandera County; Bastrop County, 1918-1919
Folder 44: Baylor County; Bee County; Bell County, 1918-1919
Folder 45: Bexar County; Blanco County; Borden County, 1918-1919
Folder 46: Bosque County; Bowie County; Brazoria County, 1918-1919
Folder 47: Brazos County; Brewster County; Briscoe County, 1918-1919
Folder 48: Brooks County; Brown County; Burnet County; Caldwell County; Calhoun County, 1918-1919
Folder 49: Callahan County; Cameron County; Camp County; Carson County; Cass County, 1918-1919
Folder 50: Castro County; Chambers County; Cherokee County; Childress County; Clay County; Cochran County; Coke County, 1918-1919
Folder 51: Coleman County; Collin County; Collingsworth County; Colorado County; Comal County; Comanche County, 1918-1919
Folder 52: Concho County; Cooke County; Coryell County, 1918-1919
Folder 53: Cottle County; Crane County; Crockett County; Crosby County; Culberson County, 1918-1919
Folder 54: Dallam County; Dallas County; Dawson County; Deaf Smith County; Delta County; De Witt County; Dickens County; Dimmit County; Donley County, 1918-1919
Box 3
Folder 1: Duval County; Eastland County; Ector County; Edwards County; Ellis County, 1918-1919
Folder 2: El Paso County; Erath County, 1918-1919
Folder 3: Falls County; Fannin County; Fayette County; Fisher County; Floyd County; Foard County; Fort Bend County; Franklin County, 1918-1919
Folder 4: Freestone County; Frio County; Gaines County; Galveston County, 1918-1919
Folder 5: Garza County; Gillespie County; Glasscock County; Goliad County; Gonzales County; Gray County; Grayson County; Gregg County, 1918-1919
Folder 6: Grimes County; Guadalupe County; Hale County; Hall County; Hamilton County; Hansford County; Hardeman County; Hardin County, 1918-1919
Folder 7: Harris County; Harrison County; Hartley County; Haskell County; Hays County, 1918-1919
Folder 8: Hemphill County; Henderson County; Hidalgo County; Hill County, 1918-1919
Folder 9: Hockley County; Hood County; Hopkins County; Houston County; Howard County, 1918-1919
Folder 10: Hunt County; Jack County; Jackson County; Jasper County; Jeff Davis County; Jefferson County; Jim Hogg County; Jim Wells County, 1918-1919
Folder 11: Johnson County; Jones County; Karnes County; Kaufman County, 1918-1919
Folder 12: Kendall County; Kent Count; Kerr County; Kimble County; King County; Kinney County; Kleberg County; Knox County; Lamar County, 1918-1919
Folder 13: Lamb County; Lampasas County; La Salle County; Lavaca County; Lee County; Leon County; Liberty County, 1918-1919
Folder 14: Limestone County; Lipscomb County; Live Oak County; Llano County; Loving County; Lubbock County, 1918-1919
Folder 15: Lynn County; McCulloch County; McLennan County; McMillan County; Madison County; Marion County; Martin County, 1918-1919
Folder 16: Mason County; Matagorda County; Maverick County; Medina County, 1918-1919
Folder 17: Menard County; Midland County; Milam County; Mills County; Mitchell County; Montague County; Montgomery County; Moore County, 1918-1919
Folder 18: Morris County; Motley County; Nacogdoches County; Navarro County; Newton County; Nolan County; Nueces County; Ochiltree County, 1918-1919
Folder 19: Oldham County; Orange County; Palo Pinto County; Panola County, 1918-1919
Folder 20: Parker County; Parmer County; Pecos County; Polk County; Potter County; Presidio County; Rains County; Randall County; Reagan County; Real County; Red River County; Reeves County; Refugio County, 1918-1919
Folder 21: Roberts County; Robertson County; Rockwall County; Runnels County; Rusk County, 1918-1919
Folder 22: Sabine County; San Augustine County; San Patricio County; San Saba County; San Jacinto County; Schleicher County, 1918-1919
Folder 23: Scurry County; Shackelford County; Shelby County; Sherman County, 1918-1919
Folder 24: Smith County; Somervell County; Starr County; Stephens County; Sterling County; Stonewall County, 1918-1919
Folder 25: Sutton County; Swisher County; Tarrant County; Taylor County; Terrell County; Terry County, 1918-1919
Folder 26: Throckmorton County; Titus County; Tom Green County; Travis County, 1918-1919
Folder 27: Tyler County; Trinity County; Upshur County; Upton County; Uvalde County; Val Verde County; Van Zandt County, 1918-1919
Folder 28: Victoria County; Walker County; Waller County; Ward County, 1918-1919
Folder 29: Washington County; Webb County, 1918-1919
Folder 30: Wharton County; Wheeler County; Wichita County; Wilbarger County, 1918-1919
Folder 31: Willacy County; Williamson County; Wilson County; Winkler County; Wise County; Wood County; Yoakum County; Young County; Zapata County; Zavalla County, 1918-1919
Sub-Series 3: Organizational Materials
Box 3
Folder 32: Outline for County Campaign; Lists of County Chairmen; Suffrage Associations by Counties; Record of County Population
Folder 33: County Chairmen, Texas Democrat; List of addresses; Status of County Chairmen; Mailing list; Senatorial District List
Folder 34: Lists of state newspapers; Lists of Men Supporting Suffrage; List of Texas Women interested in "Forward Movements"; Misc. lists
Folder 35: City lists of Men opposed to Suffrage amendment
Folder 36: County lists of Men Opposed to State Suffrage amendment, Armstrong-Floyd
Folder 37: County lists of Men Opposed to State Suffrage amendment, Hale-Lubbock
Folder 38: County lists of Men Opposed to State Suffrage amendment, Martin-Pecos
Folder 39: County lists of Men opposed to state suffrage amendment, Patten-Wheeler
Folder 40: Lists regarding distribution of literature
Folder 41: State Advisory Committee; Texas Senatorial Districts; Senatorial District Chairmen; Mailing list, Ratification committee; Mailing list, City presidents
File_Cabinet F
Drawer 3
OVS_Folder 7: Texas Railroads Map
Removed from Box 3, Folder 32: Outline for County Campaign; Lists of County Chairmen; Suffrage Associations by Counties; Record of County Population; Map
Sub-Series 4: Speakers and Organizers
Box 4
Folder 1: Correspondence with Marie B. Ames, 1919
Folder 2: Correspondence with Edna H. Beveridge, 1919
Folder 3: Correspondence with Frances E. Brewer, 1919
Folder 4: Correspondence with Lavinia Engle, ca. 1917-1918
Folder 5: Correspondence with Augusta Hughston, 1919
Folder 6: Correspondence with Mona S. McMahon, Alma Sasse, 1919
Folder 7: Correspondence with Lola Trax, Gertrude Watkins, 1919
Sub-Series 5: Speaker's Bureau
Box 4
Folder 8: Correspondence, A-B, Reports, April 7-May 23, 1919
Folder 9: Correspondence, C, 1919
Folder 10: Correspondence, D-G, 1919
Folder 11: Correspondence, H-K, 1919
Folder 12: Correspondence, L-M, 1919
Folder 13: Correspondence, N-P, 1919
Folder 14: Correspondence, R-T, 1919
Folder 15: Correspondence, W, 1919
Folder 16: Correspondence with legislators, 1919
Folder 17: Form letters, 1919
Folder 18: Correspondence and lecture information, 1917-1919
Folder 19: Expense accounts - Ames, Beveridge, Brewer, 1919
Folder 20: Expense accounts - Cunningham, Hughston, 1919
Folder 21: Expense accounts - Sasse, Tips, Trax, others, 1919
Folder 22: Clippings
Folder 23: List of county chairmen
Series 4: Political Activities
Sub-Series 1: Political correspondence
Box 5
Folder 16: Jess Baker; Carlos Bee, 1916-1918
Folder 17: Eugene Black, Thomas Blanton, 1916-1919
Folder 18: W. J. Bryan; J. P. Buchanan, 1917-1919
Folder 19: B, 1916-1919
Folder 20: M. M. Crane; Tom Connally; C. A. Culberson, 1917-1919
Folder 21: Henry Clark; C; D, 1917-1919
Folder 22: Joe Eagle, 1917-1919
Folder 23: J. A. Elkins, 1918-1919
Folder 24: F; G, 1917-1919
Folder 25: W. L. Hill; W. C. Hogg; H, 1917-1919
Folder 26: Marvin Jones; Thomas King, 1917-1919
Folder 27: L, 1917-1918
Folder 28: C. B. Metcalfe; J. C. McNealus, 1917-1919
Folder 29: Jeff McLemore; M; P, 1917-1919
Folder 30: Morris Sheppard, 1917-1919
Folder 31: Ocie Speer; Hatton V. Summer, 1917-1919
Folder 32: S, 1917-1919
Folder 33: T; U, 1917-1919
Folder 34: W, 1917-1919
Folder 35: Y, 1917-1919
Folder 36: Legislative replies to Jane McCallum's request for support for suffrage, Jan. 1918 - Jan. 1919
Sub-Series 2: Political contests
Box 5
Folder 37: Childers - Chambliss, correspondence and campaign materials, October - November, 1918
Folder 38: Clay Stone Briggs - W. L. Hill, correspondence, campaign  materials, August 1918 - November 1918
Folder 39: Glasscock - Parr, correspondence, campaign materials, October  1918
Folder 40: Annie Webb Blanton - correspondence, 1917-1919
Folder 41: Annie Webb Blanton - correspondence, reports, materials relating to campaign for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1919
Folder 42: James Ferguson - correspondence and materials relating to, 1917-1918
Folder 43: James Ferguson - clippings
Folder 44: William P. Hobby - campaign correspondence, April - August, 1918
Folder 45: William P. Hobby - general correspondence, 1914-1919
Folder 46: William P. Hobby - Galveston campaign materials, minutes of campaign committee meetings
Folder 47: William P. Hobby - campaign petitions
Folder 48: William P. Hobby - miscellaneous campaign material, lists of Ferguson supporters
Folder 49: William P. Hobby - publicity materials
Folder 50: William P. Hobby - clippings, 1918
Folder 51: Correspondence - various candidates, 1918
Folder 52: Reports on candidates, 1918
Folder 53: Publicity materials - various candidates, 1918
Folder 54: Clippings - various candidates, 1918
Sub-Series 3: Political Lists
Box 6
Folder 1: Texas legislators - voting records, etc; County chairmen - various campaigns
Folder 2: Congressional Districts; Congressional Districts
Folder 3: U.S. Congressional suffrage vote; miscellaneous lists, 1917
Series 5: Anti-Vice Reported Activity
Box 6
Folder 19: Constitution, reports, outlines - Texas Social Hygiene Association
Folder 20: General correspondence, Texas Congress of Mothers, 1917-1918
Folder 21: Circular letters
Folder 22: Financial statements
Folder 23: Lists
Folder 24: Reports, resolutions, outlines, minutes
Folder 25: Laws
Folder 26: Photographs - saloons, San Antonio "inspection" house
Folder 27: Pamphlets, literature
Folder 28: Pamphlets, literature
Folder 29-31: Clippings
Folder 32: WCTU - correspondence with Nannie W. Curtis; Anti-Saloon League  - correspondence, 1917-1919
Folder 33: Prohibition materials
Folder 34: Prohibition clippings
Folder 35: Child Welfare - General correspondence, 1918-1919
Folder 36: Child Welfare - Circular letters - Council of National Defense and Dept. of Labor
Folder 37: Child Welfare - Materials and literature
Folder 38: Labor - General correspondence with Women's Trade Union League and other labor organizations, 1917-1919
Folder 39: Labor - Press releases - National Women's Trade Union League
Folder 40: Labor - Press releases - U.S. Dept. of Labor; National Federation of Federal Employees
Folder 41: Miscellaneous correspondence - Prison reform; education; Texas Women Bankers Assn
Sub-Series 1: Correspondence
Box 6
Folder 4: Outlines and reports - Brownsville and Texas border, Dallas, 1917
Folder 5: Lists and reports - Ft. Worth, Galveston, 1917
Folder 6: Reports - Houston, San Antonio, 1917
Folder 7: Lists of prostitutes and panderers, reports - Waco, other towns, 1917
Folder 8: A-C, 1917-1918
Folder 9: D-G, 1917
Folder 10: H-L, 1917-1918
Folder 11: M-P, 1917
Folder 12: R-T, 1917-1918
Folder 13: Elizabeth Speer, 1917-1918
Folder 14: War Department, 1916-1918
Folder 15: V-Z and anonymous letters, 1917
Folder 16: Mary D. Woodson, 1915-1918
Folder 17: Chicago Law and Order League; Council of Jewish Women, 1917
Folder 18: Texas Social Hygiene Association, 1917-1919
Series 6: War Effort Activities
Box 6
Folder 53: National Surgical Dressings Committee, correspondence; War Work Council, 1918
Folder 54: Food Conservation - general correspondence and correspondence with Mary E. Gearing, State Organizer, 1917-1918
Folder 55: Food Conservation - organization outline and literature
Folder 56: Thrift Committee - miscellaneous materials
Folder 57: Conservation and Thrift - clippings
Box 7
Folder 1: Council of National Defense - correspondence and miscellaneous materials
Folder 2: Council of National Defense - Newsletters, Women's Committee
Folder 3: War Savings Committee - correspondence, 1917-1918
Folder 4: War Saving Committee - materials
Folder 5: Women's Overseas Hospital Unit - correspondence and other material
Folder 6: Americanization materials
Folder 7: Miscellaneous materials
Folder 8: Clippings; copy of Reconnaissance
Sub-Series 1: Liberty Loan
Box 6
Folder 42: General correspondence, 1917
Folder 43: Circular letters, 1917
Folder 44: General correspondence, 1918
Folder 45: Circular letters, 1918
Folder 46: Financial records
Folder 47: Organizational materials
Folder 48: General correspondence, undated correspondence, miscellaneous notes, 1918-1919
Folder 49: Literature
Folder 50: State reports
Folder 51: Index
Folder 52: Clippings
Series 7: Democratic Party Activities
Box 7
Folder 9: Woodrow Wilson - correspondence, 1918-1919
Folder 10: Woodrow Wilson - clippings
Folder 11: Miscellaneous materials, 1916-1918
Folder 12: Texas Woman's Democratic League - correspondence, 1918-1919
Folder 13: Gubernatorial Candidates - correspondence, materials, concerning Pat Neff, 1919-1920
Folder 14: Pat Neff, clippings
Folder 15: Gubernatorial Candidates - R. E. Thomason, correspondence with MFC, 1917-1920
Folder 16-17: Thomason for Governor - correspondence, 1920
Folder 18: Thomason for Governor - correspondence concerning campaign organization, 1920
Folder 19: Thomason for Governor - clippings and handouts
Folder 20: Democratic National Convention correspondence, 1920
Folder 21: Democratic National Convention campaign literature, 1920
Folder 22: Democratic National Convention campaign literature and speeches, 1920
Series 8: Miscellaneous Activities
Box 7
Folder 23: Correspondence: Women's organizations; Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1917-1919
Folder 24: Women's organizations; Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Folder 25: Correspondence - University matters, 1917
Folder 26: Clippings - University matters, 1917
Folder 27: Correspondence - Cato Sells, 1919
Folder 28: Correspondence
Folder 29: Correspondence - League of Women Voters
Folder 30: League of Women Voters
Folder 31: Correspondence - Cunningham
Folder 32: Labor
Folder 33: Suffrage - plays, speeches, etc
Folder 34: Suffrage - issues of Woman Citizen, Maryland Suffrage News
Folder 35: Political - issues of Bob Schuler's Free Lance concerning Ferguson, Hobby or suffrage
Folder 36-39: Suffrage - clippings and news releases, state and party campaigns
Folder 40: Suffrage - Legislative petitions, Galveston, Dallas counties
Folder 41: Suffrage - Legislative petitions, Bexar, Anderson counties
Folder 42: American Red Cross, Block organization, League to Enforce Peace, Military Welfare Commission, etc
Folder 43: Clippings
Box 8
Folder 1-8: Clippings
Folder 9: Political materials - Suffrage endorsements; campaign instructions; Legislative bills; Resolutions, 1917-1919
Folder 10: Suffrage handouts and literature, 1915-1918
Folder 11: Suffrage materials, 1917-1918
Folder 12: Suffrage poems and songs, 1917
Folder 13: Suffrage correspondence, 1916-1919
File_Cabinet F
Drawer 9
OVS_Folder 1: Miscellaneous Clippings
Series 9: Later Years
Box 8
Folder 14: Agricultural Adjustment Agency, 1940-1943
Folder 15: Correspondence, 1938-1960
Folder 16: Crossing Over, 1935-1960
Folder 17-18: Crossing Over, n.d.
Folder 19: Democratic Party, 1944-1961
Folder 20: Gubernatorial Campaign, 1944
Folder 21: Miscellaneous, 1937-1962
Folder 22: Newspaper Clippings about MFC, 1927-1964
Folder 23: Photographs MFC, 1957
Folder 24: Photographs (others), 1961
Folder 25: Political Organizations, 1922-1946
Box 9
Folder 1: Speeches and Notes, 1930
Folder 2: Tributes, 1920-1964
Folder 3: Texas Democratic Women's State Committee, 1954-1959
Box 10
Folder 1: Scrapbook: M. F. Cunningham's gubernatorial campaign, 1944
Folder 2: Photograph - MFC, 1957
Folder 3: Photograph - MFC, 1957

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[Series 6: War Effort Activities],
[Series 7: Democratic Party Activities],
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